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Petition to Charlie Baker, Maura Healey

31 BULLETS #Justice for Juston Root: NEED AN Independent Investigation #PoliceBrutality

Our son and brother, Juston Root was killed by 6 officers who shot 31 bullets as he lay on the ground, in a semi-comatose condition with nothing in his hands!  He posed no threat to those around him. No one has been held accountable for his death. Please help us by signing this petition.  We stand in #solidarity with all impacted families of #policebrutality  #NoJusticeNoPeace Our family is still grieving, but that won’t stop us from fighting for justice for Juston – and to make sure no other family has to face this kind of tragedy.  Will you help us? Add your name to tell lawmakers that there must be an independent investigation into his killing. On Feb. 7th, 2020, Juston was in a mental health crisis, on his way to his counselor at Mass Mental Health Center in Boston.  Juston had an oversized clear plastic paintball gun in his waist.  The Boston Police were called with a report of a person with a gun.  When officers arrived, one of them used deadly force immediately, injuring Juston.  Juston limped to his car, one of his legs was bleeding badly, he got in his car and drove away slowly. The Boston Police ensued a car chase, and minutes later Juston's car crashed, he staggered out, and dropped to the ground, covered in blood. A former EMT passerby ran to him to give him aid, because he was on the ground in a semi-conscious condition. Moments later, the Police arrived, yelling at the former EMT to get away from Juston. One officer kicked Juston, and then all six officers shot 31 bullets from close range, killing Juston instantly.  He posed no conceivable threat to the officers or the public and had no weapon in his hands.  The Norfolk DA exonerated these officers after just one month. Critical evidence and important witness statements were left out of the final report, including the former EMT who was there shortly before Juston was killed. The police have not released any footage of the actual shooting. The report says only one officer had a body camera on and filming, but their arm obstructed the lens when officers fired. The report is wholly inadequate and far from transparent. We, the Root family and the public, demand a timely, thorough, transparent independent investigation into Juston's killing by an impartial investigator with no ties to the police!  We call upon Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey to appoint an independent investigator immediately. Click to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for occasional updates DIRECT from us Thank you for your support! Twitter:  @JustonRoot 

The Root Family
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Petition to Seattle Police Department, Department of Justice, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Joseph R. Biden

Demand Seattle Police Release the Names of Officers at the US Capitol Riot

On January 6, 2021, at least 6 police officers from the Seattle Police Department participated in the gathering that led to the unlawful entry and obstruction of government and official Congressional proceedings at the U.S. Capitol Building. The Seattle Police Department has not released the names of officers who admitted to their presence at the scene. Every year millions of crime victims around the nation are denied justice due to police bias. Victims of crime should be entitled to know the names of officers involved in the attempted obstruction of our government and democracy. Please help us demand that the Seattle Police Department release the names of the officers who have admitted to being at the US Capitol on the day of the riot, and whether any officers broke into the US Capitol. Please also help us demand the following: A public hearing for all crime victims who were denied the delivery of justice by bias in policing, including those wrongfully charged with crimes due to the known racist and sexist history of policing at the Seattle Police Department. Victims of racial injustice, hate crimes, and survivors of violent crimes deserve to know who decides their fate with their tax-payer money. A re-opening of any case handled by officers deemed to have participated in unlawful activities at the US Capitol building; a re-opening of any case handled by officers found out to be members of hate or extremists groups. An assurance from the Office of Police Accountability that it will not assign case reviews to officers originally charged with handling a case (something that OPA has done in the past) K5 News: Seattle Times: Komo News:

Stop the Hate Campaign
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Petition to MARK BRNOVICH ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL, Allister Adel Maricopa County Attorney, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, FBI , Donald J. Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos

Demand JUSTICE FOR ALL against police and political corruption. Nobody is above the law.

