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Petition to McDonald's

McDonald’s: pick up your rubbish, or close your drive-thrus

McDonald’s, I’m fed up with seeing your rubbish, strewn across our town centres, roads, lay-bys, and pretty much anywhere some of your customers can park, to off-load their rubbish after they've finished filling their bellies. Most off this rubbish is in close proximity to your restaurants, usually no more than 5 -10 minutes’ drive away, and usually in the same locations, clearly identifiable with your trademark logo and brand titles. Wouldn’t it be community spirited, to pick up your rubbish, a bit like when diners eat inside a restaurant and staff clear their tables afterwards, ready for the next customer/s. This also happens in your restaurants too. As you may be aware, our oceans are facing a plastic pollution crisis, and much of this rubbish, such as plastic coffee cup lids, plastic sauce dips, and even free plastic toys, is rubbish that has been dropped onto our streets and flushed into our oceans via storm drains. As well the plastic pollution crisis, we also have a climate change crisis, with many councils and governments across the world declaring a climate change emergency. Plastic is a contributor to climate change, and everything we can do to help wildlife cope with rising temperatures should be a concern to us all. Especially making sure that we are not feeding toxic plastic to our ocean life. Furthermore, as most of your rubbish, that's dropped willy-nilly, seems to be on our roadsides and laybys, this rubbish attracts starving wildlife, that ultimately get mown down by fast moving traffic, such as the deer who died last year, after getting a plastic bag on its head and wandering onto a road. I myself witnessed a roadkill hedgehog a couple of years ago, that was next to a squashed bag of McDonald’s rubbish. As you may well have heard, hedgehogs could become extinct by 2025! If picking up your rubbish isn’t an option, maybe you should think about closing your drive-thrus? Of course, this doesn’t stop customers from taking the food away, but it would give them an incentive to eat in.

Justin Vingoe
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Petition to Newport City Council, Cllr Debbie Willcox, John Griffiths AM, Jayne Bryant AM, Keep Wales Tidy, Debbie Harvey, Ray Truman, John Guy, Matthew Evans, David Fouweather

Ask Newport City Council Adopt a Real Anti-Litter Strategy Now!

Newport City Council spends £1.6 million each year clearing up litter and fly-tipping. This is money that could be better spent on children's services, eldercare and further regeneration projects which have benefited the city greatly in recent years. However, Newport City Council lacks a strategic vision and a robust plan to address the scourge of fly-tipping and litter at source. If the Council adopts a clear Anti-Litter Strategy with appropriate investment, this would reduce the amount of money spent on clean up activities. We need a strategy focussed on prevention to address this problem. The problem of littering and fly-tipping affects the quality of life for residents and damages public perceptions of the city. This has real consequences both socially and economically. A comprehensive Anti-Litter Strategy should be at the heart of Newport City Council's plans to continue regenerating the city and making it a great place to live and work. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015 requires public bodies to work better with communities to prevent persistent problems which will impact the wellbeing of generations to come. Newport City Council has set it's own objectives for this, including to "work with communities and schools on a range of countryside, biodiversity and recycling related matters" and to "prevent and tackle instances of antisocial behaviour... including fly tipping". But we still lack a clear plan to make this a reality. Sign this petition to demand that Newport City Council adopts a comprehensive Anti-Litter Strategy today. What could Newport City Council include in this strategy? Make it free to request at least 1 large item rubbish collection annually, per home, to reduce the likelihood of fly-tipping, especially in economically disadvantaged communities. Fund a full-time Keep Wales Tidy officer for Newport to strengthen community action to address littering, dog-fouling and fly-tipping and improve pride in the local area. Invest in large, clear, visible signage across the city reminding people that littering, dog-fouling and fly-tipping are an offence and can result in being fined (including signage in residential communities known for being litter hot-spots, not just the city centre). Install rubbish bins at all bus stops in Newport with regular collections and install recycling points for drinks cans and plastic bottles in known litter hot spots. Fund advertising to support signage across the city on social media and full-page print ads in the South Wales Argus (as well as ads on Argus online) to remind people that litter, dog-fouling and fly-tipping offenders will be fined; and point out the number of fines and convictions to date. Make the council’s focus on reducing litter a positive regular feature in the Newport Matters community newspaper; and highlight what funds could and should be spent on if they weren’t needed for clearing litter and fly-tipping e.g. children’s services, eldercare and regeneration. Actively engage with local businesses to improve awareness of their responsibility to keep private land clear from litter and promote staff volunteering through Keep Wales Tidy. Work with Keep Wales Tidy to deliver regular education and awareness sessions across all schools in Newport, including at primary school level, to change mindsets and behaviours towards littering.

Benjamin Antoniou
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Petition to Vanessa Chu, Starbucks, Chen Long, Kevin Johnson, Jonathan Somerville, Zack Lee, Linda Lai, Pacific Coffee, Starbucks Hong Kong

Pacific Coffee & Starbucks: Offer drinks to stay before single use cups

Dear Pacific Coffee/Starbucks, Every day, thousands of people take to your stores in Hong Kong for a coffee and something to eat. For myself, personally, one reason for me visiting both Pacific Coffee and Starbucks is that I appreciate the ever-present option of plant-based milks, as I do not consume dairy. It is primarily for this reason, as well as the wonderful atmosphere of your stores that both myself and many others, frequent your chains. There have been countless times, however, when I have visited your stores and seen roughly 90% of the customers drinking inside with a takeaway cup. From my experience in other locations around the world, I believe it is very easy to simply ask people whether or not they will be drinking in or taking away. There is a huge throwaway culture in Hong Kong, and I think that a small action like this could make a huge difference at no extra cost, whilst boosting your image as an eco-friendly company. According to Pacific Coffee and Starbucks' websites respectively, you state: 'In 2015, Pacific Coffee was awarded a 5 Years+ Caring Company. This award recognizes our long-term efforts in corporate social responsibility, another stamp of approval by the Hong Kong public that we hold dear.' 'Environmental Stewardship: We share our customers' commitment to the environment.And we believe in the importance of caring for our planet and encouraging others to do the same. It is our goal that by 2015, 100% of our cups will be reusable or recyclable.We will also work to significantly reduce our environmental footprint through energy and water conservation, recycling and green construction.' I will not ignore the fact both Pacific Coffee and Starbucks HK do great work in the community, however I feel to really reflect your statements on your websites, it is important you tackle waste at its source. Recycling rates in Hong Kong, as we are all aware, are incredibly low, and there should be more of an emphasis put onto reduction as opposed to recycling. It is for this reason I believe a simple question to each customer asking whether or not they will be drinking/eating in or not, where mugs are available, could make a huge difference.

Waste Free Hong Kong
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