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Petition to Jr Ocean Guardians, Shelby O'Neil

Stop McDonalds Straw Pollution - "Own the Drink Run" Commercial

CONTACT MCDONALD'S TO HAVE THEM STOP THEIR "OWN THE DRINK RUN" COMMERCIAL Jr Ocean Guardians is working hard to educate lower level grade children on how plastic pollution affects our oceans and waterways, as well as the importance of recycling.  The kids are excited to learn and all pledge to help make a change to save our oceans from plastic pollution.   Sadly, McDonald's has chosen to run a commercial with no regard for the plastic pollution they are creating every second at their restaurants.  While I realize that straws will never go away, please urge McDonalds to look into a sustainable option and not show a commercial where paper wrappers are blown off tons of straws.  It's a disturbing image for all of us who are trying to make our oceans and our world better.   Single use plastic straw pollution is one of the top ocean and waterway polluters in the world.  While people are told these facts, it still continues to be an issue. Non-biodegradeable straws take hundreds of years to break down  Go to a beach clean-up and you will be picking up straws by the handful.  Unfortunately, these straws make it into the ocean and harm sealife.  Who can forget that image of a straw stuck in nose of a sea turtle?  This image is just heartbreaking.  Please join me and send McDonald's a message that it is time for them to move to a sustainable straw. Thank you for your support.  This is my first petition and I have no financial gain, I just want to make the world a better place for future generations.    

Jr Ocean Guardians
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Petition to Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line, Plastic Straws Pollute Our Oceans. Stop Using Them on Your Ships!

These days, you are much more likely to find plastic on the beach than a message in a bottle. Plastic is clogging our oceans at an alarming rate. In fact, the problem is so big that according to some studies, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Many plastic products like the plastic straw — a largely unnecessary drink accessory — are used just once before they are sent to the dumps or end up in our seas. But more and more, companies are trying to do something to cut down on plastic waste. After Carnival, P&O Cruises, and Cunard all banned plastic straws, Royal Caribbean did the same. The cruise line became the latest company to say #strawssuck. The company has pledged to be plastic straw free by the end of the year. Additionally, they will also stop using other plastic items such as bags, cups and condiment packets by 2019. Now that nearly all of the major cruise lines have decided to say "bon voyage" to single-use plastic items, those of us that are concerned with our environment are asking, when will Disney Cruise Line (DCL) do the same? Small steps made by many companies can have a big impact. When market leaders decide to take a stand against plastic it can help encourage others in the industry to do the same. In order to tackle plastic pollution, we must all play our part. It's time for DCL to play theirs. Please sign the petition and ask Disney Cruise Lines to stop using plastic straws and other single-use plastic items on their cruises.                                               PROMOTE THIS PETITION Can you chip in $3 to get this petition on the agenda?Every $20 will advertise this petition to 500 extra people on If everyone contributed the price of a cup of coffee we'd reach thousands of new people every day. Yes, I'll chip in $3 or more No, I'll share instead

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Petition to Subway, Suzanne Greco, Trevor Haynes, Cindy Eadie, Millie Shinn

Subway: Help End Plastic Pollution, Stop Using Plastic Straws

When I first saw the viral video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril and throat, I was speechless. I had known that plastic waste was a problem, but never so deeply understood the harm it causes to those around us. Inspired, I started a petition with my school's environmental club asking my state to adopt a “straw upon request” policy. But soon I realized that wasn’t enough: we need the restaurant industry to do its part in controlling the plastic waste that plagues our oceans. Marine experts say that if we don't curb plastic waste, the majority of which is made up up single-use straws, by 2050 there might be more plastic in our oceans than fish. That’s unacceptable. Restaurant's like Ted's Montana Grill and Bon Appetit have ended their use of plastic straws, and just this month shareholders at McDonald's considered a ban on plastic straws in their restaurants. It’s time that Subway Restaurants, one of the largest fast-food chains in the U.S. and an environmental leader in the fast-food industry, follow suit. With nearly 45,000 locations in the U.S. alone, their ability to make a dent in curbing plastic waste is tremendous. Please, Subway, step up and help end plastic straw waste. Subway has already taken steps to reduce their waste: their napkins are made with 100% recycled fiber, their salad bowls were redesigned to remove 711,000 pounds of plastic from their waste stream, and they have changed the design of their cup carriers to save thousands of trees per year. It's clear the restaurant chain wants to be known for its environmental sustainability ― but their use of plastic straws is still an issue. As one of the most influential restaurant chains in America, the number of plastic straws they use ― and the number that end up in our oceans, swallowed by sea turtles ― is concerning. Why not take a bold step and start using eco-friendly paper straws, which are 100% compostable, in their stores? Please urge Subway to replace their plastic straws with paper straws.

Chelsea Chan
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