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Petition to shyamala , maithili


          ZERO LANDFILL- REUSE THE REFUSE In Pune during the last few years we are witnessing a huge rise in the quantity of dry waste, recyclable and non-recyclable collected by Pune Municipal Corporation ( PMC) from the doors of our citizens. It is a different story of what is done or treatment of that dry non-recyclable waste collected. It is true we are witnessing waste dumped in open plots, public and private, gardens and parks, streets and every other possible place. Equally hazardous practice of burning the waste is rampant across Pune causing huge health risk to our citizens especially the medically vulnerable population and the poor. There are projects initiated by PMC to handle this dry waste collected which, to put it mildly, is not upto the mark and many a times has let us down. Also the current business model is uneconomical as PMC is required to incur tipping fees of Rs 390/MT plus labor plus transportation costs and only half the daily waste collected is processed and the rest of it goes into landfill which is undesirable. It is also reported the project contractors who handle this are demanding a huge increase in tipping fees from the current Rs 390 to Rs 700 per MT. The result is total unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly waste processing methods are employed which needs to stop forthwith.  To this end National Society for Clean Cities (NSCC) , an NGO working at the grassroots level, has proposed the following solution for the treatment of dry non-recyclable waste. We are proposing the concept of Co-processing of combustible non-recyclable waste collected by PMC . Co-processing is a preferred solution in the waste management and ranks higher than incineration and landfill. Co-processing is also recognised as a Waste to Energy Technology in SWM rules. Co-processing is substantially beneficial to Industry and community. To state a few 1) Provides a permanent solution to the waste management problem 2) Reduces emission and GHG 3) Lessens reliance on fossil fuels 4) Preserves natural resources. A cement company has given a written commitment to PMC to process 100 MT/Day combustible non-recyclable dry waste and offered to collect the waste from the municipal corporation. The Cement company has agreed to run this trial initially for a month. The waste will be used as a fuel in the manufacture of cement. Cement kilns offer a great opportunity for solving the disposal issue of the combustible fraction. In cement kilns, the dry waste not only gets disposed of in an environmentally sound manner but also it gets utilized as an Alternative Fuel if the quality of the same is tuned to the acceptable level of cement kilns and commercially it gets defined as an attractive proposition. If this “ Proof of concept “ is satisfactorily demonstrated to the PMC authorities, which we are sure can be achieved, we can dispose all the waste, dry non-recyclable, ie approx 700 MT/Day in a more scientific and environmentally friendly way. As this Co-processing trial requires the consent of the General Body of the PMC,which will convene on the 21st April, it is our appeal to all responsible citizens to sign this petition immediately for submission to the mayor of Pune for a favorable decision. NSCC 17/4/2021    

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Petition to Baba Ramdev, Aacharya Bala Krishna

Stop usage of environment harming carry bags (NWPP) in your stores

Many of us are regular  consumers of Patanjali products , because we like them. But I have noticed that Patanjali products are handed out to customers in NWPP (Non Woven Poly Propylene) bags . These bags look like cotton bags, but they are not. Did you know that they  are even  more dangerous than the regular plastic bags, which are handed out by most small vendors. These NWPP bags  are bleached polymers or chlorinated polymers, which produce cancerous gases like Dioxin and Furans on burning. These Dioxins are highly potent gases and can breach any vital organ of all living bodies resulting in fatal diseases. Essentially burning of these NWPP bags creates even more dangerous pollutants than the normal plastic. And whatever we may say or instruct , we all know that  burning of these is quite rampant. You can well imagine the impact it has, on the air that we breathe. Let’s talk  about the numbers involved. Number of Exclusive Patanjali Mega Stores = 258 Number of Patanjali Chikisalaya                   = 1420 Number of Patanjali Aarogya Kendras         = 3363                                                    TOTAL       =  5041 Some of the stores I visited, mentioned usage of about 250 NWPP bags per day. Assuming a lower usage in some stores and higher in some others, taking  200 as the average number of bags being used by each store, the total number of NWPP bags being handed out to customers on a regular basis would be as follows. Daily                Weekly              Monthly 1,008,200        7,057,400          30,246,000 This is a huge number by any standard. We are not even talking of the bags being handed over in other stores, that stock Patanjali products and use the same Patanjali bags. Patanjali has a huge portfolio of products and going by the popularity of the brand, it is only going to keep increasing, resulting in more and more of these bags being handed out. And the horrible impact on our health. I am starting this petition to request Patanjali Founders Baba Ramdev ji and Aacharya Bala Krishna ji to take the necessary steps  to stop the usage of these harmful bags in their stores . Here is what am I asking for: 1. Stop handing out NWPP bags in all your stores 2. Encourage buyers to bring their own Jute/Cotton bags AND Make low cost cotton carry bags available for a price, to those who do not bring their own bags. Patanjali became a leader in  Indian fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector with nature-based products in various categories in just 3-4 years.  These nature based products should also be handed out in environment friendly carry bags. Citizens of India are looking up to Patanjali to  become a leading example for other FMCG companies in this area too. If you care for the environment, for the air that you breathe, and want to do something about it, please sign this petition and share with others. Together, we can all make a difference . Thank you for your support.

