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Plastic free shopping

Usually I purchase all products from lounge wear to lingerie wear from Jockey India because of the quality and the comfort for the past 10 years. And today also I purchased their products and I’m happy for the quality of the cloth they maintain throughout the years but today something got stuck in my mind while buying their products which made me feel guilty for the purchase I have made. Its not about the quality of the cloth but the quality of plastic wrapped around each product. The grade of the plastic is of good quality which they used to pack the products and those plastics goes to the dustbin once the product is purchased and brought it to home. The amount of plastic which is used to pack those products would be above 50 microns which makes it recyclable but the plastics in a developing countries like us, there is difficulty to collect the waste and to process. But these plastics if not properly disposed or recycled may cause environment changes like change in temperature, global emission, increased carbon-dioxide and may take infinite time for degradation. The greenhouse gas emissions are still rising—by 4% since 2015. Collection, processing, and marketing are each critical to the success of chemical recycling and energy recovery. Today, with few exceptions, these technologies remain developmental and have not yet proven to be sustainable in a competitive market. And I hope their company being a leading brand in India and rest of major countries, with lots of customers and the sale margins they have, are always great in numbers would consider my suggestion and give us a eco-friendly purchase, As a socially responsible person, I would like to add up on replacing a plastic bag with a paper bag or cloth bag. When a retail outlet of them, can use a paper bag for the products we purchase, I would be really happy when their company takes such a initiative and lead us in changing our earth as a eco-friendly place and to help all of us together to create a better future of our upcoming generations.

sukanya dhanapal
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