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Petition to Panda Express, James Thomas, Peggy Cherng, andrew cherng

Dear Panda Express: Stop Giving Out Single Use Plastic

Having lived in the Puget Sound region for my sixteen years of life, I love my local landscape. Our community is lucky to be surrounded by lush mountains and endless water. We take pride in implementing green policies and on keeping the region pristine. At least, that's the illusion.  During my freshman year of high school, I became a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium. I educated visitors about marine science and conservation. I also learned the shocking realities of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Washington’s severely polluted orca population, and microplastics in our drinking water. This led me to take a closer look at what plastic waste is doing to our home. Every year, Washington generates tens of millions of pounds of plastic waste, and the majority ISN'T recycled. Instead, much of this plastic goes into the ocean, where it breaks down into its smaller, toxic components that accumulate in the tissues of wildlife and people.   This is killing the Puget Sound. It threatens our CRITICALLY endangered Southern Resident killer whales, and it threatens me and other youth who will inherit this region. If we care about the well-being of our children, we need to hold companies that distribute plastic accountable. One of those companies is Panda Express.  While I love the food, I no longer go to Panda Express because of the single use plastic that is generated there--and I know other customers are turned off, too. If you have ever eaten at Panda Express, you know how much waste they create--a plastic container, plastic utensils, maybe a plastic bag. And that's just for one person. Panda Express has over 2,000 locations, each processing hundreds of orders a day. Think about how much plastic could be saved if Panda Express switched to biodegradable or reusable products. Subway, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and other major chains have pledged to cut down on their plastic distribution. Panda Express should do the same. Panda Express has already had to respond to some local and state regulations that have forced the company to introduce sustainable packaging in some locations. If Panda Express can do this for some locations, why can't they do this nationwide and became a true leader in sustainable packaging in the fast-food industry? For the health of my community and others around the world, I urge Panda Express to stop its use of disposable plastic containers and utensils and substitute them for something biodegradable or reusable. The people and wildlife of Puget Sound deserve better. 

Isha S
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Petition to Trader Joe's

TRADER JOE'S, Please Stop Using Plastic in Produce Packaging

Hi, Trader Joe's, Please stop using plastic for your produce (vegetables and fruits).  Our Earth has become a more polluted place. The problems that plastic adds to all life and our planet are countless. There are already over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, which is the equivalent to one garbage truck worth of plastic entering the ocean every minute. Even on land, animals can die by having too much plastic in their bodies. The more plastic we put on the ground and in our bodies of water, the worse it is for all life on this planet. There are so many videos proving this, such as the turtle with the plastic straw in its nose, or the birds stuck in floating fishing nets, or the seal who had a plastic bottle in its mouth. These animals were saved because of the people who cared about them, but at some point, the number of animals in this position will overwhelm the people who save them to where they won't be able to save all of the animals in need. Plastic pollution is destroying our oceans. Plastic pollution is harming turtles, whales, fish, and every part of the ocean food chain. We are proud of the commitment you have made, but we want you to stop using plastic in all of your produce packagings. We feel that is a goal that is achievable by your company in a relatively short amount of time, since produce are typically sourced from local farmers and have a shorter shelf life. Because of this shorter shelf life, people buy them faster, which removes the need for wrapping the produce in plastic in the first place.   This article voices other's opinions:   Please join the cause by minimizing your usage of plastic and switching to a healthier alternative. Help us achieve a cleaner and safer planet.    Thank you,   Swaraag Sistla

Swaraag Sistla
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Petition to Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen

Stop shipping container spills and prevent pollution

Right now, huge cargo ships are carrying five or six million shipping containers across the world’s oceans. These ships carry about ninety-five percent of the world’s consumer goods, and ninety-seven percent of all containers are made in China. About every hour, a container falls overboard and is never seen again. Ten percent of containers that go overboard are holding chemicals that are toxic to ocean life. Shipping containers can contain more than sixty thousand pounds of cargo and are filled with all types of items, like food, cars, clothes, or appliances. Most of these goods are made of plastic, packaged in plastic, and even the shipping container itself can be made from plastic. When a container falls off a ship, it eventually takes on enough water to sink to the seafloor, where it ruptures and releases the goods inside. Twenty-foot long containers can float up to fifty-seven days, while a forty-foot long container can float for three times as long. That gives companies enough time to go out and collect the container to prevent pollution. But shipping companies don’t clean them up. If these containers are not cleaned up, they cause a dangerous hazard to other ships and a danger to ocean life.   In 1992, twenty thousand rubber ducks and other bath toys that were going from China to the U.S. fell into the ocean; the toys made it all the way to the Gulf of Maine. Shipping container pollution is what we are trying to prevent by making a law to make companies clean up the containers. The plastic that comes from shipping containers breaks up into tiny pieces and releases toxins into the water. The ocean’s plastic pollution problems come right back to us when debris washes up on beaches. This problem is not going away. On average, ten thousand of these shipping containers are lost each year, releasing even more plastic into our world’s oceans. Ten thousand missing containers represent millions in lost revenue for companies.   Pollution is a huge issue and these lost shipping containers are contributing greatly to this issue. There are currently no laws holding shipping companies accountable for cargo spills (unless the spill is oil). Shipping companies leave the spilled goods to break down and pollute the ocean and do not get punished. Help us stop this issue by signing this petition to create a law that regulates how shipping companies secure their cargo and requires them to clean up spills. This petition was created by Zoe Gouin and Evelyn Wilkinson.

Evelyn Wilkinson
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