PLEASE JOIN us now and demand Justice for All and accountability against police and political corruption for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND LOVED ONES!  Make sure that you are not next to be violently killed by anyone with political influence of law enforcement and treated like roadkill with no accountability or repercussions. Join us now in this fight for our constitutional right as US citizens not to be killed and treated inhumanely. Our tax dollars are not to pay for corrupt police and politicians abusing their power and obstructing justice. It is critical now to raise awareness to separate politics from law enforcement as NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW. The prosecution of criminal activity should never rely on the preferential treatment of politically connected criminals.   Our precious Dad, husband, uncle, brother, now grandfather, neighbor, business friend and provider, HOWARD L. BROWN had a professional career for 40 years in Arizona with security services protecting people and their businesses yet, more universally impressive to our lives today as an imperative contributor to our knowledge of space shuttles allowing the world to learn about our universe while he was a physicist at NASA. Although he brought the world safety and decency that shouldn't matter nor should it matter how wonderful of a father he was to us 3, The Brown Girls. His life mattered no matter what he did because God gave him life and he gave life meaning and purpose to many.  On a Sunday afternoon at 4 pm on his way back home walking our Snickers Lee in the allegedly upscale and safe neighborhood of Paradise Valley, Arizona, inches from being out of the residential street a speeding un-attentive driver struck and violently killed him breaking almost every bone in his body. Snickers Lee was already out of the deadly path of Paige H. Dembow. Paige is the addict felon, uninsured, on probation for drugs, breathalyzer in vehicle from a previous DUI, adult offspring of then Vice Mayor/current councilman Paul Dembow. According to the witness 200'-300' behind the killer he said he never saw her swerve or brake before seeing a man violently hit into the air.  The responding officer Hovorka did nothing to secure the scene nor detain the killer, he began to address the killer after 10 minutes on the scene telling her she's not going to jail, one of many times he made sure the quickly arrived Vice Mayor and the killer knew she wasn't going to jail. The officer of approximately 20 years allowed the killer to be assisted by 3 more of her family members as she didn't know where the pedestrian was or where he came from because she couldn't see down a street with 1,000 ft  or more of straight visibility. After directing one of them to get her things (evidence) out of her car councilman told the officer he was taking her home. The adult whom just recklessly and unnecessarily killed a man was now free to kill you next. The officer cleaned our father's large pool of blood out of the street then 2 hours later called nearby Scottsdale to come investigate a botched crime scene. Paradise Valley and Scottsdale police never provided a single test or basic traffic stop protocol for Paige Dembow. Never charged with anything. No speeding ticket, no reckless driving charges, no discovery of her inability to see or drive with care, breathalyzer never tested for fails, no drug test, no phone test or search for use while driving a machine, no ticket for no insurance, didn't notify her probation officer, never detained or taken into custody. Paige Dembow, Paul Dembow, officer Stephen Hovorka, and police chief Peter Wingert are still free today to kill and obstruct justice due to their abuse of power. Until you stand with us against injustice to ALL human beings they are going to break the law again and again with their privilege of being above the law. Make sure today that nobody is above the law, nobody will be permitted to kill, and nobody will be treated like roadkill ever. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO DEMAND JUSTICE, POLITICAL AFFILIATION, PRIVILEGE AND POWER HAVE NO PLACE IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. 1. WE together demand Paige Dembow be charged with killing a man with the highest charge possible while on probation for MANSLAUGHTER. 2. We together demand Paul Dembow be charged with obstruction of justice and abuse of power and perjury and fraud.   3. We together demand peace/police officers Stephen Hovorka and Mark Garrity, police chief Peter Wingert, and Scottsdale police chief be charged with obstruction of justice, conspiring, destroying evidence, and aiding and abetting a criminal. They need to immediately lose their certifications as officers in all states of America and have their retirement funds stripped and reimbursed to tax payers since the crime took place.   Killers, politicians, and law enforcement need to be held accountable for criminal behavior and abuses of power today. facebook.instagram        

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Petition to Antioch Police Department

Justice for Angelo Quinto

A 30-year-old Antioch man died after an officer pressed his knee on the back of the man’s neck while he was suffering a mental health crisis, family members told KTVU Wednesday. The family of Angelo Quinto is planning to file a legal claim against the Antioch Police Department on Thursday, following the Dec. 23 episode that left Quinto unconscious and bloody. Quinto was pronounced dead at a hospital three days later. "He said ‘Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me,’" Quinto’s mother, Cassandra Quinto-Collins told KTVU, describing her son's last words. "I was there. I was watching them. I trusted them. I though they know what they’re doing." The family is searching for answers as police are under heightened scrutiny around the nation, following high-profile killings like the death of George Floyd, who died after an officer in Minnesota put his knee on Floyd’s neck. Antioch police have released almost no information about the case. In a statement Thursday, Lt. John Fortner said the investigation is still open. He said the department is working with the local district attorney’s office and the coroner’s office. By Signing this petition, we: Demand a full autopsy  hold the police and everyone involved accountable. show the full video on the body and. If no bodycams were turned on, we ask a investigation into why and they be hold accountable for their poor actions. We stand with Bay Area Civil Right’s attorney John Burris. We ask that our signatures be our voices. We demand the Antioch Police Department be more transparent.

Dj Franks
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