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Petition to Senate of the Philippines, House of Representatives Philippines, Nestle’ , Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Break Free From Plastic, Zero waste, Starbucks, World Wildlife Fund

Make the ocean plastic free!! Empower consumers! Place the resin code on all plastic items

Only 9% of the plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, and today, just 14% is collected for recycling.  When I asked a plastic manufacturer why this is, his answer was, they do not get plastics satisfactorily.  This is a problem because more than half a million tons of plastic leaks into the ocean every year.  This has caused millions of death to marine animals and has entered our food chain, affecting our health. If we had kept plastics away from the ocean and within the use of man, this wouldn’t be a problem. Consumers can prepare their plastic disposables properly if the resin code was present or visible on the bottles, wrappers, or containers. Sadly, this is not the case.In the Philippines, the resin code can’t be found in most of the plastic packaging.   There is no law requiring them to add this important piece of information onto a product.We approached Congressman Ruffy Biazon to propose a bill in congress to require local packaging manufacturers to add this simple piece of information that would help keep plastics away from the ocean and landfills.We are asking the national government to mandate all plastic packaging manufacturers to stamp the resin codes on each plastic item VISIBLY.  This empowers consumers to segregate properly. This helps manufacturers accept plastics for recycling and keep it away from the ocean and landfills. Keeping it away from destroying us.  

Clean Our Oceans Project
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Petition to Publix Super Markets

Get Publix to Change Plastic Pharmacy Bags to Paper Ones

Publix currently fills each prescription and places it into a large plastic resealable bag that has holes in it which reduces the likelihood that they can be reused for things like dog scoop bags, etc. Other pharmacies continue to use paper bags which are substantially less environmentally toxic and create less chance of entering our waterways. This is especially important given that Publix stores are located in Florida and the majority of stores are located within short distances of waterways and sensitive ecosystems. Switching to paper would not create any more work on the part of Publix and would show good faith towards creating a better Florida for our citizens and our state's long term economy, which is heavily influenced by the tourism industry that comes to fish, swim, dive, and kayak our unique places. In addition, the fishing industry needs to protect the waters for their trade, and our citizens' drinking water and recreation is at stake. Please join me in asking Publix to make a simple yet effective change to paper bags for all pharmacy locations. According to the U.S. Pharmacies and Drug Stores Industry, in 2020 it is estimated that 4.55 billion prescriptions will be filled in the United States. Imagine how many unnecessary plastic bags produced simply to hand them over the counter. Let's change this together. Sign today and then share.

Caitlin Rivers
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Petition to Governor Jared Polis and Colorado State Legislatures

Ban Single Use Plastic Bags and Straws in Colorado

The average American family brings home 1,000-1,500 plastic bags each year. The average usage of the bags is 12 minutes. Over 500 million straws per day are thrown away in the US. We are deeply concerned that the pollution crisis is creating environmental degradation and a global climate change. The overuse of single use plastic bags and straws needs to be curtailed in order to reduce the dependence on non-renewable and petroleum based products that don't decompose. The time is now to take action and reduce our usage. The best way to do that is to create a bill or an Executive Order to discontinue their use in stores and shops, and encourage reusable bags. Many states have joined in and have been successful such as Maine, New Jersey, California, and Hawaii as well as dozens of cities and countries. We can do this by working together. Please enact legislation now to ensure a better today and future for all of us. To implement a ban would have a positive effect on the environment and our economy. Here are the reasons why: 1. Many of those bags don't even make it to the garbage, they are blown away in the wind ending up on trees, in the streets, down drains that go to lakes/oceans. The bags pollute our water and our land. 2. Plastic bags never degrade. Instead of the plastic degrading, it is broken down into small tiny pieces microplastics which are swept down and end up in the oceans which are then consumed by wildlife, go into water streams and settle into the earth. 3. All of the materials are non-renewable fossil fuel-based materials and through their extraction and even production, greenhouse gases are created which further contribute to global climate change. 4. The total amount of energy required to drive a car for 0.5 miles is the equivalent energy required to produce nine plastic bags. 5. The plastic bag waste is impacting the environment negatively and contributing to making the Great Pacific garbage patch bigger every minute. 6. Other countries and states are successful in their plastic bag bans such as China where they banned plastic bags and four years later, the amount of plastic bags thrown into the environment had reduced by 40 billion. 7. Banning plastic bags helps save money. These plastics cost a lot of money because the final costs account for the total production costs from their manufacture using petroleum to when they will be thrown away. 8. New materials would have to be created with a ban and that opens up new opportunities for industry and manufacturing to create and produce eco-friendly and greener materials.

Candidates for Colorado State House of Representatives, Kyra Storojev and Katie Barrett and Candidate for US Congress from Colorado Isaac McCorkle
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Petition to stores, humans, shops, Society


   When will you catch someone using a plastic bag for more than two items? We use plastics everyday. Plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic water bottles, you name It. All of this unnecessary use of plastic, Is damaging our environment, and yes also our own health. We must work towards banning single-use plastic, and rid of all unnecessary plastic use.    When do you see anybody aware of the circumstances we’re In? And even If they are, they won’t believe or care on the issue. Plastic is killing marine life, and getting into our sea-food. When It disintegrates, It causes tremendous damage. Soon enough, the future of our kids will be damaged, and they’d have to live In horrible circumstances. Plastic pollution can cause air pollution too. Plastic pollution Is simply Irreversible, let’s stop It now!    Plastic pollution Is leaving trash all over our beaches. Soon enough, everywhere we look will be filthy and disgusting. In horrible conditions we couldn’t possibly live In. With our air being polluted, killing us slowly. Unnecessary use of plastic bags also is killing our sea animals. This ruins the ecosystem, and our beautiful oceans. Banning plastic bags completely Is one major step, for stopping the sea from complete extinction.    What can stores/shops do? Like suggested before by others, first start putting each bag for 0.10 each, and announce a date where all bags will be rid of. Stop producing plastic bags In Florida! I’m sure everyone can agree to this plan. What can we people do? Sign this petition, and others on the same issue! We have the power to make a HUGE change. Begin cutting plastic out from your lifestyle, It makes a bigger Impact than you think!

Ashley Mendoza
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