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Petition to Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Senator Bill Ferguson, Senator Adrienne A. Jones, Senator William C. Smith Jr, Senator Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher, Delegate Luke H. Clippinger, Delegate Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Delegate Gabriel Acevero

Call a special session of the Maryland General Assembly and pass Anton's Law!

Anton's Law, a law that deals with defining and restricting the police use of force as well as transparency, has been sidelined for two years. It seems, at this time, viciously apparent that the Maryland General Assembly is not interested in even beginning to do the work in terms of bringing justice to the family of Anton Black.This is abhorrent, and must be rectified.In September of 2018, Anton Black was suspected of a crime that he did not commit, suspected of having substances in his system that he did not have, and killed, while his mother watched, by an officer who had prior issues in another state.  The family received an autopsy, which ruled Anton's death as accidental, only after Governor Hogan himself took interest in the case.  Anton's Law, HB1090/SB1066, was drafted as a response to this two part tragedy- that the governor himself had to take interest in order for the family to be given any kind of answers concerning Anton Black's death, and that he had died while being restrained for a "mental health emergency" at all.  Instead of passing Anton's Law, which intends to open up more information to grieving families, and to define and restrict use of police force, the Maryland General Assembly has wimbled around about it for two years.  Worse, even the comparatively weaker transparency legislation (HB 1221/SB1029) has not made it to Governor Hogan's desk.  In the General Assembly's perilous delay, it is possible for state, county, park and city police forces to attempt to exempt themselves, by virtue of collective bargaining agreements, from meaningful transparency and use of force reform.  This kind of responsibility dodging, with the police practically playing constitutional chicken with restrictions on their use of force, is mortally dangerous, and cannot be permitted to continue.This petition calls upon the Maryland General Assembly to convene, whether remotely or safely in person, with the express purpose of passing Anton's Law.  While the normal 2020 session was understandably truncated due to COVID-19, the twin viruses of police brutality, especially against BIPOC citizens, and accountability dodging are grievously painful preexisting conditions on our societal health chart.  Maryland, as a state, is quietly suffering while the rest of the nation groaningly pushes towards doing the work to change.Justice cannot wait.  We cannot wait.  We must demand that Anton's Law be given hearing and passed prior to January 2021.Links for further information, thanks to the Washington Post and CBS Baltimore:[Trigger warning! - Description of restraint that lead to Anton Black's death.]CBS Baltimore's coverageThe Washington Post's most recent coverage

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Petition to Sebastian Piñera Echenique, Rodrigo Delgado Mocarquer, Hernán Larraín Fernández, Moneda S/N, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile


                       Traducido al Inglés ,Francés y Sueco                      Translation into English, French and Swedish LIBERTAD INMEDIATA PARA TODXS LXS PRESXS POLÍTICXS EN CHILE ! SeñoresPresidente de Chile : Sebastián Piñera EcheniqueMinistro del Interior y Seguridad Pública: Rodrigo Delgado MocarquerMinistro de Justicia y DDHH: Hernán Larraín Fernández                       Como resultado de la política neoliberal aplicada por A.Pinochet y su continuación durante los años posteriores de la pseudo democracia, los pueblos en Chile asumieron la iniciativa rebelde de la juventud iniciada en octubre del 2019 y dieron comienzo al llamado estallido social volcándose a las calles para exigir el fin de las injusticias sociales, las discriminaciones raciales, laborales, culturales y de género a las que han sido sometidxs.                       El actual gobierno de Sebastián Piñera ha respondido con una brutal represión cobrando un alto costo de heridxs, mutiladxs de sus ojos, detenidxs, violadxs, golpeadxs, torturadxs,asesinadxs y encarceladxs.                        Al momento del estallido social de octubre existían en Chile detenidas y detenidos políticos que luchaban por demandas sociales y detenidxs mapuche que luchaban por el reconocimiento del Pueblo Nación Mapuche.                         