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Petition to United States Supreme Court, Kate Brown, President of the United States

Change the law that allows officers to violate our 2nd amendment right

As the law is currently written, there are some questionable situations in which an officer is legally considered “within their rights” to use deadly force against another person. One of those situations is, if an officer simply says they believed or thought they saw a “suspect” armed with a deadly weapon. This means that, as the law is written, a person can simply hold up a cell phone in the dark, and an officer can say they believed it was a deadly weapon, that officer, by the current legal standard, can then be considered “justified” in using lethal force on that person. A person can also be within their legal right to bear arms, police can simply say they saw a weapon or believe one was pointed at them and still use that as a justification for using lethal force.  The way this law is written gives far too much power to police officers to make calls that can end in death, when they are not properly trained to make such calls. Officers are not trained to deescalate a situation in which someone in crisis may be unarmed, but claiming or acting as if they are, due to their current mental state. We must stand up to this unjust law. Yes, we understand officers need to have protections in place, but so does the public, and our community, especially those suffering with mental illness, homelessness and suicidal thoughts or tendencies. It should not be so easy to have police take a life that those in great distress can use it as a means to end their life, by making a simple threat that has no truth. Or, on the other hand by remaining within their constitutional second amendment right to have a gun in their possession. If an officer can simply shoot and kill you for suspecting you have a gun, or seeing you possess one, then we don’t truly have a “right” to bear arms, do we? 

Rach C
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