Police Brutality

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Petition to United States Supreme Court, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Leondra R. Kruger, Goodwin Liu, Ming W. Chin, Carrol A. Corrigan, Katheryn M. Werdegar, Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Leo E. Strine, Jr., Karen L. Valihura, James T. Vaughn, Jr., Collins J. Seitz, Jr., Gary F. Traynor, Charles T. Canady, Barbara J. Pariente, R. Fred Lewis, Peggy A. Quince, Ricky Polston, Jorge Labarga, Alan Lawson, Lloyd A. Karmeier, Robert R. Thomas, Thomas L. Kilbride, Rita B. Garman, Anne M. Burke, Mary Jane Theis, P. Scott Neville, Jr., John D. Minton, Jr., Bill Cunningham, Daniel J. Venters, Lisabeth T. Hughes, Laurance B. VanMeter, Michelle M. Keller, John L. Weimer, Greg G. Guidry, Marcus R. Clarke, Marcus R. Clark, Jefferson D. Hughes, III, Samuel T. Wright, III, Scott J. Crichton, James T. Genovese, Clayton Greene, Jr., Sally D. Adkins, Mary Ellen Barbera, Robert N. McDonald, Shirley M. Watts, Michele D. Hotten, Joseph M. Getty, Barry Anderson, Lorie Skjerven Gildea, David Lillehaug, Natalie Hudson, Margaret H. Chutich, Anne McKeig, Mark Gibbons, Michael L. Douglas, Michael A. Cherry, Ron D. Parraguirre, Kristina Pickering, Lidia S. Stiglich, James W. Hardesty, Judith Nakamura, Petra Jimenez Maes, Edward L. Chavez, Charles W. Daniels, Barbara J. Vigil, Francis Flaherty, Paul Suttell, William P. Robinson, Gilbert V. Indeglia, Maureen McKenna Goldberg, Samuel Bernard Goodwyn, William Cleveland Mims, Elizabeth Ann McClanahan, Cleo Elaine Powell, Denham Arthur Kelsey, Stephen Richard McCullough, Margaret Workman, Tim Armstead, Evan H. Jenkins, Allen Loughry, Beth Walker, Paul Farrell, Patience D. Roggensack, Shirley S. Abrahamson, Ann Walsh Bradley, Annette Kingsland Ziegler, Rebecca Grassl Bradley, Daniel Kelly, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John G. Roberts, Jr., Clarence Thomas, Stephen G. Breyer, Elena Kagan, Samuel A Elito, Jr., SAMUEL A. ALITO, JR., sonia sotomayor, Neil M. Gorsuch

Repeal the Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights in every State.

We the undersigned demand that all forms of Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights and Peace Officer's Bill of Rights and any other special privileges granted, with or without the previous permission of America's civilians, to our voluntary servants, be removed from our laws. We demand that all law enforcement officers and peace officers shall be criminally and administratively judged finally by a group of no less than 12 civilians (who will be preemptively educated on the current laws) for their actions, instead of other members of the Executive branch of our government. We demand that every law enforcement officer and every peace officer be immediately arrested, questioned, and processed, and permanently barred from all future Executive branch jobs, unless approved by a civilian review board, after breaking any law. We the undersigned expect much higher etiquette and self control from our trained voluntary servants, not less. In America, without need for gender specification, every civilian is a king or a queen. Our children are our princes and princesses. Every member of the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of our government, are our voluntary servants. Who all voluntarily swore to serve and protect, we the people and our freedoms, and to uphold the Constitution. This is not a demand to overthrow the initial Bill of Rights that every citizen of America has. This is a demand to remove all special privileges granted, by statute and/or legislation, to our voluntary servants. Most of which were passed without awareness of the majority of America's civilians. This petition is a result of many years of abuse of these privileges and a lack of justice for all. So just as a parent removes privileges from misbehaving children, we the undersigned demand the removal of all special privileges from our voluntary servants.    

Shiloh Shahan
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Petition to Svenja Schulze, Ursula Heinen-Esser, Armin Laschet, Peter Altmaier, Dr. Frank Weigand, Lars Kulik

Save 12,000 Year Old Hambach Forest From Climate-Killing Coal Mine!

Germany’s 12,000 year old Hambach Forest is home to ancient hornbeam trees and over 140 wildlife species, including critically endangered bats, woodpeckers, and other EU-protected animals. But the last remnants of this beautiful, vitally important forest habitat are slated to be permanently destroyed within weeks for the sake of expanding an enormous open-pit mine for lignite coal – the single most polluting energy source on Earth! Right now, energy giant RWE is sending police to evict peaceful protesters in order to destroy what remains of this majestic old growth forest. Their goal is to expand their massive and "horrifying" Hambach mine, which is already one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in all of Europe. On RWE's behalf, the police have reportedly threatened activists at gunpoint, physically attacked protesters, and are detaining members of the press and confiscating cameras to prevent media access. Lignite emits more Co2 emissions than any other fossil fuel, and German leaders know that continuing to mine and burn it is simply incompatible with plans to halt global climate change. A federal “coal commission” is currently discussing a plan to quickly phase-out coal energy – a widely supported move which analysts say poses no threat to Germany's energy security. But while other firms are scrapping plans for lignite expansion, RWE doesn’t want to wait for social consensus. Their goal is to quickly access and burn filthy coal that Germany doesn’t even need in order to export the energy for profit, even though the increased emissions will fuel deadly climate chaos around the world. If RWE gets their way, they’ll being clearing the final 200 hectares of the Hambach forest on October 14th, when a court-ordered stay expires. The world has until then to stand with the forest protectors and demand that German leaders save the Hambach Forest, their country’s reputation, and our global climate from being destroyed by RWE’s greed! Brave activists have camped out in the Hambach Forest for 6 years in an attempt to block RWE's bulldozers and chainsaws. But they can’t block this climate-killing mine forever. Only a massive global outcry can save Hambach Forest and halt the mine expansion once and for all.  

Global Citizens For Earth
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