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Petition to Andover Police, Andover Residents, Paul J. Salafia, Andrew Flanagan, Massachusetts residents, Elizabeth Warren, Barbara L'Italien, James Lyons, Massachusetts Governor, Edward Markey, Russell Holmes, John Keenan, Sheldon Berman, Patrick Keefe, NAACP, National Action Network, black lives matter, Cory Booker

63y Black Woman Attacked by Andover Mass. Chief of Police Patrick Keefe. Sign for Resign!

READ WHAT HAPPENED HERE When I entered the Andover public safety building on October 5, 2017, and declared that I would remain there until someone speaks with me about the concerns that I had expressed over the phone, I essentially triggered the First Amendment. Subsequently, any action by any police officer to infringe upon my Firs Amendment guarantees, was going to necessarily be unconstitutional, including any attempt to physically remove or arrest me. The bottom line is that if I were to be removed by any means other than due process of law, at that time, such action was bound to collide with the First, Fourth, Fifth, and the Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. See U.S. Supreme Court Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Police Perversion of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights After their racially-driven and unconstitutional arrests, fraudulent use of the civil commitment law, hoax criminal charges and harassment, all failed to deter me from demanding accountability from the Town of Andover and its Police Department and Fire and Rescue Department, a Chief Commander who also should be fired, called the Police Chief when he was off-duty, to come into the police station to handle something such “so-called” Chief Commander should have been able to manage by himself, especially, since I had written down for them two of several ways they could have legally brought my protest to an end: (1) A police officer, or anyone else, for that matter, could have come into the lobby and talk to me. I would have waited if they were busy, and that would have addressed and resolved the reason for my protest in the first place; or (2)They had the means and a dedicated video and audio set up to seek an immediate injunction within the comfort of the building, people like me contribute to pay for. Had they chosen to use that readily available mean, and they prevailed, I would have gone home to appeal any such injunction, but I would waited at home for the Appeals Court’s decision. What is really ironic, and almost Shakespearean, is that they were very likely to get injunctive relief, even on my appeal, in which case, the ruling judge would have framed the parameters for my protest, for not even a judge can tell anyone that they have to stop protesting. How Did a Chief of Police Go so Berserk? The Chief Commander and the Chief of Police did not want to do anything that would fall under the legal jurisdiction of the court. I am holding back on mentioning the names of these individuals for now, out of a sense of deference for the residents of the Town of Andover. I want to afford Andover Town residents the kind of benefits Andover Town officials have intentionally and recklessly denied me. That is a chance to finally do the right thing. I did give this Town and every official, police and otherwise, the benefit of the doubt for 7 years, until I did not. Now, I am re-instating that benefit to them temporarily, to see if they have the capacity to earn it back. They also had the option to make up some false pretense, as they are very good at doing, and had done before, to arrest me. That would have been unconstitutional, but at least, it would not have been the brutal felony assault and battery this unfit Chief of Police and his co-conspiring Commander ended up perpetuating on me. What they did was, rather than taking any of the several legal routes at their fingertips, they chose to scrape the very bottom of their dirty bag of tricks for the last, filthiest, and illegal trick: The illegal use of force, resulting in severe injury to me. The Residents of Any Town Must Be Too Proud for This! No Town deserves a Police Chief who so obviously shows himself or herself to be a possible danger to its residents. There are too many elephants laying around in our police departments, our legislatures, our courts, and in town offices. We all know where they are. Ignoring them will not make them go away. They will simply continue to undermine and compromise the structure and foundation of the rights, privileges, and immunities, the Founding Fathers built into the checks and balances system, and left behind. Those are the best things we have going for us, and the only things that makes America Great in any meaningful way. To allow this particular Police Chief to get away with such reckless act and illegal conduct, along with the violation of well-established rights, would defile the sacrifices of those who have fought to secure life, liberty, and justice for all in this country. These are ideals that we are still trying to achieve. It will take time, even more sacrifices by my many — some famous and others unsung heroes, as well as determination and staying-power to help give birth to, thus contribute to the formation of that more Perfect Union. In order to safeguard the integrity of the Town of Andover, the community at large and the nation must demand accountability from this Police Department and Town officials. Chief Patrick Keefe must be made to resign, be fired, or undergo a mental health evaluation to ensure that, under the right set of circumstances, he will not attack and injure anyone else who is freely and peacefully exercising rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get Involved! Holding Police Accountable for Misconduct Requires An All-Hands on Deck Strategy Call and Demand Reform and Accountability from Andover Officials by Contacting: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Paul J. Salafia at 978-623-8200 Town Manager Andrew Flanagan: 978-623-8210 Andover Police Department: (978) 475-0411 Andover Chief of Police Patrick Keefe at 978-475-0411 ext. 1005 Andover Fire and Rescue Chief Michael Mansfield: 978-475-1281 Town Clerk Lawrence Murphy: 978-623-8230 Tweet: @AndrewPFlanagan @AndoverMassPD  #Andover @AndoverMaGov @Town_Mgr_Maylor #customerservice #civil #civilrights #uniteforcivilrights #vetstakeknee #lawyers #committee #RaceForward #RacialJustice #iwalkforjustice #abaday #outatwork #lebronjames #BlackLivesMatter #colinkeapernik #WeAllWeGot #RoadRiverRail #PatersonRaised #NAACP #nojusticenopeace #eagletribune #andoverhighschool #andover #mshs #nawebnews #billerica #tewksbury #hastags #andoverpatch #northandover #massstatepolice  Follow me on Twitter    

