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Petition to Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, Principal Secretary, Department of Home and Security, Uttar Pradesh

Discipline the UP police

We all dream of living in a safe India, especially the girls out there. But I specifically used the word 'dream' here for the reason that the no matter how safe we may assume we are, in our homes, at our workplace, in schools, in colleges, on the streets near our houses (which we have taken a billion times), we never feel truly safe. A major part of the problem, amongst other things, is the lack of discipline in the civil police, which instead of being a support system for the general public, has more often than not, become a cause of agony for the common man. The most recent example being the cold blooded murder of an apple executive by a lowly police constable, for not stopping his vehicle with a lady inside, when asked to halt his vehicle at 1:30 am by two men on a bike. (Ps- rule no. 1 for safety: never stop your vehicle for strangers late at night when you have a lady with you, no matter who they are?)  The first time I was really letched at was by a policeman, I was 15 years old and still in school. They never come on time when you dial 100. If they do pick your 'emergency' 100 call, they try to plea bargain with you, so that they don't have to do their job. They can be bribed by a song (one that you may hear in general train compartments). They have zero training in handling situations, they are really bad at doing their jobs, they have no clue how to maintain law and order, and they only know how to throw their uniform at your face if you try and seek their help. Of course there may be exceptions, but the majority of cops in UP are pot-bellied, pan-chewing, indisciplined, uncouth and hardly give a damn about law and order. Its a sorry state of affairs. Its time that the police department realises the reason of why they exist. The police department needs major rehauling, intense training and some serious discipline so that they truly become worthy of their uniforms. They are paid salaries out of the taxes that we deposit so that they are trained to carry out their responsibilities and duties towards making the cities a safer place. Its their job to protect us. And it's time they realise that. Its time for change.

Ishita Yadu
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Petition to Piyush Goyal, Piyush Goyal, Dharmendra Kumar, Jaiaya Varmah, Rajnath Singh

Help Anita quash a false case against her for reporting the misdeeds of a misbehaving cop.

I have heard horror stories about cops misusing their power -- stories that send a chill down my spine. But little did I know that one day I'd be living one of those nightmares! On February 4, 2018, my way back home, I saw a cop encouraging ticketless travelling in the First Class. Being a journalist, I tried to record the cop's misdeeds. However, what happened next was beyond horrifying. The cop manhandled me, dragged me to the RPF police station at Borivali, I was harassed by her seniors and then a false case was filed against me. To harass me, the cops didn't file an FIR or NC, they directly filed a chargesheet against me. Which meant that had I not been present in court, a non-bailable warrant could have been issued against me. I have decided to fight for justice and need your help in quashing the false case. I must add here that during the course of my fight, the cop has been repatriated and two officers have been suspended, but I still haven't got justice.  This petition is for all law-abiding citizens, who have faced injustice in the hands of the cops. It is a reminder of the long history of harassment and intimidation by police officers, who have created a sense of mistrust in the society. It's unacceptable for the police force to take the law in their hands; to act as the jury and file a case against someone innocent without even listening to their story, just because they want to defend someone from their department. Cops need to face consequences too, especially if they are wrong and have misused the law. Their task is to protect and serve the citizens and not harass people.      Let’s be real. Every one of us knows someone in our families, neighbourhoods or friends’ circle who has witnessed bullies in uniform. It doesn’t matter if you are a law abiding citizen, when these bullies in uniform decide to harass you, they’ll pull all stops to make sure that you bow down to them. I pray that one day justice will be served soon and my fight can make a difference to society. Please do support!