En Chile, hoy día se cometen delitos graves en contra de los pueblos,delitos que se contradicen totalmente con todos los acuerdos firmados por éste país en la Declaración de los Derechos Humanos y en la Convención de los Derechos del Niño. Existen niños menores de edad encarcelados sufriendo la represión sistemática del estado chileno lo que implica la privación del desarrollo de una vida normal junto a sus familiares.                        Se calcula que hoy son aproximadamente 2.500 personas las que se encuentran privadas de libertad.                         Por éstas razones,las personas abajo firmantes, exigimos al gobierno de Sebastián Piñera y a todos los organismos y autoridades que le competen: 1) La libertad inmediata de todxs lxs prisionerxs políticxs que se encuentran recluídos en las cárceles de Chile y lxs menores recluidos en el SENAME (Servicio Nacional de Menores) . 2) La anulación de las medidas de prisión preventiva , condenas,procesos y sentencias a las que estxs luchadorxs son sometidxs, por considerarlas arbitrarias, jurídicamente insostenibles y por lo tanto inadmisibles . 3) Exigimos que las autoridades competentes resuelvan sin demora la situación deplorable del régimen carcelario impuesto a lxs prisionerxs políticxs, como son: - el hacinamiento- la insalubridad, agravada por los riesgos de contagio del virus covid 19- la insuficiencia en la alimentación y en la atención médica- los apremios síquicos y físicos. 4) El restablecimiento inmediato del derecho de lxs prisionerxs a recibir visitas y encomiendas. VERDAD JUSTICIA Y REPARACIÓN!LIBERTAD INMEDIATA PARA TODXS LXS PRESXS POLÍTICXS EN CHILE !  Iniciado por:Chile Despertó Suecia (Coordinadora Nacional por lxs Presxs Políticxs) Apoyan ésta petición: - Collectif Internacional de Parrainage des Prisonniers de la Révolte Sociale au Chili -LASNET (Latin AmericanSolidarity Network) - Organización Internacional de Derechos Humanos 18.10. (International Human Rights Organisation 18.10)   Meta: 10.000 firmas --------------------------------------------                                                                        Translation to English IMMEDIATE FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS IN CHILE! Sirs, President of Chile: Sebastián Piñera EcheniqueMinister of the Interior and Public Security: Rodrigo Delgado MocarquerMinister of Justice and Human Rights: Hernán Larraín Fernández As a result of the neoliberal policy applied by A. Pinochet and its continuation during the subsequent years of pseudo-democracy, the people in Chile took on the youth rebellious initiative that started in October 2019 and began the so-called social outbreak by turning to the streets. to demand the end of social injustices, racial, labor, cultural and gender discrimination to which they have been subjected. The current government of Sebastián Piñera has responded with a brutal repression, charging a high cost of injuries, mutilated eyes, arrests, rapes, beatings, tortures, murders, and imprisonments. At the time of the social outbreak in October, there were political prisoners in Chile who were fighting for social demands and Mapuche prisoners who were fighting for the recognition of the Mapuche Nation. Today, serious crimes are committed against the Chilean people, crimes that are totally contradicted by all the agreements signed by the country in the Declaration of Human Rights and in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. There are underage children jailed suffering the systematic repression of the Chilean state, which implies the deprivation of the development of a normal life with their families. It is estimated that today there are approximately 2,500 people who are deprived of liberty.For these reasons, the undersigned, demand to the government of Sebastián Piñera and all the organizations and authorities that are responsible for it: 1) The immediate freedom of all the political prisoners who are confined in Chilean prisons and the minors confined in the SENAME (National Service for Minors). 2) The annulment of preventive detention measures, sentences, processes, to which these fighters are subjected, as they are considered arbitrary, legally untenable, and therefore inadmissible. 3) We demand that the competent authorities resolve without delay the deplorable situation of the prison regime imposed on political prisoners, such as:- overcrowding- unhealthy conditions, aggravated by the risks of contagion from the covid-19 virus- inadequate nutrition and medical care- Psychic and physical constraints. 