MarieYolette Winfield
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Petition to Board of parole, Board of Parole Hearings, Jerry Brown

Please help us keep a vicious man in prison.

Last year, my family and I began a petition to keep convicted murderer and ex deputy Sheriff Samuel Leon Evans (Inmate ID: CDC#D-89387) behind bars. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support and signatures by you, Governor Jerry Brown interceded and denied Sam's parole. However the time has come to once again fight for justice, and we need your help. On September 13, 2017, the parole board will be meeting once again to discuss Sam's case. We must convince them to deny him parole. As a recap: 31 years ago, on a cold winter’s night in Big Bear Lake, California, my aunt Jill Swafford and her unborn babies Caren and Christopher were brutally murdered by her husband (and the children’s father) deputy sheriff Samuel Leon Evans. He was convicted on three counts of first degree murder and sentenced for seventy-five years to life with an earliest parole date in 2036. Thanks to California’s Elderly Parole Program; a program which offers parole hearings to state prisoners who are 60 or older and have served at least 25 years. Sam’s earliest parole hearing date was moved to 2016.  We were unfortunately unaware of this program before, and were completely shocked.  On our previous petition we described the events which lead my aunt and her twin babies, Caren and Christopher to their gruesome murder.  We have included it here as well to remind everyone of why we are desperately trying to keep Sam in prison.Jill was nearly nine months pregnant when she was murdered on March 21, 1986. Sam was a deputy sheriff for the city of Big Bear Lake, California, and at the time of the murder had already been guilty of prisoner abuse, animal cruelty, and other miscellaneous violence, all of this by his own admission. Sam had also been having an affair, which was, unfortunately, common knowledge to everyone including my aunt Jill.  Even though he had been cheating on her, Jill still loved Sam, and wanted to keep their marriage.   Around 3:00 a.m, while Sam was on night duty, she followed him to talk to him. They both pulled over to the side of the road, where an argument concerning the affair broke out. By Sam’s own admission, he pulled his gun, but then realized that it wouldn’t look like an accident if he shot her. He bludgeoned her in the head instead with his gun, and she fell to the ground after the first blow and begged for her life. He continued to beat her head in with the weapon, a piece of her skull chipping away in the process. Thinking he had killed her, he tried to cover his actions by trying to make it look like a terrible car accident. Jill was still alive however when he put her into her car and pushed it off an embankment near the dam. After her car came crashing to a halt, he climbed down the hill. Sam continued to bludgeoned Jill over and over again at the bottom of the embankment, and then cut up her face, presumably with his knife. After this, he placed a hydraulic car jack on top of her head. He left her wedged tightly on the floorboard, face down with her abdomen pressed down on the transmission lever and her head slightly out the right front door. Sam then called the incident in on the police radio in his squad car. Too many details-- including Sam being covered in blood, and the butt of his gun covered with both Jill’s hair and her blood ---did not add up for Jill’s death to have been an accident. It soon became apparent that Sam had murdered her, and their twin babies Caren and Christopher.  During the trial, the doctor who performed the autopsy on Jill and the twins had stated that it would have been more humane for Sam to have shot her. Her brain was mush. Jill was a loving, vivacious person to everyone who knew her. She cared deeply for all the people in her life. Her greatest desire however, was to be a mother, a dream that would never be fulfilled because of Sam’s incredibly cruel and selfish actions. Caren and Christopher, two innocent little babies who lives had barely begun, weren’t even thought of or considered by Sam when he decided to murder his wife. Along with Jill, their lives were taken much too soon. On April 5, 2016, a parole hearing was held for Samuel Evans (Inmate ID: CDC#D-89387) , and we the family of Jill, Caren, and Christopher attended as well. Despite our pleas, the parole panel insisted that Sam is ready to rejoin society because of several commendations and his longstanding record of good behavior. They stated that the “crime was inexplicable”, and that because of his good record, the crime was a “single anomaly” in his life. They also expressed that the justice system is no longer about punishment, but in determining when inmates are ready to rejoin society. Their ideals have proven that the destruction of a human life is worth only ten years of incarceration at best, which is a very dangerous attitude for our society. As a deputy sheriff, Sam was supposed to be a model citizen; his job was to protect and serve. Instead of upholding his duty, Sam showed on multiple occasions that he is not a stable individual, and that he is dangerous to the public. He committed an abhorrent act of violence on not only the one who trusted and loved him the most (his wife), but on his unborn son and daughter, and this shows what he is capable of. In addition, we have received many accounts from people that he abused during his time as a police officer, wielding his power and authority for his own personal ends. We do not believe that he has been rehabilitated, and that he is still a danger to society. What we do today will determine what happens in the future. If we allow evil people to escape justice, it will become normal and acceptable for society to allow other, possibly even more dangerously wicked people to escape justice. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We hope you will help us by  keeping a dangerous murderer, like Samuel Evans, behind bars.“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” -Edmund Burke Sincere thanks from the family and friends of Jill, Caren, and Christopher Swafford.  