Anita Aikara
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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, Union Home minister, Suresh gopi MP from Kerala, Alphonse Kannanthana, Alphons Kannanthanam, Rajeev Chandrasekharan


#JusticeForSreejith A brother’s quest for justice Sreejith's brother Sreejeev died in May 2014 at Parassala Police station in Thiruvananthapuram. Sreejeev was taken into custody by the Parasala police on May 19, 2014, allegedly for stealing a mobile phone. Sreejeev was later shifted to the Medical College Hospital citing ingestion of poison The police had informed Sreejith that his brother committed suicide while in custody. Sreejeev maintains a fake case had been registered against his brother following his relationship with a girl in their neighbourhood. The girl was a relative of one of the policemen. Later, a report by the State Police Complaints Authority found out that Sreejeev died of injuries and sought action against the policemen at Parassala station. Sreejith started the agitation when he sensed not much was being done to punish the perpetrators and justice is being denied.Sreejith began his protest demanding action against said policemen in May 2015. He then switched to a hunger strike in January 30 the following year. So far, Sreejith has been on hunger strike for 760 days. He survives by only imbibing water. Join this petition to ensure that *The case must be enquired in fast track manner. * Sreejith should get justice. It won't be delayed. * Deserving punishment for the culprits. *He should get enough Media coverage.   If all of us come together, we can ensure that JUSTICE WON'T BE DENIED OR DELAYED

Vinayan K
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Petition to chief justice of supreme court of India


Honourable Chief Justice of India, I have been continuously pleading before his lordship for making the judiciary a corruption free system to safeguard the integrity of the Apex Court and Indian Judiciary. Here I am laying following few points for your kind perusal and favourable action. That, I have sent one Regd. Post Letter Petition dated 24.09.2016,  First Reminder dated 18.11. 2016 to Former CJI Shri Justice T.S.Thakur (Copy to you and other two judges of Collegium System) the Second Reminder dated 05.01.2017 & Third Reminder dated 20.02.2017 to you mentioning the fraudulent act of a sitting Judge JUSTICE DIPAK MISHRA alias Deepak Mishra as he had committed fraud by acquiring Two Acres of government land  (Plot No. 34/1966, Khatiyan No. 326/24, in Mouja- Bidyadharpur, District- Cuttack, Orissa) on Dt: 30.11.1979 by providing false and misleading information in the Lease Application and Affidavit dated 19.09.1979 to the concerned Orissa Government Authority and even after the lease of the land was cancelled by the Additional District Magistrate in the order dated 11.02.1985 (Lease Revision Case No. 238 of 1984). Justice Dipak Mishra was in possession of the said land till 06.01.2012. That, the Petition dated 24.09. 2016, the First Reminder dated 18.11. 2016, the Second reminder dated 05.01.2017 & the Third Reminder dated 20.02.2017 were delivered by the Indian Postal Department in Honourable Supreme Court of India on 27.09. 2016, 21.11. 2016, 09.01. 2017 & 22.02.2017 respectively (As per the Postal Tracking Record). That, meanwhile One Hundred and Eighty One (181) days got passed but no action is being taken by the Collegium System of Honourable Supreme Court of India and the said judge who is a fraud is still carrying out all judicial work in Supreme Court of India and the most important matter is that he is also the Second Member of “Collegium System” from 04.01.2017 onward and may become the Chief Justice of India on 28.08. 2017 after your retirement and then for the first time in Indian history when the Indian citizens would see one Fraud becoming the Chief Justice of India.   Sir, I have also registered a Complaint dated 05.09. 2016 with the Honourable Justice Sri T.S.Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India against one Sitting Judge of Orissa High Court named Justice Indrajit Mahanty for running a hotel industry on a homestead land in his own name in Cuttack City where he is a judge and for availing Term Loan in his own name from State Bank of India, Cuttack Branch to run his hotel industry.  He has committed these offences only after his appointment as a judge in Orissa High Court. After receiving my Complaint an Enquiry Committee has been constituted by Honourable Mr. Justice T.S.Thakur under “In-House Procedure” and this action of the Collegium System has generated a lot of faith and confidence among the common citizens of this country on Indian Judiciary. Sir, I hope that during your tenure the citizens of this Largest Democratic Country would definitely get justice and Indian Judiciary would be free from corrupt judges hence I pray you to take strong action against Justice Dipak Mishra alias Deepak Mishra by setting up  a committee under “In-House Procedure” and reform Indian Judiciary System. Regards JAYANTA KUMAR DAS.

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