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Petition to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, Arthur Williams

Create a Park in Journal Square (Jersey City)

Kids need a place to play, to run and jump and have adventures. This isn’t just a cherished childhood memory many of us hold dear; it’s science. For children, play is associated with positive cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. In August 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a recommendation for their providers to “prescribe” play for children they see – encouraging parents and other adults in a child’s life to play with them, particularly unstructured play where we can follow a child’s lead. For the children of Jersey City’s growing Journal Square neighborhood, these opportunities are hard to come by. While Jersey City boasts an array of play spaces, ball fields, and open green spaces, none are in the heart of the city. Lincoln Park, Pershing Field, Berry Lane,Liberty State Park...these fantastic public spaces are all a mile or more from JSQ, well beyond the half a mile walk that play advocacy group KaBoom! recommends. While the City invests resources in developing residential units in Journal Square, it seems this neighborhood qualifies as a “play desert” - robbing current and future resident children of opportunities they need to stay healthy and thrive. Journal Square itself is already a hub of activity for this neighborhood. From summer music in the station to the twice-a-week farmer’s market,  the plaza around the PATH station is a thriving community space. On any given day, you can see residents enjoying time outside before boarding trains; on summer evenings, the open plaza at the top of the escalators is particularly popular for kids and their parents looking for a space to run. We propose that the various stakeholders of this property - the City of Jersey City, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, and the private real estate developers - collaborate to turn a portion of this property into a public park. Parks, playgrounds, and greenspaces are essential to a thriving mixed-used community, an asset for residents and for local businesses. For the health of the neighborhood and the well-being of our residents, we call on the City to prioritize a park in the heart of Journal Square.  

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Petition to The Inclusive Play Project

Support NEEDED playground updates at Northern Shores Elementary

We need your help!  We intend to use this petition in our discussion with community leaders and the School Board to show that people recognize the value of inclusion and want updated and improved play spaces for their community.  Please sign this petition and share with your friends.  The Inclusive Play Project is a community group whose mission it is to raise awareness and advocate for the need, and the benefits of Universally Designed play spaces where everyone can easily access play, regardless of age or ability, and enjoy the lifelong developmental, physical and social benefits of inclusion. For our first project, we are partnering with The Northern Shores PTA and requesting approval from the Suffolk School Board to update the existing playground at Northern Shores Elementary, in Northern Suffolk.   We have been working closely with experts and community members to develop an INITIAL design for this site, taking into consideration the size, space and needs of the school and surrounding community.  The updated playground would replace the current playground and reside within the same footprint of the current playground to ensure it does not interfere with any future expansion to the school building. The playground updates focus on Universal Design, addressing barriers for those with physical disabilities and also including design considerations for children with learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, Autism, Down Syndrome and their “typically developing” peers.  So everyone can have access to, and play in, the same space.  The majority of the current playground is original (making it 22 years old) and will soon need to be replaced.  In addition to its deteriorating state, the current playground is unable to handle the volume of students that need to be able to safely and comfortably access the space, which can be up to 300 students at the same time. Imagine the impact it could have if we were able to give 900 children access to, and regular use of, an environment designed to promote equality, acceptance, independence and social interaction between children of all abilities.  Now, imagine what lessons we will be teaching them if we don’t. For more information about The Inclusive Play Project (including questions, comments, or if you are interested in getting involved), please contact Meg Diggs at

The Inclusive Play Project
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