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Start manufacturing plastic-free toothbrushes, stop adding plastic in the oceans!

Every plastic toothbrush that we have ever used still exists somewhere on this planet. Plastic toothbrushes take nearly 400 years to decompose. Therefore, since the beginning of manufacturing of plastic toothbrushes in the 1930s, none of the toothbrushes have decomposed, which can added upto hundreds of billions of toothbrushes now.  So the question arises—where are these billions of toothbrushes? The answer is simple. These toothbrushes either end up in landfills or in the oceans, causing plastic pollution. The toothbrushes that end up in the oceans are carried away by the waves for millions of miles. According to an article published by National Geographic, in any given Hawaii beach cleanup, he says, it’s not uncommon to pick up 20 or even 100 toothbrushes. A similar scenario can be observed on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia, and several other beaches around the world. But beaches aren't the only place where these plastic devils are carried to by the waters. Plastic toothbrushes can even end up inside marine animals causing their death. According to a study from Plymouth University, plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from plastic pollution. Plastic-free alternatives of regular plastic toothbrushes exist but it's not accessible or even affordable, at times, to everyone around the world. Therefore, it is my urge to the leading toothbrush manufacturing brands to start manufacturing plastic-free toothbrushes and provide a plastic-free solution to their large consumer base. Then, we would be reduce plastic pollution significantly and make smaller negative impact on the environment.  For further reference:

Shreya Banik
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Petition to State government of rajasthan, Nagar Palika Mount Abu, national green tribunal, State Pollution Control Board Rajasthan, Tourists

Rajasthan's Mount Abu Is Choking With Plastic Waste!

Recently one of our community member, Pranav Desai, visited Gurushikar, which is the highest point of the Aravalli range. Upon reaching the peak what they discovered was extremely appalling. What shocked them more than the scenic beauty, was enormous amounts of waste littered all across the peak. " Last weekend I visited Gurushikar at Mount Abu. At the top of the peak, there is a temple. what i saw beside the temple was so shocking. Huge amount of waste produced by a few maggi & tea stalls " The countless plastic water bottles, maggi wrappers, cold drink bottles, plastic cutlery, single use plastic bags & tin cans made it appear as if the area is a landfill stop. As per a 2009 judgement by the honourable Supreme Court of India, Mount Abu has been notified as an Eco-Sensitive-Zone ( ESZ ). This extremely fragile eco-spot should not suffer at the cost of irresponsible tourist activities. Hence, at Svadhyaya Youth Organisation, we demand:  Concerned authorities must take immediate actions & adhere to their duties as per protocols laid under plastic waste management ( amendment ) rules, 2018. Local shopkeepers and canteen owners establish elaborate measures or adhere to existing ones, to dispose the waste produced efficiently. Greater sensitisation along with stringent penalties to keep irresponsible tourist activities in check. Help us Amplify our voice, so that we can collectively address this issue.

Dev Nagar
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