4) The immediate reestablishment of the prisoner's right to receive visits and parcels. JUSTICE, TRUTH AND REPARATION!IMMEDIATE FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS IN CHILE! Initiated by:Chile Despertó Suecia (Coordinadora Nacional por lxs Presxs Políticxs) Support this petition:- Collectif Internacional de Parrainage des Prisonniers de la Révolte Sociale au Chili -LASNET (Latin AmericanSolidarity Network) - Organización Internacional de Derechos Humanos 18.10. (International Human Rights Organisation 18.10) Goal: 10.000 signatures --------------------------------------------                                                           Traduction française LIBERTÉ IMMÉDIATE POUR TOUS LES PRISONNIERS POLITIQUES AU CHILI ! Messieurs :Président du Chili : Sebastián Piñera EcheniqueMinistre de l'intérieur et de la sécurité publique : Rodrigo Delgado MocarquerMinistre de la justice et des droits de l’homme : Hernán Larraín Fernández À la suite de la politique néolibérale appliquée par A. Pinochet et de sa poursuite au cours des années suivantes de pseudo-démocratie, les peuples du Chili ont pris l'initiative rebelle de la jeunesse. Il a commencé en octobre 2019 et a déclenché la soi-disant flambée sociale en descendant dans la rue pour exiger la fin des injustices sociales, de la discrimination raciale, du travail, culturelle et sexuelle dont ils ont été victimes.Le gouvernement actuel de Sebastián Piñera a répondu par une répression brutale, accusant un coût élevé de blessures, de mutilations des yeux, de détenus, violés, battus, torturés, assassinés et emprisonnés.Au moment de la flambée sociale d'octobre, il y avait des détenus politiques au Chili qui se battaient pour les revendications sociales et des détenus mapuche qui se battaient pour la reconnaissance du peuple de la nation mapuche.Au Chili, aujourd'hui des crimes graves sont commis contre les peuples, des crimes qui sont totalement contredits par tous les accords signés par ce pays dans la Déclaration des droits de l'homme et dans la Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant. Il y a des enfants mineurs emprisonnés souffrant de la répression systématique de l'État chilien. Cela implique la privation du développement d'une vie normale avec leurs proches. On estime qu'aujourd'hui, environ 2 500 personnes sont privées de liberté.Pour ces raisons, soussignés, nous exigeons que le gouvernement de Sebastián Piñera et toutes les organisations et autorités qui en sont responsables :1) La liberté immédiate de tous les prisonniers politiques incarcérés dans les prisons du Chili et des mineurs incarcérés au SENAME (Service National des Mineurs).2) L'annulation des mesures de détention préventive, des peines, des procédures et des peines auxquelles ces combattants sont soumis, les jugeant arbitraires, juridiquement intenables et donc irrecevables3) Nous exigeons que les autorités compétentes résolvent sans délai la situation déplorable du régime pénitentiaire imposé aux prisonniers politiques, telle que :⦁ Surpeuplement⦁ Conditions insalubres, aggravées par les risques de contagion du virus covid 19⦁ Une nutrition et des soins médicaux inadéquats⦁ Contraintes psychiques et physiques.4) Le rétablissement immédiat du droit des détenus de recevoir des visites et des ordres.VÉRITÉ, JUSTICE ET RÉPARATION !LIBERTÉ IMMÉDIATE POUR TOUS LES PRISONNIERS POLITIQUES AU CHILI!  Commencé par:Chile Despertó Suecia (Coordinadora Nacional por lxs Presxs Políticxs) Soutenez cette pétition : - Collectif Internacional de Parrainage des Prisonniers de la Révolte Sociale au Chili -LASNET (Latin AmericanSolidarity Network) - Organización Internacional de Derechos Humanos 18.10. (International Human Rights Organisation 18.10) Objectif: 10.000 signatures--------------------------------------------                                                              Svensk översättning OMEDELBAR FRIGIVNING AV ALLA POLITISKA FÅNGAR I CHILE!TillChiles president Sebastián Piñera EcheniqueInrikes- och ministern för inre säkerhet Rodrigo Delgado MocarquerJustitie- och ministern för mänskliga rättigheter Hernán Larraín Fernández Som resultat av Augusto Pinochets nyliberala politik, med fortsättning i de senaste årens pseudodemokrati, anslöt sig det chilenska folket till ungdomarnas uppror och inledde 2019 det så kallade oktoberupproret. De krävde ett slut på de sociala orättvisorna och slut på de kulturella, rasistiska och könsdiskrimineringar de hade utsatts för.Chiles nuvarande president, Sebastián Piñera, svarade med ett brutalt polisövervåld med svårt skadade människor, söndertrasade ögon, våldtäkter, misshandlade, torterade, mördade och fängslade människor som följd.Vid tiden för oktoberupproret fanns det redan politiska fångar i Chile, vars brott var att de kämpade för samhälleliga förbättringar, samt fängslade Mapuches, som krävde att Chile skulle erkänna Mapuchefolket som en nation. I Chile begås idag allvarliga brott mot dess