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Petition to Government of Sindh food department, MR. Imran Khan, Government of Pakistan

Ban single use plastic in food deliveries

Single use plastic is harmful for the environment. It is light weighted hence it can travel far away without us even realising it. It takes more than 1000 years for plastic to degrade. Most of our plastic ends up in landfills, our oceans and our environment. Plastic doesn’t degrade but it breaks down into smaller pieces.   Animals in the ocean often mistake plastic for jelly fish and can suffocate to death on our garbage because we aren’t responsible with our waste management. Various kinds of animals can be harmed with plastic pollution. More than 100,000 whales, seals and turtles die per year due to plastic pollution in the ocean.   Plastic is also flammable. Often people burn their trash but that releases toxins into the air and is bad for our health as well as the environment. We do not like seeing trash everywhere on the streets or around our homes and neither does the marine life. We are bringing our world into theres which is unacceptable.   250 million tons of garbage in Pakistan includes plastic bags, pet bottles and food scraps. More than half of this waste ends up on water bodies. Plastic is not only harmful to the environment and wildlife but us too. There are many health hazards caused by single use plastic.   With most of Pakistan being uneducated and the rate of poverty, we are also harming what some people call their homes. As of this reason they are also not aware of the side effects and troubles caused by one plastic bag/utensil/straw etc.   As higher privileged girls of Pakistan, it is our duty to bring a change and educate people, for us, for the future generations, for everyone around us, for the wildlife and for the environment. It’s time we start somewhere.    During the lockdown every family has been ordering food constantly almost everyday. Sign our petition and bring us one step closer to banning single use plastic in restaurants and food deliveries for the betterment of everyone. There are many other alternatives to plastic that can be used for the same purpose. Help us reduce the plastic usage in Pakistan and hope for a greener environment and country.    Fighting against climate change is something both of us are very passionate about. We are students at Haque Academy and have an instagram account where we use that platform to raise awareness and contribute in bringing a change (@pollutionpatrol_). Being part of Gen Z is truly more than a blessing. We would like to bring a change into this world and it starts within us. 

Nashwa and Aeliya
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Petition to Government , You

Quit plastic straws, switch or ditch! Make your impact by saving environment

3.3 Million plastic straws a day are being disposed everyday in Kerala alone. Where do these straws go? How do they disintegrate? Are they making lives worse, in the garb of making it comfortable? Plastic straws have become such a big part of our lives, that even the most environmentally 'woke’ of us hardly notice when we use them ourselves! Plastic straws, more often than not, inevitably end up in landfills, which barely have mechanisms to degrade them - and that's no surprise, 'cause plastic IS Non-Biodegradable. What's worse, is that a large part of these are disposed into the ocean, where it easily breaks down, constantly affecting and depleting our marine bio-diversity. No prizes for guessing who gets affected by this the most - us! It was during a forest cleanup after the Kerala floods that changed my attitude towards the way I see and perceive plastic straws. Plastic straws were among the most found materials we cleaned from that forest which was acting as a barricade to the water seeping into the soil. The cleanup was initiated after a long series of landslides and animal death reported due to the effect of large concentrations of plastic waste among this region. Did you know, that none of the plastic straws used thus far have decomposed? These straws are a direct threat to our health, giving us a range of issues, from gastric discomforts to enamel degradation, and even estrogen variations! Still waiting on the plastic straw for your juice? So where do we begin? From here! Let's make Thiruvananthapuram plastic straw free! We owe it, as the capital city, to our 'most literate state’ status, don't we? Let's inspire the change - one person, one household, one neighborhood, one city, one state, one country at a time! Here's where the change begins, from us. #SwapTheStraw for a more biodegradable or reusable version. Say NO to plastic straws, if you don’t really need one. Your NO makes a DIFFERENCE! #SwapTheStraw  for paper straws or reusable ones made of bamboo or steel, easily available online and select stores. Push your canteens, your favorite restaurants, your family members, your peers. Push yourself and them to #SwapTheStraw today! And tell our leaders to take stance too, to #SwapTheStraws. Sign this petition, and let them know, that the change has begun with you! #MeTheChange  

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