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Recyclable Cards and Gift Wrapping

This Christmas I received so many stunning Christmas cards, you would find them in almost every room of my house! I think these cards are absolutely delightful, however, I was horrified when I found out that every card I received, except two, had either been coated in glitter or foil! As pretty as cards and wrapping paper covered in glitter/foil may be, it means that they can't be recycled! I then had to tear off the fronts of the cards and throw them away, along with all my wrapping paper. It may not seem like much but there are an estimated billion Christmas cards thrown away each year, resulting in so much unnecessary waste. To make matters worse, I (like many other people) was previously unaware that these cards and wrapping paper could not be recycled, and have done it anyway. There have been reports that glittery cards, foil coated paper, and sticky tape stop the recycling process, meaning that tonnes of otherwise recyclable paper end up in landfill due to contamination. Therefore, I believe that stores should be encouraged to sell more recyclable cards and wrapping paper. People need to be made aware that cards and wrapping paper with glitter, foil and other plastic parts can't be recycled. They need to know how to dispose of them properly, in order to avoid contaminating recyclable paper. I hope this knowledge will also encourage people to make more sustainable choices when buying cards and wrapping paper in the future.

Kriya Bungre
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