folk, brott som helt strider mot alla avtal som undertecknats av Chile i Deklarationen om de Mänskliga Rättigheterna och i barnkonventionen. Uppskattningsvis 2 500 människor hålls frihetsberövade, utan rättegång och utan dom. Bland dem finns fängslade minderåriga barn som lider av det förtryck från den chilenska statens sida, som det innebär att vara berövad tillvaron tillsammans med sina familjer.Mot den bakgrunden kräver vi undertecknade att Sebastián Piñeras regering och samtliga berörda myndigheter:1) Omedelbart friger alla politiska fångar som hålls fängslade i Chile och samtliga minderåriga som hålls inlåsta hos SENAME (Servicio Nacional de Menores/Nationella myndigheten för minderåriga)2) Upphäver samtliga åtgärder som häktning, rättegångar och fällande domar som dessa kämpar utsätts för, eftersom de är godtyckliga, rättsligt ohållbara och därmed oacceptabla3) Vi kräver att behöriga myndigheter utan dröjsmål undanröjer de svåra fängelseförhållanden som de politiska fångarna lever under:- överbefolkade celler- ohälsosamma förhållanden, som förvärrats av risken att smittas av covid 19-viruset- undermålig näring och medicinsk vård- psykiska och fysiska bestraffningar 4) Ett omedelbart återinförande av fångarnas rätt att ta emot besök och paket och matleveranser. SANNING, RÄTTVISA OCH ÅTERUPPRÄTTELSE!OMEDELBAR FRIGIVNING AV ALLA POLITISKA FÅNGAR I CHILE!   Startad av: Chile Despertó Suecia (Coordinadora Nacional por lxs Presxs Políticxs) Organisationer som stödjer denna skrivelse: - Collectif Internacional de Parrainage des Prisonniers de la Révolte Sociale au Chili -LASNET (Latin AmericanSolidarity Network) - Organización Internacional de Derechos Humanos 18.10. (International Human Rights Organisation 18.10)      Mål: 10.000 underskrifter    

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Petition to Joseph Biden, Jr, Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América.

Carta Abierta al Presidente Electo de los Estados Unidos de América, Joseph Biden, Jr.

Carta Abierta al Presidente Electo de los Estados Unidos de América, Joseph Biden, Jr.Señor:Lo felicitamos por su triunfo electoral de este 3 de noviembre, y deseamos salud, prosperidad y dicha para Usted, su administración, y los Estados Unidos de América.Quienes le escriben somos un grupo de cubanos, miembros de la sociedad civil cubana transnacional, que a través de esta carta deseamos expresarle nuestro total apoyo a su declarada intención de regresar a la política de Normalización, iniciada durante la administración en la cual usted se desempeñó como Vicepresidente. Dejamos también clara aquí nuestra completa oposición, en base a consideraciones humanitarias y de elemental ética política, a condicionar el desmantelamiento de las actuales medidas restrictivas a los viajes de ciudadanos estadounidenses y cubanoamericanos; a los vuelos y trámites migratorios entre nuestros dos países; y a los envíos de remesas por los cubanoamericanos a sus familiares y amigos en Cuba.Por último, en caso de que su Gobierno se propusiera llegar a un consenso bipartidista en el Congreso para conseguir el levantamiento del Embargo, y necesitara en consecuencia presentar un conjunto de condiciones que sustituyeran a las establecidas por la Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996, le hacemos saber un conjunto de condiciones mínimas que creemos se deberían pedir al Gobierno Cubano en lugar de aquellas. Le señalamos sobre esta propuesta de condiciones mínimas: 1 Que las mismas están pensadas para que no pueda presentárselas cual injerencistas, sino para responder al explicable interés del Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América en asegurar a los muchos ciudadanos y residentes americanos que visitarán Cuba, o que incluso aquí establezcan sus residencias o sus negocios, las condiciones mínimas de libertad, y de seguridad individual, ante los posibles excesos de las instituciones estatales cubanas.2 Que entendemos esas condiciones sean lo bastante eficientes para horadar las bases del férreo control del régimen sobre la sociedad cubana, de modo que en combinación con los efectos disolventes propios de la Normalización, y posterior Levantamiento del Embargo, pongan a la sociedad cubana en un punto de no retorno en su camino a la Democracia.Esas condiciones concretas que le sugerimos son las siguientes: 1 Que La Habana apruebe una adecuada y prolija Ley de Defensa de Derechos Civiles y Políticos.2 Que apruebe una Ley orgánica del Departamento de Seguridad del Estado, en que se definan sus funciones y funcionamiento, y en que se incluyan las garantías a los derechos de los ciudadanos y visitantes del país en su interacción con dicha institución.3 Que apruebe una clara Ley de