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Petition to Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), Glasgow City Council

SPT: Review the Glasgow Subway Paper Tickets: They cannot be recycled!

Find me at: The Subway is a Glasgow institution, the new stations are brighter, cleaner and nicer than the old, and all is well (apart from the Sunday hours). In 2013 SPT brought in the new ticketing system as part of the upgrade. The new smart cards and paper tickets use RFID chips. So far, so good. Except it's not. I'm a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer in Govan - it means I go out and pick up litter - and there's a lot of litter about. For a few weeks, I kept finding little pieces of soggy white card. Then I started to find bits of plastic with fine metal wiring inside. Mysterious, I thought. Finally, I found a subway ticket that showed what was going on. They're two pieces of paper, stuck together with a chip. I now pick up around 20 each time I go out. They don't break down, and once you know what those bits of plastic are, you'll see them everywhere. I put in a FOI request to the SPT - you can see the answers they gave.  Here's a taste: The tickets aren't recyclable. The new system requires the RFID chips, and so tickets can never be recyclable. The tickets contain no recycled materials - and cannot be made to include them. We're getting through tonnes and tonnes a year. If it really is the case that the RFID tickets cannot be made recyclable, and cannot be made to contain any recycled elements  - then the SPT need to explain why they introduced such a system in the first place (Paper tickets seem to work well enough on the rather more complicated London Underground/Paris Metro/UK Rail Network). If it isn't the case, then the SPT need to look into changing it urgently. To ram the point home: In 2017 the SPT issued 5,397,726 paper tickets. At 1.7g a ticket, thats over 9 tonnes*. 9 tonnes of waste that cannot be recycled. I've emailed all the elected members of the SPT and it's CEO, all Glasgow City Council Members, the Cabinet Secretaries for Transport and the Environment, and the Holyrood Opposition Spokespeople. What we need, is for people to become aware of this. It's awful, and needn't be. *three and a half times as much as Glasgow City Council's Rolls Royce Ghost weighs.

Jack Harty
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Petition to Theresa May MP, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Council of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker


The oceans of planet Earth as we know them today are a suffering mass of water full of life crying out for our help. Mankind invented a material in which would be a "huge success" however that has not been the point, instead mankind invented plastic as a material that would last forever but for many items only be used once and then would go on to sit on the surface of the planet for the rest of time as we know it today. Whilst many are still unaware of the horrifically damaging scenes in which the planet is falling victim to it is now becoming more and more of a daily news headline...but not good headlines... Under 50% of plastic products are NOT recycled correctly, over a billion plastic items end up in our ocean every single year, straws, bottles, bags, ear buds, drinking cups and the list goes on... We as a population are destroying life in the oceans, whales are swallowing plastic products, in 2017 we saw a whale die from eating 30+ bags and sheets which in a horror like scene the plastic tangled itself around the whales organs... And in 2018 just a few weeks ago in asia we saw an innocent pilot whale die a slow and painful death that took 5 days and why? Because it had swallowed OVER 80 PLASTIC BAGS! We as a living thing, as a population and as living things with a heart and a mind and a voice are slowly torturing all life in the oceans and some dont even know about it!? This plastic is becoming a deadly toy to dolphins and seals, food for whales, turtles and birds...nearly all birds out at sea would have had an intake of plastic without any doubt, the animals dont see the difference between food and plastic. it is about time that we opened our eyes!  We can have ships sailing the ocean 365 days a year, planes flying 30,000 feet in the air, submarines...all this technology...we can even have 3D printers BUT....but....we can not sustain our oceans health and cleanliness? I am not just making this petition in a rant or in anger... I am making this petition to get the peoples voices heard that feel the heartache, the pain and the horror that we are putting our oceans in, I am calling on world leaders and the European Union to stand up, Put their foot down and BAN PLASTIC!. In the UK we have see a tremendous effect since National television sensation Sir David Attenborough presented Blue Planet 2, costa, starbucks and other coffee chains are ditching single use plastic, supermarkets are ditching plastic bags, iceland are ditching plastic packaging... UK prime minister has even announced a full ban on plastic straws, drink stirrers and ear buds which are some of the most common items found in the ocean. I am not sitting here typing away for the sake of it.. I am standing up on my feet, shouting and begging for people to take action, We can not accept this any more!  We are polluting our planet to the extreme, we are killing millions of lifeforms and dont even thing twice, plastic ends up in our food chain meaning we are even eating plastic micros.... I can not accept the way our planet looks at this anymore, I have seen too many negative stories about Plastic IT IS TIME TO SAVE THE OCEANS, TIME TO BAN PLASTIC AND STAND UP FOR THE OCEAN THERE IS NO PLANET B!

Jack Ellis-Leek
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Petition to Dr Amy Khor

Anti-Plastic Petition, Singapore

Dear Dr Amy Khor Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, We issue this petition on World Environment Day with grave concern as to your recent comments regarding plastic bag usage, as reported in several news outlets including the Straits Times. We refer in particular to the absence of plans for a levy on plastic bags, or any meaningful legislation to curb the prodigious usage of them in our country. Singapore now stands with the ever-diminishing list of countries that avoid the critical issue of excessive plastic consumption. In this regard, we are sorry to say that Singapore stands on the wrong side of history. But this is something that you, in your role as Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, can address - not just for the good of your contemporaries, but also for all future generations. We face the prospect of a world weighed down by plastic - where the discovery of dead animals’ stomachs full of discarded plastic waste is the norm, not the exception. This is a world we cannot accept, and therefore which it is our responsibility to prevent. A plastic bag levy is a practical solution which will both draw attention to the often unthinking usage of multiple bags when fewer or none will do, whilst simultaneously generating revenue which can be used to develop alternative materials, recycling options, or even to promote other elements of the government’s environmental agenda. It makes little sense to avoid implementing a levy until an alternative material can be developed - this condemns our country and the surrounding region to potentially years more pollution on a vast scale, and is representative of nothing more than a policy void paired with permanent and harmful implications for the world. We must only look around us - to the many other countries in the world that have led from the front, for inspiring stories of how small changes can have powerful effects. In the UK, a 5 pence plastic bag levy led to an 83% drop in usage within one year. In Taiwan, an NT$1 charge for every plastic bag led to an 80% drop usage within a year. Australia achieved a 45% drop, Denmark a 60% drop - the list goes on, and on - and each example demonstrates that change is possible. Plastic bag usage is an addiction, and one that can be broken: For the good of all of us and all of the world around us. Dr Khor, you occupy a position of wisdom and responsibility within our government so we ask that you consider this when considering our petition. We ask that you look at not the short-term issues, but those of the long-term. In fifty years a generation will look back and wonder how people could so recklessly and persistently damage the world around them. And so we ask you to help us stand on the right side of history. This petition requests that you implement a levy on plastic bag usage, with a view to reducing overall usage of plastic bags in Singapore. We do not ask that you find an alternative, and thus we do not accept that a delay is necessary until an alternative can be found. Meaningful action can be taken now, and we ask that you take it. For those signing this petition, thank you for your action. Please leave your comments and stories below for Dr Amy Khor to read as well. Our voices must be heard.  For more information on plastics, visit  Photo credit: National Geographic      

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