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Petition to Honourable Pravind K. Jugnauth

Ban Single-Use Plastics in Mauritius

Dear Prime Minister, We love our Island, we love our beautiful Country. But with economic development comes also pollution. We have hopes and dreams for the future but for those to realize, we have to be more careful on the way we protect our environment. Plastic waste is a big issue that we can't ignore, it ends up in our soil, in our air, in our ocean and even in our food! Our island is small, we don't have unlimited space for landfill and we don't want anymore plastic in our ocean or in the air we breathe! Our country made a huge step forward by banning plastic bags from supermarkets few years ago and our population reacted positively to that measure. It's time to take a step further by banning most of the single-use plastics products. 10 of the most harmful single use plastics commonly found on beaches and in the sea account for 70 percent of the marine's litter. Here' our list of plastic products to be banned because cleaner alternatives and substitutes are available for all these products: - plastic cups, cutlery & plates - they can be easily replaced by wooden cutlery, carton & paper cups - plastic straws can be replaced by paper or metal straws, they are much better looking anyway - plastic cotton buds, great bamboo cotton buds now exist!!! - plastic sticks for balloons - plastic drink stirrers can be exchanged for wodden ones - small plastic bottles because drinking your favorite sodas or beers in a glass bottle is much nicer anyway Mr Prime Minister, we count on you to bring us closer to our "Ile Maurice Durable" vision with the Ban of Single-Use Plastics in Mauritius. Let's achieve sustain development goals and build a cleaner, better island for the generations to come. Sincerely People who love Mauritius  

Gregory Carosin
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Started 10 months ago

Petition to fred meyer, Kroger

Stop Using Plastic Packaging on Fresh Produce at Fred Meyers

1/1/2020 Fred Meyer banned the use of single use plastic bags in their stores in Portland, Oregon but they did not stop the use of single use plastic on their fresh produce. Fruits & Vegetables do not require plastic packaging. This petition is to inspire Fred Meyer/Kroger to make the change the environment needs and stop the use of plastic packaging for their fresh produce. It is not only up to the consumer to "vote" with the products they buy. Fred Meyer/Kroger has the power to make this essential change to work towards a plastic free grocery store.  Fred Meyer is using plastic wrap for the following and more: their mushrooms, plastic containers for leafy greens, plastic containers for pre-cut fruits, plastic containers for berries, plastic bags for grapes and tomatoes, plastic bags for consumers to put already naturally protected produce into, plastic packaging for fresh herbs, plastic wraps on bunches of bananas, and red plastic mesh bags for the discount bin. Instead of just the consumers making the change of not using plastic - we need to demand that corporations do the same. They have a bigger responsibility to provide products to consumers that do not negatively impact the environment.  Join me by signing this petition to inspire and demand that Fred Meyers/Kroger commit to making this change in their grocery stores.       

Tah-lia Bonnie Miller
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Started 1 year ago

Petition to Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Georgia State Senate, Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, Brian Kemp

Lets stop plastics choking our oceans--and harming people AND nature

Did you know that 300 million tons of plastic are sold each year and that 90% of that is thrown away? Did you know that a huge percentage of those plastics end up in our landfills, our oceans, our wildlife and our bodies? Did you know that as plastic breaks down in our environment it can mimic human hormones and is linked to everything from breast cancer to early puberty? Is that what we want? Each segment of society bears the responsibility for this. Our corporations are making billions of dollars selling their products in disposal plastic containers but are refusing to take responsibility for what happens to the 100s of millions of plastic containers and bags that move through our global economy every single day. Our governments are unable or unwilling to take the health risks of plastic seriously and are not moving to ban single use plastics and non-recyclable products. And we are also at fault because we haven’t made the break from single use plastics even though alternatives are now on the markets. Tell our global leaders that the world can’t take much more plastic. If enough of us get behind a global ban on single use plastics, we can begin to heal our oceans, our wildlife, and our children.To World Leaders, national governments, and local legislators: 300 million tons of fossil fuel based plastic are sold each year and 90% of that is thrown away, destroying our food, our water and our health. Governments can make this happen now! They can ban single use plastics and help support a move to sustainable non-polluting, non-fossil fuel based alternatives. We call on you to immediately phase out single-use plastics, support sustainable alternatives, and tackle the billions of tons of plastics that are already in our oceans, our streams, our wildlife and ourselves.  FROM EARTHDAY.ORG By signing this petition, you are telling World Leaders, National Governments, and Local legislators: I will do whatever it takes to put an end to single use plastics, including, but not limited to: Banning plastic straws, creating a plastic and/or paper grocery bag tax, bottle tax, etc. If we can do this in Georgia, we can do it for the whole nation, then the world.       

Fayth Woodward
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Started 1 year ago

Petition to Jenny A Durkan, Jessica Finn Coven

Ban Plastic Water Bottles In Seattle!

Seattle is known for its beautiful beaches and ocean scenery. It is a beautiful city that is constantly bustling with life. Although Seattle has made great strides environmentally through renewable energy and recycling, plastic water bottles are non biodegradable hazards seem to sneak by every environmental law set in place. To ban them would help save our nation and city money, help save our oceans, and it's very easy to do. They are surprisingly one of the least recycled products which constantly require production. 75% of plastic bottles that are purchased are simply thrown away. Plastic water bottles cost the nation roughly 50 gallons of oil just to produce and they cost the taxpayers even more to clean. 14% of the litter in the city and on our beaches are bottled beverage containers. This isn’t including the caps and labels that are often separate. This unfortunately contributes to a huge amount of pollution, especially the mass amount of plastics in the ocean and beaches Between 60% and 80% of the marine garbage is plastic. It’s been found that 10 million tonnes of different plastics are dumped into the ocean every year. (The World Counts) Not a single square mile of the oceans sea-surface is free from it. Around 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die due to plastic consumption. But it is very difficult to find any sea animal that hasn’t consumed some particles of plastic. Seattle is known for fresh fish and seafood. Whether purchased straight from a fish market, or eaten in one of its many seafood restaurants. However the seafood that we consume are often polluted by the toxins in whatever plastics it has consumed. These toxins are known to cause a long list of ailments including immune diseases, cancer, and birth defects. Placing more concentration on reusable water bottles would be them most practical and easy solution for citizens and corporations. Otherwise there are many different forms of more biodegradable plastics that would require a shelf life. Creating an incentive to recycle water bottles by giving them a deposit for the time being would be a valid temporary attempt to reduce waste.

Nikka Duchi
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