Procesamiento Penal, en la cual los ciudadanos o visitantes cuenten con todas las garantías de que hoy se disfrutan en Occidente. En especial el derecho a contar con asesoramiento legal inmediatamente después de la detención, y el que los miembros de las instituciones armadas sean sometidos a jurisdicción judicial civil en caso de presuntos delitos contra civiles.4 Que permita que para las próximas elecciones legislativas de 2023 todos los cubanos con ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos, o simplemente residentes en ese país, a los que obliga a sacarse pasaporte cubano, y trata en Cuba como ciudadanos cubanos, tengan el derecho a ejercer el voto en la elecciones a la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, y a postularse candidatos a la misma.5 Que no se le prohíba la entrada en Cuba a ningún ciudadano americano, salvo los que los tribunales cubanos, en juicio público, hayan encontrado culpables de delitos graves de carácter no político.Agradecidos por su atención, a la vez que le reafirmamos nuestros deseos de salud, dicha y prosperidad, los abajo firmantes:José Gabriel Barrenechea Chávez.Manuel Cuesta Morúa.Maikel González Vivero.Ariadna Barrenechea Martín.Elay Rodríguez Buergo. Open Letter to the President-Elect of the United States of America, Joseph Biden, Jr.Mr.,We congratulate you on your electoral triumph on November 3rd, and we wish you, your administration, and the United States of America, health, prosperity, and happiness.We address you as a group of Cubans, members of the transnational Cuban civil society, to express our full support for your declared intention to return to the Normalization policy conceived during the administration in which you served as Vice President. In addition, we would like to convey, based on humanitarian considerations and elementary political ethics, our opposition to constraining the dismantling of the current restrictions on US and Cuban American citizens travels; on flights and immigration procedures between our two countries; and on remittances sent by Cuban Americans to their family and friends in Cuba.Lastly, should your government reach a bipartisan consensus in Congress to lift the Embargo, and consequently need to present a set of terms to replace those established by the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Freedom) Act of 1996, we present you a set of minimum terms that we believe should be requested from the Cuban Government.We point out about this minimum terms’ proposal:1 That they are designed so that they cannot be presented as interference, but to respond to the understandable interest of the President of the United States of America in assuring the many American citizens and residents that will visit Cuba, or that will even establish their residences or businesses, the minimum conditions of freedom, and individual security, given the possible excesses of Cuban state and parastatal institutions.2 That we consider these conditions to be efficient enough to destroy the foundations of the regime's iron grip over Cuban society, so that together with the dissolving effects of the Normalization, and subsequent Embargo Lifting, they put Cuba at a point of no return towards Democracy.The specific terms that we suggest are the following:1 That it approves an adequate and detailed Law for the Defense of Civil and Political Rights.2 That it approves an organic law of the Department of State Security, defining its functions and operation, including the guarantees of the rights of citizens and visitors to the country in their interaction with such institution.3 That it approves a clear Criminal Procedural Law, in which citizens and visitors have all the guarantees that are enjoyed today in the Western societies. Especially the right to have legal advice immediately after arrest, and that members of the armed institutions are subject to civil judicial jurisdiction in the event of alleged crimes against civilians.4 That for the next legislative elections of 2023 all Cubans with citizenship of the United States, or simply residents in that country, who are forced to obtain a Cuban passport, and treated in Cuba as Cuban citizens, can exercise their right to vote in the elections to the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, and to run as candidates.5 That no American citizen can be prohibited from entering Cuba, except for those who, in public trial, have been found guilty of serious non-political crimes by the Cuban courts.Grateful for your attention, as we reaffirm our wishes for health, happiness and prosperity, the undersigned:José Gabriel Barrenechea Chávez.Manuel Cuesta Morúa.Maikel González Vivero.Ariadna Barrenechea Martín.Elay Rodríguez Buergo.

