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Petition to Gotlands nation curators, Norrlands nation curators, Östgöta nation curators, Kalmar nation curators, Upplands nation curators, Södermanlands-Nerikes nation curators, Västmanlands-Dalarna nation curators, Gästrike-Hälsinge nation curators, Västgöta nation curators, Värmlands nation curators, Stockholms nation curators, Göteborgs nation curators, Smålands nation curators

Ban plastic straws from Uppsala studentnations

Plastic straws are one of the most common plastic waste found in trash. Everyday the student nations of Uppsala dispose this from their venues from the drinks they serve. It is time that we should take action. Let's ask the beloved nations of Uppsala we are/were a member of to stop providing plastic straws. We don't need more trash in our earth. Sweden is one of the leading countries in terms of sustainability and Uppsala and its universities is boasting its sustainability, why don't do we do something and us students lead by example? Together if we create enough demand I believe we can do this. The nations are consists of its member, we have a voice. As a member of our nations, we kindly ask our nations to stop this. There are better alternatives to plastic straws! I think we can stop this. It might seem little but maybe it can save some animals who got stuck with straws out by the beach someday. Sugrör av plast är en av det mest vanligt funna skräpet i en bars papperskorg. Varje dag så slänger Uppsalas nationer en stor mängd av denna onödiga lyxvara, och det är dags att ändra på det. Låt oss ombe våra älskade nationer att sluta erbjuda sugrör av plast. Vi behöver inte mer oåtervinnligt skräp på vår planet! Sverige är ett av världens ledande länder inom hållbarhet och miljövänlighet och dess universitet strävar ofta efter samma ideal, så varför ska inte vi som studenter göra detsamma? Om vi tillsammans skapar tillräcklig efterfrågan så är jag säker på att vi kan skapa denna förändring! En nation består ju av dess medlemmar, var en med en röst. Som nationsmedlemmar omber vi därmed våra nationer att stoppa användandet av sugrör av plast. Det finns bättre alternativ! Det må vara en liten förändring, men det kan mycket väl rädda något djur från att kvävas på plast någon dag.  

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Petition to Mayor Marty Walsh, Clr. Michelle Wu, Clr. Matt O'Malley, Clr. Michael Flaherty, Clr. Annissa Essaibi George, Clr. Ayanna Pressley, Clr. Sal LaMattina, Clr. Bill Linehan, Clr. Frank Baker, Clr. Andrea Campbell, Clr. Tim McCarthy, Clr. Tito Jackson, Clr. Josh Zakim, Clr. Mark Ciommo

Boston's kids call on Mayor Walsh to support the Boston Bag Ban now!

Dear Mayor Marty Walsh, We Bostonians, stand with Calida, Clare and Eleanor in asking you to support the Single Use Plastic Bag Ban in Boston. Just like them, we are disappointed to hear that you did not support the bag ban law that was recently proposed in the City Council. Delaying the ban is not a reasonable solution. Boston is ready now! Cities and countries around the world from Cambridge to Cork to Cameroon have banned single use plastic bags. If Boston is supposed to be a "shining star" and a world class city, we must take action! We are falling behind. Right now our star on the map is covered with plastic bags. If you walk around the city, you’ll see plastic bags everywhere: on the sidewalks, trees, bushes, beaches, in the sewers, storm drains, rivers, and waterways. They are all over our neighborhoods. It’s disgusting! Once a plastic bag is made, it never goes away. If it goes in the trash, it sits in a landfill that the city pays for. If someone tries to recycle it, it blocks the recycling machines and the workers are getting hurt trying to pull them out. The only people who are winning with this situation are the plastic bag makers! We are a port city with a rich history that should be honored. Our fisheries and aquatic life need to be protected from plastics that get into our seafood and kill wildlife. Tourists who come to the city could be given a Boston reusable bag while they visit and then bring it home to continue to use it with pride. We can be known as a leader in protecting the planet- if you take action and support the will of the people and the request of us kids! Please support the bag ban that Councilors O’Malley and Wu have created NOW. We want to live in a cleaner, greener city not just for our future grandkids but for us and all the kids of Boston NOW, and not just for some kids- depending on where they live- but all kids throughout our city. Please Mayor Walsh, don’t let us down. Thank you. Sincerely, Calida B.(11), Clare A. (11), and Eleanor P. (10) CC: The Dorchester Reporter

Calida, Clare and Eleanor
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