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Petition to SONY, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Add the Ukrainian language to Sony PlayStation system and to all related products

Ігрова приставка PlayStation стає все більш популярною серед широкого кола користувачів в Україні, але на жаль нею не можна користуватися українською мовою. Для порівняння. PlayStation підтримує фінську мову, носіїв якої у світі приблизно 6 мільйонів, але не підтримує українську, якою у світі спілкуються понад 40 мільйонів людей. Також нелогічним є примусове використання сервісу PlayStation Store (магазин цифрової дистрибюції ігрового контенту) російською мовою, навіть без змоги змінити її, наприклад, на англійську.  Що потрібно змінити? Додати підтримку української розкладки клавіатури в систему PS.  Дозволити змінювати мову магазину PS Store на англійську. Додати українську мову інтерфейсу в систему PS. Додати українську мову інтерфейсу для всіх інших продуктів PSN: магазин, спільноти, підтримка, та інші. Шановні українці, зібравши чим більшу кількість підписів ми зможемо ефективніше впливати на компанії, які ігнорують нашу мову, хоча не цураються продавати свої продукти та послуги на нашому ринку. ------------------------ PlayStation is becoming increasingly popular among consumers in Ukraine, but unfortunately, the system is not supported the Ukrainian language. For comparison, the console can be used in Finnish, which has approx. 6 million native speakers in the world, BUT you cannot use the Ukrainian language, which has over 40 million native speakers worldwide. There is also the illogical decision made by a manufacturer - it's the compulsory use of the Russian language in PS Store for all users from Ukraine, even without the possibility to choose another language, such as English. What should be changed? First of all, add support of Ukrainian language to PS system keyboard and enable an option to chose the English language for accounts from Ukraine in PS Store. Add the Ukrainian language to PS system as interface language. Add the Ukrainian language to all PSN products, such as store, communities, support.  

Bohdan UA
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Petition to 5pb. Inc., MAGES, Chiyomaru Studio, PQubeGames

Bring visual novel Anonymous;Code to the West in English

Recently, it was announced that the visual novel Anonymous;Code will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita consoles in Japan in 2017. The signers of this petition are requesting that 5pb., Mages, and Chiyomaru Studio consider localizing Anonymous;Code for the English-speaking audience to enjoy. Here is a trailer for the game. In the past, fans have been able to enjoy other titles from the SciADV and Science Visual Novel series in English. These titles include, but are not limited to:  Steins;Gate: anime and visual novel Steins;Gate 0: visual novel Occultic;Nine: anime and light novel Chaos;Child: anime and (soon to be released in English) visual novel Many of the SciADV and Science Visual Novel titles have been met with high praise, not only within Japan but in English-speaking countries as well.  How would this affect Nintendo Switch owners? A localization of Anonymous;Code for the West would be the opportunity for many Nintendo Switch owners to be introduced to the Semicolon series, as well as the visual novel genre as a whole. Because of the lack of visual novel titles for the Nintendo Switch in non-Japan countries, Anonymous;Code could become the first entrypoint for new fans of the visual novel genre. For existing fans of visual novels and/or the Semicolon series, Anonymous;Code could prove to be the gateway to many more visual novel releases on the Switch. How would this affect Playstation 4 / Playstation Vita owners? Similarily to new fans on the Switch, Anonymous;Code could be the entrypoint for new fans to experience the Semicolon series. For existing fans, Anonymous;Code could join Steins;Gate and Chaos;Child as highly praised Semicolon titles for Playstation systems. What is Anonymous;Code? Summary from the Visual Novel Database: The game takes place in 2037. The story starts on February 6, 2036, when an accident involving computers going berserk destroys many large cities around the world. The massive disaster is named the "2036 Problem", but there's a prediction that there will be a similar incident in 2038. So a group of scientists use the Gaia Supercomputer to create an "Earth Simulator" to prevent it from happening, but fail because human birth potential has dropped dramatically. The scientists then introduce the "Arecibo Message" formula to the Earth Simulator, successfully bringing mankind into another world. They are excited at first, until they realize that human beings in the Earth Simulator themselves created another Earth Simulator. The scientists begin to suspect that they are actually only the product of an Earth Simulator from creatures whose position is above them. The story centers around Takaoka Pollon, a hacker who has the ability to "Save and Load" like in a video game. Using his Hacking Trigger System, he can intervene with the world line around him. What is SciADV? Science Visual Novel? SciADV and Science Visual Novel are two series developed by Chiyomaru Studio and published by 5pb. These titles typically revolve around SciFi environments and elements such as time travel or robotics. The genres of these titles can range from horror to action-adventure to mystery. Many of these titles have their own anime adaptations. The main titles within SciADV are: Steins;Gate Steins;Gate 0 Chaos;Head Chaos;Child Robotics;Notes The main titles within Science Visual Novel are: Occultic;Nine Anonymous;Code What kind of game is a "visual novel"? As the name implies, visual novels typically consist of mostly reading. However, visual novels are not mere books; visual representation of the characters involved in a scene, of the background of the scene, and of the emotions of the characters have a major role in visual novels. Other key points include: music to accompany the tone of the scene, voiced speech of the characters, animated transitions, and multiple story routes with different endings. For an example of visual novel gameplay, watch this video.    

Pollon Takaoka
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Petition to Time Warner, SONY, Daybreak Game Company

Remaster Champions of Norrath for PS4 and Xbox 1!

Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest was an action-roleplaying game released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. It was developed by Snowblind Studios, now owned by Time Warner's Warner Bro's Interactive Entertainment divisiondivision, and was published by Sony Online Entertainment in the US and Ubisoft in the UK. The game was fun, and to this day is still fun to replay and enjoy with family and friends, provided you own a PS2 and copy of the game. Unfortunately, there isn't a version of this game available for online play anymore, nor any updated or remastered versions for newer consoles. The game is hard to find, with copies appearing sometimes in game shops, and selling on Amazon for anywhere between $20 USD and $150 USD - all of which may not even work! That's why I started this petition!  I grew up playing Champions of Norrath with my mom and dad, and played it with my little brother. All of us want to see a remastered version for newer consoles, so we can replay this amazing game, and put fire beetle eyes on our ice swords while loading in max-level barbarians, dropping everything they have, and selling it for gold. This game is special, and a remastered version of it would draw so much attention, making it a worthy investment on the part of the companies involved. It would appeal to many new fans of the franchise, and older fans, who played the original games and, just like my family and I, wish they could play it still.  So, here goes nothing! Hopefully, with enough signatures, Warner Bros andand/or Sony will hear us and give us the remaster of this amazing, gem of a game! 

Jolie Mangrum
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