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Petition to CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Walmart

Reduce plastic by changing prescription bottles

Plastics in general are disrupting our ecosystems with unknown long term impact to our food sources. We are seeing increased quantities of micro plastics in our water, air, and food we eat, especially in fish. The long term impact is unknown, but these effects will outlive our children and beyond and continue to disrupt ecosystems. Plastic bottles from Pharmacies often end up in recycling bins, trash, or worse. Often these are short term, single use items, but the waste will last for generations. Many small companies supplying similarly packaged products have done so in a more sustainable manner. This petition is targeting large pharmacies that have the power to change the supply chain model for medications by moving from plastic dominant solutions to aluminum, glass/metal mixed packaging, or compostable solutions. Additionally, medications that require repeat 90 day supplies could employ a hybrid model that provides a metal or glass container for the first 90 day supply and then provides refills in a compostable package. An example like this has been deployed by smaller companies like and their tablet based toothpaste packaging.  Please sign my petition to ask these companies to work with their suppliers to develop sustainable, non-plastic, packaging and delivery of prescription medications. Ask you local pharmacist to considering building the awareness of this petition. 

Chris Frail
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Petition to Panda Express, James Thomas, Peggy Cherng, andrew cherng

Dear Panda Express: We Don't Want Your Single Use Plastic

Having lived in the Puget Sound region for my sixteen years of life, I love my local landscape. Our community is lucky to be surrounded by lush mountains and endless water. We take pride in implementing green policies and on keeping the region pristine. At least, that's the illusion.  Every year, Washington generates tens of millions of pounds of plastic waste, and the majority ISN'T recycled. Instead, some of this plastic goes into the ocean, where it breaks down into its smaller, toxic components. These components accumulate in the tissues of wildlife and people.   This threatens the health of Puget Sound. It threatens our CRITICALLY endangered Southern Resident killer whales, and it threatens me and other youth who will inherit this region. But if we care about the well-being of our children, we should hold companies that distribute plastic accountable. One of those companies is Panda Express.  While I love the food, I no longer go to Panda Express because of the single use plastic that is generated there--and I know other customers are turned off, too. If you have ever gotten a meal at Panda Express, you know how much--a plastic container, plastic utensils, maybe a plastic bag, too. And that's just for one person. But Panda Express has over 2,000 store locations that often process hundreds of orders a day. Think about how much plastic could be saved if Panda Express switched to biodegradable or reusable products. Subway, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and other major chains have pledged to cut down on their plastic distribution. Why can't Panda Express do the same?  For the health of my community and others around the world, I urge Panda Express to stop its use of disposable plastic containers and utensils and substitute them for something biodegradable or reusable. The people and wildlife of Puget Sound deserve better. 

Isha S
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Petition to padi, Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI International, PADI Asia-Pacific, PADI EMEA, PADI Americas, PADI Canada

Stop issuing plastic C-cards, PADI!

As scuba divers and freedivers, we are all aware of the devastating impact of plastic on our land and water environments. PADI issues millions of plastic c-cards every year (and they make millions of dollars every year by issuing replacement cards). Plastic lasts up to 400 years, but it will break into little pieces, absorb toxins and pollute our land, river and ocean environment along the way.  PADI charges people to have an electronic card (e-card). I started diving in 2000. I have accumulated more than 20 useless pieces of plastic during that time (including Project Aware and commerative  "Valued Member" cards).  Most agencies went fully digital a few years ago. It is possible to look up someone's credentials on a phone, computer and tablet.  As an industry leader, shouldn't PADI be fighting plastic pollution instead of contributing to the problem? By signing my petition, you agree with the above and would like to see PADI: a) phase out plastic c-cards b) make it FREE to have an e-card, instead of being "punished" for making a green choice. c) cut down on the packaging for their learning materials and choose sustainable options instead. d) encourage other scuba and freediving manufacturers to use ocean plastic and recycled ghost nets in their products instead of using virgin plastic. Thank you for signing.   

Yvette Bezuidenhout
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