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London Ban - All Disposable / Single use plastic

No time to WASTE the FUTURE needs us!  Lets get London to the forefront of making a change for the PLANET. We must be an example to other places in the world, as California, France & India have, to name a few!    Ban All Disposable / Single use Plastic! There are so many alternatives, from reusable to biodegradable. Let's encourage consumers and companies to think about waste impact!  Of the 1.5m tonnes of recyclable plastic waste used by consumers, only 500,000 tonnes is recycled!  Plastics industry has just lobbied to lower recycling targets! Shocking news! Allowing producers of disposable plastic to do as they please.            REFUSE - REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE - REPURPOSE San Francisco enforced ban of plastic bags in 2007, which lead on to the rest of California following.   Irish plastic bag levy 2002 -  all money from the plastic bag tax goes directly to the environment ministry for use in enforcement and clean-up projects.  Dehli, India, ban of all disposable plastic items as of 2017!  France enforced law banning plastic bags in 2016 and by 2020 all cutlery, cups and plates.   UK introduce levy on plastic bags 2015   A simple introduction of 5p charge. UK usage of bags drop 85%             BAN  ALL PLASTIC BAGS & DISPOSABLE single use items.       The number of plastic bags handed out by supermarkets in England in 2014 rose to 7.64 billion - 200 million more than in 2013.   National plastic bag usage is on the DECLINE! This is positive! Imagine the IMPACT of the ban - if we start NOW!  It takes 100 years for plastic to breakdown Plastic is petroleum fossil fuel based Plastic is harmful to wildlife & it often ends up in the ocean Watch 'A Plastic Tide' if you have not already - plastic is strangling our oceans and entering the food chain. You can also join the Greenpeace Plastic Pledge   Please SIGN and SHARE the petition.  Thank you!

Erin Lally
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Petition to Clive Schlee, Clive Schlee, Nicki Fisher

Pret a Manger: ditch your plastic cutlery!

The UK Government recently announced a ban on plastic straws, yet millions of plastic forks, knives and spoons are still used every year. We need our high street chains to take a lead - that’s why I’m calling on Pret a Manger to ban plastic cutlery in their stores.Plastic is a scourge on our environment - it’s being dumped in our oceans, it’s killing our marine life and it’s seeping into our food supply. At least 8m tonnes of plastic is dumped in the ocean every year., and a nationwide cleanup of litter on UK beaches found plastic cutlery to be among the top polluting items along the coast. I am a long-term and frequent customer of Pret A Manger, and one of the reasons why is because they are generally great when it comes to ethical practices and sustainability. But when it comes to plastics they can do much better. Their plastic policy is vague and lacks urgency - they say they will phase out some plastics by 2025, and do not mention cutlery.At other companies, the move away from plastic cutlery is already happening. Coffee chain rival Le Pain Quotidien have already swapped out plastic for biodegradable alternatives. Leon and M&S have pledged to make the change within months. And Starbucks’ reduction of single use plastics will happen by 2020 - a full five years before Pret’s. If Pret don’t act fast they risk losing their reputation as one of the most ethical coffee chains on the high street.Pret is a huge and highly influential business. In places like London, they have a store on virtually every street corner. And in each shop they have trays overflowing with their sturdy, burgundy plastic cutlery, free for anyone to grab and go. Positioned with utmost convenience; at easy-to-grab level. They are almost encouraging people to use more plastic. We are Pret’s loyal customers and we do not want to feel like our custom is helping to pollute the environment. What Pret need to do now is reassure its long term customers like me that it takes plastic waste seriously, by pledging to get rid of plastic cutlery in all their stores by 2020 at the latest. Sign here to tell Pret to ditch plastic cutlery!

Stephanie M
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Kids Against Plastic call for the Government to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by 2025

Kids Against Plastic is now calling on 1 million British kids/teens to stop using the BIG 4 plastic polluters: plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic cups/lids AND to sign a petition to bring the UK Government’s pledge to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK forward from 2042 to 2025.  In January 2018, Theresa May pledged to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste from the UK by 2042. This was announced during the launch of the Government's environmental plan for the next 25 years. However by the time the Government's environmental plan will have finally kicked in, the current rates of plastic waste disposal and pollution will have spiralled out of control and it will be too late for our generation to fix it.  Kids Against Plastic is a national alliance of children campaigning against avoidable plastic waste. We would like the UK to become a world leader in ensuring that the planet we inhabit is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly one for our generation and future generations to come.  For more information about Kids Against Plastic, some of the kids behind this organisation, avoidable plastic waste, and environmentally friendly alternatives to using plastics, please visit our websites: and . Please note that you can only sign this petition if you are aged between 6-17 years old, live and reside in the UK, are mature enough to understand the issues around avoidable plastic waste and the aims of this petition, and have permission from a legal guardian/parent to sign this petition.   

Kids Against Plastic
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