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Petition to Panda Express

Dear Panda Express: We Don't Want Your Single Use Plastic

Having lived in the Puget Sound region for my sixteen years of life, I take pride in my local landscape. Our community is lucky to be surrounded by lush mountains and endless water. We take pride in implementing green policies and on keeping the region pristine. At least, that's the illusion.  Every year, Washington generates tens of millions of pounds of plastic waste, and the majority ISN'T recycled. Instead, some of this plastic goes into the ocean, where it breaks down into its smaller, toxic components. These components accumulate in the tissues of wildlife and people.   This threatens the health of Puget Sound. It threatens our CRITICALLY endangered Southern Resident killer whales, and it threatens me and other youth who will inherit this region. But if we care about the well-being of our children, we should hold companies that distribute plastic accountable. One of those companies is Panda Express.  If you have ever gotten a meal at Panda Express, you know how much plastic is generated--a plastic container, plastic utensils, maybe a plastic bag, too. And that's just for one person. But Panda Express has over 2,000 store locations which can process up to hundreds of orders every day. Think about how much plastic could be saved if Panda Express switched to biodegradable or reusable products. Subway, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and other major chains have pledged to cut down on their plastic distribution. Why can't Panda Express do the same?  For the health of my community and others around the world, I urge Panda Express to stop its use of disposable plastic containers and utensils and substitute them for something biodegradable or reusable. The people and wildlife of Puget Sound deserve better. 

Isha S
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Petition to Chick-Fil-A, Andrew Cathy, Cliff Robinson

Chick-fil-A: Replace Styrofoam Cups with Biodegradable Cups

Chick- fil- A is a beloved, family chain throughout the United States. While customers are drawn to their delicious chicken sandwiches and nuggets, they do not think of the impact that they are making when they order a drink along with it. Their drinks come in styrofoam cups. Styrofoam is one of the most common forms of trash on our shores, causing harm to sea animals and birds. The plastic, also, takes thousands of years to break down. With the amount of styrofoam being used by giant companies, it will cause an uncontrollable plastic pile up, greater than what is already accumulating, today. Although Chick- fil- A argues that they have places on site to recycle these cups, rarely do they get recycled. What is their argument for people ordering drinks through the drive- thru? And, for the people littering their Chick- fil- A cups? There is no way for them to monitor what their customers do with their cups after they are used. With biodegradable cups, the concerns arisen from styrofoam cups would be eliminated. I am a 16 year old and writing this petition because I deeply care about the future of our planet. With companies looking for the quickest and cheapest ways to make money, they ignore the impact that their decisions will make in the years to come. Climate change and global warming have rapidly been advancing in the past decade; and I want to be able to enjoy the rest of my life, breathing freely in a world not damaged by pollution. Chick- fil- A could make a difference, and could use its influence to lead other companies into switching to biodegradable cups. Our environment is rapidly changing due to pollution caused by plastic. Chick- fil- A: please help with the overflowing landfills and animals dying every day due to styrofoam. Change to biodegradable cups.

Rosie J.
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Petition to wawa

WAWA: Please reduce your plastic waste. No more plastic coffee stirrers!

Wawa please stop supplying your customers with single use plastic coffee stirrers. 30 seconds of stirring becomes forever in a landfill or the ocean! Plastic is choking the environment, literally. Currently, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, and it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish. That means when my son is a just a little older than I am now he'll have to use a pool skimmer at the beach if he wants to swim in the ocean.  WAWA boasts on their napkins that they are "saving the environment, one napkin at a time", because they are made from recycled material. I can appreciate that, but what would help more is to do away with your plastic coffee stirrers.  Anyone who knows this company knows that they sell a lot of coffee and it isn't ridiculous to see people use 2, 3 and 4 of these little plastic stirrers at a time. There are alternatives available. Please stop handing out plastic that will just end up in a landfill or even worse, the ocean! You're a family owned business with some values, I assume. Do your part. These pieces of plastic will still be here long after we are gone, long after our children are gone, etc. Raise my coffee price $0.10 a cup if you have to. That's a small price to pay if it will lessen your environmental impact. NO MORE PLASTIC COFFEE STIRRERS! Please, thank you. 

Douglas Capper
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