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Petition to SONY, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited

Add the Ukrainian language to Sony PlayStation system and to all related products

Ігрова приставка PlayStation стає все більш популярною серед широкого кола користувачів в Україні, але на жаль нею не можна користуватися українською мовою. Для порівняння. PlayStation підтримує фінську мову, носіїв якої у світі приблизно 6 мільйонів, але не підтримує українську, якою у світі спілкуються понад 40 мільйонів людей. Також нелогічним є примусове використання сервісу PlayStation Store (магазин цифрової дистрибюції ігрового контенту) російською мовою, навіть без змоги змінити її, наприклад, на англійську.  Що потрібно змінити? Додати підтримку української розкладки клавіатури в систему PS.  Дозволити змінювати мову магазину PS Store на англійську. Додати українську мову інтерфейсу в систему PS. Додати українську мову інтерфейсу для всіх інших продуктів PSN: магазин, спільноти, підтримка, та інші. Шановні українці, зібравши чим більшу кількість підписів ми зможемо ефективніше впливати на компанії, які ігнорують нашу мову, хоча не цураються продавати свої продукти та послуги на нашому ринку. ------------------------ PlayStation is becoming increasingly popular among consumers in Ukraine, but unfortunately, the system is not supported the Ukrainian language. For comparison, the console can be used in Finnish, which has approx. 6 million native speakers in the world, BUT you cannot use the Ukrainian language, which has over 40 million native speakers worldwide. There is also the illogical decision made by a manufacturer - it's the compulsory use of the Russian language in PS Store for all users from Ukraine, even without the possibility to choose another language, such as English. What should be changed? First of all, add support of Ukrainian language to PS system keyboard and enable an option to chose the English language for accounts from Ukraine in PS Store. Add the Ukrainian language to PS system as interface language. Add the Ukrainian language to all PSN products, such as store, communities, support.  

Bohdan UA
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Petition to SONY

Change PS Plus Functionalities and Online

PlayStation Plus was launched in 2006 for the PlayStation 3. The service offers ~$60 of free game content regularly, Cloud Saves for games, Share Play (a fun way to play multiplayer games if only one copy is owned), Discounted Prices on games, but most importantly: Online Play. The only cases of Free online play are in free-to-play games. Its incredibly disappointing to buy a $60+ online game only to find you also need to pay upwards of $10 monthly to access the main feature. Some examples are: EA's Battlefront, Titanfall, Battlefield, and Overwatch. PS Plus could be a great service if changed. Rather than being the only way to access online, it should be treated more like a "bonus" or "booster" to PlayStaion users, for example Amazon Prime. Prime isn't required for usage of Amazon but it makes the experience more fun and in general better by offering access to free movies, and faster shipping. PS Plus should make some changes to be a little more like Prime. Rather than restricting access to any online content, allow for free use of online servers and features. Continue offering cloud saves, Share play, and free games as part of Plus. But expand upon that. Offer free Movies regularly (as done with games), exclusive content like add-ons, small online boosts like small xp boosts in rpg games (that could carry across players in a party, bonus paid currency for hot games that use such mechanics, and access to pre-ordered games a few days before normal (when available) and many more features! PS plus currently stands as a sort of wall that online players face when wanting to play with their friends or meet new people. It instead could be something that offers worth-while benefits to users who are willing to pay extra for improved services. People already show that they are willing to do so in services like: Dropbox: Free and offers basic features, allows 2 gb of storage space. Alternatively you can pay for upwards of 100 gbs of storage.  Crunchyroll: Free and offers hundreds of hours of free content at the price of displaying ads and having premium exclusive episodes. You can pay $6.95 for unlimited access to all content, without ads or locked episodes. They currently have over 1 million premium users Pandora: Free and offers Music streaming, automatically creates a custom playlist based on what you like and dislike. Paying $10 a month allows for unlimited (ad-free) listening, allows for downloads, and the ability to play any song whenever. Pandora currently has around 11 million paying for premium services. Amazon: Again, Amazon is free already and offers huge amounts of items and movies. The experience of using Amazon can be boosted by paying for Amazon Prime, which gives access to a huge library of free movies and offer faster shipping for packages. Amazon has around 80 million premium "prime" users. PS plus doesn't have to be the wall standing between players online. Lets instead make it what the name implies, PlayStation PLUS.  

Jason Miller
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