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Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Remove Boris Johnson from Office

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has shown he is incapable  of the job of Prime Minister of Britain. 1.In 4 and a half years he has lied totally about Brexit, it's benefits, and Britain's future  out of the EU. He has  broken international law  by breaking the withdrawl agreement treaty.  The Brexit Referendum Leave Campaign, which he led, was subject of subversion, illegal spending, and probable Russian intereference. 2. His dithering and delay has cost  thousands of British lives to Coronavirus. Britain is the sick man of Europe, with the highest death toll, even compared to countries with larger populations. His delays  were not just the 1st wave, but the recent 2nd wave as well. 3, He has squandered Billions  of £s of tax payers money  on outsourcing NHS contracts to private acquaintences, who have failed in many instances to deliver.  Protective clothing that can be used, a test and trace mechanism  that  has taken months  and is still failing. 4. The Country now faces a £2tn  recession the worse in history and the worse in G7  countries. Meanwhile, as well as wasting £bns   on privatised coronavirus  failed services, he has spent more on Brexit than the 47 years Britain contributed to the EU as a member. 5. If allowed to  remain in office, we will see the break up of the United Kingdom. Scotland first  look certain to  ask for independence and rejoin the EU. There are also problems imposed by Brexit on the N Ireland border with Eire.  Wales  have their own coronavirus strategy. Britain under Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson,  is a land of chaos and confusion, with many people  losing their jobs and businesses closing.  Regulations   made by the Prime Minister without consent of Parliament, have too many exemptions and loopholes  to  be totally enforceable  and effective.  They are also unfair to certain businesses and individuals. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson  has also bolstered  his party numbers in the House of Lords  by granting peerage to  relatives, friends and donors.In Britain today people are dying unnecessarily, there is unnecessary  poverty and misery. Public Services  are straining  to cope.   Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stands accused of Cronyism, Kleptocracy, deception, incompetence, indecision, divisiveness. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has shown his bluster  cannot be believed  and has little  solid  factual content. His buffoonery and blundering has cost lives as well as money. He has a lack of empathy  for his people, especially the poor and more recently hungry children and exam results for teenagers.Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson stands accused of destroying Britain , the British way of life, the British quality of life, the British standard of living . He  has to be removed  from office  to  save Britain from destruction.  He has made Britain the laughing stock of the world. The Queen has to use her reserved powers, and those contained in Magna Carta Article 61, and as head of state   intervene  on behalf of her subjects. Her Majesty has  to remove  Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson from 10 Downing Street,  and call on Parliament to hold a snap General Election  forthwith.  She has to stop the suffering  of her subjects  at the hands of a man not fit for public office, not fit to serve his country, not  fit  to  show duty of care  to the people. Once a new government is formed there should be a public enquiry  into the legality  of the actions of  Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, his advisors and his cabinet ministers, plus others  handed jobs and given contracts without tender or experience. IF, this petition fails, there will be more deaths, more unemployment, more poverty and hardship  for the People of Britain, but as a multi millionaire, Boris Johnson and his friends  will remain unscathed. I am a patriot.  I have a elder sister in Norfolk   that cannot go out shopping because she has no immune system after chemotherapy. I have  a son and 3 grandchildren in Kent. I want a better future  and opportunities for them.  I am just an ordinary man, representing  what more than  half the population of Britain is thinking. 

Allan Sharpe
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