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Petition to YouTube

Arrest logan paul, AND Ban Logan Paul's Youtube channel

*****UPDATE***** 255 VOTES? DAM . crazy, didnt know that many would agree. please  share, so we can get logan removed, for good.  logan paul threatened by  maverick  to be SUED. maverick, the company his partner  with, has noticed less respect, less purchases, and less alot of things. they are saying to logan, remove our brand name from your list or we will SUE you. they claim, Logan paul is a racist, etc and stated they dont want anything to do with him.   Logan Paul, known as a big you tuber, did something nasty and disturbing, he went into a suicide Forrest in japan, and disrespected Japanese community, he found a unfortunate victim, who sadly took there life, logan been him self, laughing, been a total jerk, gets up close, films the body, and even shows it to public, he blurred out the face not the body, he should be removed from youtube and japan should take action against logan paul, what he did was disgusting, and disrespectful  half of logan paul fans are kids, and teens.even Japanese people are really annoyed at logan. and also, YouTube DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. youtube clearly states, in there TOS******  Increasingly, YouTube is becoming an outlet for citizen journalists, documentarians, and other users to publish accounts of what is happening in their daily lives. It is inevitable that some of these videos will contain content that is violent or graphic in nature. It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or gratuitous. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional context and information.If posting graphic content in a news, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, please be mindful to provide enough information to help people understand what's going on. In some cases, content may be so violent or shocking that no amount of context will allow that content to remain on our platforms. Lastly, don't encourage others to commit specific acts of violence.  If the violence shown in your video is particularly graphic, please make sure to post as much information as possible in the title and metadata to help viewers understand what they are seeing. Providing documentary or educational context can help the viewer, and our reviewers, understand why they may be seeing the disturbing content.***   source:   if logan paul is capable of this, whats he going to do next? for views, and subs? Logan Paul needs to be aressted and charged by the Japanese police. as he laughed, disrespected and acted like a jerk while a body was in front of him. if team 10 and Logans friends are capable of this s****, what else is next? we need to stop these guys, they are bad people and i must admit, he thinks hes a king and can get away with everything, because he owns a ton of cash. idc how its done, the Japanese community is upset, so a warrant for his arrest should be placed, as he has disturbed many lives, many Japaneses people....   yet alone, his fan base is mainly teenagers, and children. and he shows this? it acutely makes me feel sick. if your thinking of doing it, call your local suicide hotline, its not worth it. life is a gift. live it while you can. may that person, rest in peace, and may his family get through the struggle of there loss.  clearly, Logan isnt fit to run a life on you tube, as you-tube put his video on trending, also, youtube choose what videos are on trending, so youtube hand selected it to trend. thats how sick youtube is also., there breaking there own rules, and other channels have been removed, because logan wants the video taken down, and channels have been terminated because it has shown footage of a unfortunate citizen who tragically ended there life. if this is the case, youtube really needs to step back and re look at there TOS.   i feel for those who are in japan, may all those victims, and there familys, have mercy, and may those victims have mercy, and may  they all Rest In Peace. feeling Suicide ? DONT DO IT. life is valuable, live it.    here is a list, of ALL suicide   hotlines WORLDWIDE.    know someone who is thinking of suicide and needs help?  Help Save Lives! Please Click Below:   it has numbers, even websites on the pages,     logan paul has released  a sorry video. posing sad, mad, and the victim here, yet he should of thoght about that, before he posted that vid.     

Antoine D Coolette
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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Streatham's new police base

The Mayor of London wants to close Streatham's police base under his programme to sell "expensive to run buildings which are underused" and "divert resources from where they are no longer needed". Streatham's police base is not expensive and is desperately needed.  The community successfully campaigned against the last Mayor of London's plans to remove police from Streatham. We won investment of £500,000 to create a new, state of the art, accessible, police station. The new police base is located near Streatham train station so police are located in the heart of our community. It now has more officers than when the old police station was closed, two new front counters and modern, upgraded facilities. This is possible because it has an efficient lease arrangement. The lease means money can be spent on local policing and getting police out in the community, rather than being tied up in buildings. It is a very effective use of resources.   Having a police base in Streatham means that there is policing for the whole community - not just those who are able or want to report crime online. It provides a visible police presence and enables important links to be built with the local community.  Recently its location meant that police could be on hand to deal with two stabbings close by.  However now the new Mayor of London is proposing not just to close the front counter service but get rid of the building and move Streatham's police out of Streatham to Brixton. You can see the proposals here (see Annex 3). We believe Streatham needs a police base more than ever to keep police at the heart of our community, working with the local community to keep us safe.   We reject the Mayor of London's plans and call on him to keep our local police presence and our new police base in Streatham.

Jonathan Bartley
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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Lambeth Police Stations - Put people first

The Labour Mayor, supported by the Labour councillors in Lambeth, has decided to cut police stations and police bases across Lambeth.We are extremely concerned by the Mayor's plans. We believe visible community-based policing is vital to tackling crime, and provides reassurance and support to residents and victims of crime, especially at a time when London has seen a rise in serious violence and terrorist attacks. Brixton station would remain as the only publicly accessible station to report crimes in the borough. The following stations and bases would close: Kennington (Station)Streatham (Station)Loughborough Junction (Police Office/ Box)Cobalt Square (Office)Clement Avenue (Safer Neighbourhood base)Coldharbour Lane (Safer Neighbourhood base)Norwood Road (Safer Neighbourhood base)Cavendish Road (Police Station/ Annex, no public access) In 2013, Mr Khan asserted that changes to the structure of policing in London were decided by the Mayor, and criticised changes made by Boris Johnson. Now, as Mayor, Sadiq Khan pretends that the decision to close police stations and police buildings is nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Labour councillors in Lambeth have done nothing to lobby the Mayor to reverse his decision. We call on the Mayor of London and the Labour elite in Lambeth to reconsider their cuts to the police service and keep our police contact points open.  

Cllr Tim Briggs, Leader of the Opposition, Lambeth Council
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