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Petition to Sadiq Khan, Mike Brown

Transport for London…Water for London!

Dear Sadiq Khan, Mayor for London and Mike Brown, Commissioner, Transport for London (TfL), We, the undersigned request that free, easily accessible and well promoted water bottle re-fill stations are installed across the TfL public transport network, including all TfL operated tube, train, Thames Clipper, bus and tram stations.  Free water bottle re-fill stations would have multiple benefits to London, including: - Promote healthier lifestyles by allowing passengers access to free drinking water, supporting existing summer overheating campaigns. - Save Londoners money that may otherwise be spent purchasing bottled water. - Normalise the culture of re-use and refilling of water bottles, reducing the proliferation of single-use plastic bottled water and associated pollution.   Single use plastic is wasteful, environmentally damaging and a growing problem - in particular, concerning London: - London consumes the greatest amount of plastic bottled water per capita compared to any other English region and London also has the worst recycling rates in the UK (London Assembly Environment Committee Report, April 2017). - 10% of all waste found in the Thames is plastic drink bottles and lids (Thames 21, 2017). - Tonnes of avoidable plastic waste is produced on a daily basis that needs to cleaned up, collected and disposed off, costing TfL and London Boroughs significant amounts of money. - Improving access to tap water across the TfL network is a key recommendation of the London Assembly Environment Committee report (April 2017), and a recommendation of the Keep Britain Tidy and Center for Social Innovation Research Report (April 2017) is to ‘Work with transport providers and hubs to improve access to free drinking water for the public when travelling’. - 65% of UK adults would not buy bottled water if tap water were freely available (Centre for Social innovation and Keep Britain Tidy, 2017)   We recognise that installation and maintenance of water bottle re-fill stations would come with a cost however we believe the potential money saving (for TfL, London Boroughs and Londoners) as well as the environmental and social benefits would make this a smart use of TfL resources. We look forward to hearing your response to this request and seeing water bottle re-fill stations appearing across the TfL network soon.    Notes: As noted in the Draft London Environment Strategy (August 2017 - currently out for consultation until 17th November 2017) ‘Plastic packaging not only litters London streets, but often finds its way into waterways and oceans, releasing toxic chemicals before breaking down – a process that can take centuries. London needs to reduce, reuse and recycle more… and to reduce London’s increasing waste bill as the city grows.’    This petition should also be considered as part of the response to the consultation to the strategy, showing the level of public support for refill stations to cut single use plastic use in London - specifically proposal 7.1.1b ‘The Mayor will support campaigns and initiatives to cut the use of single use packaging, including working with the GLA group to reduce plastic bottle sales and improve access to tap water on all our premises.’   Links & References: - Centre for Social Innovation Research & Keep Britain Tidy Report (April 2017): Understanding provision, usage and perceptions of free drinking water to the public in the UK   - London Assembly Environment Committee Report (April 2017): Bottled Water  - Draft London Environment Strategy (August 2017) consultation - #oneless campaign - Thames 21, Litter Monitoring Results 

William Routh
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Petition to Tipperary County Council

Ban the Semicolon Project's Balloon Release

On August 30th the Semicolon Project Nenagh are planning a balloon release event, in remembrance of those lost to suicide. Their intentions are good, but the results of these actions can be detrimental to the environment. What goes up, must come down. When balloons are released in to the atmosphere, they can travel thousands of miles, but will always return to the land or the oceans. After their descent, the best case scenario is they become ugly litter. In many cases they are susceptible to consumption by vulnerable wildlife. Many animals consume deflated balloons, mistaking them for food. This is particularly common in marine environments, where balloons can easily be confused for jellyfish. Each square mile of the ocean contains more than 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. Eight million metric tons of plastics make their way into the ocean each year. As well as the direct hazards caused by balloons, balloon releases waste valuable and finite helium. Helium is used in MRI scanners, cryogenics, breathing ventilators for infants and countless other things. We need affordable helium for these life saving services - it should not be wasted on balloons! Do not honour your loved ones who have been lost to suicide by spoiling the Earth. Light candles, blow bubbles - but please do not release balloons. Please sign this petition to ban the balloon release. It's 10 days from today so I don't have much time to gain support. Every signature helps! I will be in contact with Tipperary County Council and the more support this petition has, the more likely it will be to make a difference. Even if you are not in the area, please sign anyway! Balloons can travel thousands of miles. It's your planet, it's your concern.

Bríd O'Connor
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Petition to Singapore Government, fairprice , Cold Storage, Giant, Corporations, RETAILERS, Supermarkets, groceries , lee hsien loong

Changing the distribution of Plastic bags to be more environmentally friendly

Problem : The Singapore Environment Council has released a study on plastic bag usage and wastage in the city-state. For a population of mere five million people, Singapore uses a staggering amount of three billion plastic bags a year.  Effects of Plastic Bags on Environments : One of the greatest problems is that an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. These bags are very dangerous for sea life, especially those of the mammal variety. The environmental balance of the waterways is being thrown off by the rate of plastic bags finding their way into the mouths and intestinal tracts of sea mammals.  Furthermore, the indefinite period of time that it takes for the average plastic bag to breakdown can be literally hundreds of years.  We are facing a threat of global warming and the frightening fact that our oceans might collapse by 2048. That is in 31 years time.  Solution : We want to propose to the mega corporations and stores that sells common goods such as Fairprice, giant , cold storage and even stores like Watson and guardian to take the same approach as IKEA to do away with disposable shopping bag -you have to either purchase a carrying bag or bring home the items without it. We understand that there will be concerns from people who will argue that they reuse their plastic bags as trash bags or to carry supplies. However, we'd like to raise the awareness that this does not reduce the damage that these disposable bags have on the environment. In fact, we want to propose the idea of bio-degradable trash bag to be mainstream in our society along with this solution.  We acknowledge that this problem is multi-faceted and thus it is a complex issue to resolve but we do hope that by starting this petition, it will cause a ripple effect in our society to reconsider our decisions that could potentially harm our environment. Even though the solutions we propose might not seem possible at this rate, we want your support in order to alarm both the corporations and the government that the citizens of this green city are ready for a change to be a society that is more environmentally conscious and friendly. The change might be rash, even seen as impossible, but we believe that if we do not embrace change now, we are only heading towards the destruction of our own planet and species. 

Wang Wei
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