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Urge UK supermarkets to stop using plastic packaging

Around the world, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic goes into the oceans every year. Consumers around the world buy 1 million plastic bottles a minute. Plastic production is said to quadruple by 2050. That means more plastic into the oceans. Recent shocking footage shows albatrosses unwittingly feeding their chicks pieces of plastic. Whale calves are dying because they are drinking their mothers' milk that has been contaminated by plastic. These distressing images sum up the global problem. Plastic in the sea harms marine life and is arguably one of the biggest threats to the natural world today. Something must be done about it. The consumer is not simply going to stop buying plastic packaged goods. Therefore the change needs to come from higher up in the chain. Iceland is leading the way by becoming the first UK supermarket to go 'plastic-free' in its own brand products - a landmark decision in the fight against the negative impact of plastic on our planet. I am urging all UK supermarkets to follow in these footsteps, to make a stand and to lead the way in a new environmental pledge to eliminate the use of plastic in their own-brand packaging. This will be a significant (and achievable) first step in what could be a momentous movement in eradicating the use of plastic packaging altogether. Let us stand together to make a positive change for our oceans and the marine life that is dying as a result of our irresponsible actions as human beings. It has been suggested that if nothing changes, by 2050 there will be more plastic bottles in the ocean than fish. We cannot let that happen. Thank you for signing and sharing this petition. 

Joanna Betterton
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Switch to organic or compostable packaging for takeaway food and drink now

We are class 6B, a group of students from St George’s International School in Luxembourg, and we strongly disagree with unnecessary plastic being used in places around us. We want our local fast food restaurants and coffee shops to "take away" the huge amount of plastic packaging they use. Plastic waste is a severe problem and it is only getting worse. Don’t you think that plastic is becoming a catastrophe? In our class, we have been researching waste plastic packaging and its effects on our environment. It is a real threat: when it is thrown away it either ends up in the ocean or in landfill, or it is burnt. All of these options are unfavourable for our planet. Plastic left on land or in the sea takes hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of years to decompose. This destroys sea life, as you may have seen in the news recently. When these restaurants serve you plastic packaging, they are shoving straws and plastic cups down the poor throats of little birds and sea turtles. How do you feel about this? However, there is an alternative. They could stop using plastic materials for  packaging and replace it with organic materials, or even better, compostable packaging which is now made by many companies in Europe and North America. Wouldn’t you feel great if the fast food restaurants YOU use contributed and helped make the world a better place, for humans and animals alike? Wouldn't it be great if everyone could buy products from these places without being worried about the damage to our environment? Sign our petition. Help make a change. Tell them to TAKE AWAY PLASTIC! #changeit #takeawayplastic

Class 6B
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