Brenton Swafford
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Petition to Jessie Liu, John Gidez, Robin Ashton, Michael Horowitz, Sarah Flores

Drop the Charges Against Trump's First Political Prisoners

On January 20, 2017, tens of thousands of people converged in Washington, D.C. to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump. A wide variety of demonstrations countered the spectacle of the inauguration, making it clear to the world that many of us reject Trump's cruel and divisive leadership.  A day of defeat became a moment of resistance, and set the stage for the travel ban protests that followed. While Trump and his army of trolls have encountered few meaningful obstacles in the halls of power, grassroots resistance has persisted. Unfortunately, with resistance comes repression. After terrorizing protesters with pepper spray and ‘stinger’ grenades, DC police cordoned off an entire city block and mass-arrested more than 230 people. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff (under the authority of U.S. Attorneys Channing Phillips and Jessie Liu) later sought an indictment charging more than 200 people with at least eight felonies each—for rioting, inciting a riot, conspiracy to riot, and property destruction—punishable by up to 75 years in prison. (Read more about the prosecutions here: With these unprecedented, excessive charges, the state is cracking down on dissent - allowing Trump to pursue his agenda challenged only by symbolic hand-wringing. This strategy corresponds with a broader wave of repression, from arrests and grand jury investigations of Indigenous water protectors at #StandingRock, to the demonization of #BlackLivesMatter. Just as our struggles are connected, these arrests represent a threat to all people fighting for true freedom, dignity, and autonomy.  Join the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and other civil liberties advocates in standing with the J20 defendants. Call on the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia to immediately drop all charges. --------------------------- Learn more at Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share this petition with your friends and family! (and use #dropj20 !)

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