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Petition to Moorestown Town Council, Nicole Gillespie

Ban Plastic Bags and Plastic Straws in Moorestown, New Jersey

Single-use plastics pose an immediate threat to life everywhere. These items, like plastic bags and plastic straws, are non-biodegradable, which means they can remain in landfills for hundreds, or even thousands, of years. As they degrade, they can release dangerous toxins into the surrounding environment. Single-use plastics are also irresponsibly dumped into our oceans, contaminating them and the life they contain. In both marine environments and in landfills, microplastics can find their way into food chains and contaminate organisms at every level, including humans. Ingesting microplastics has been shown to lead to problems with immunization, birth defects, and even cancer. Every year, between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide, and 500 million plastic straws are used daily by Americans alone, enough to circle the Earth 2.5 times. Every year, an estimated 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from consuming plastic. Plastics also originate from crude oil, which is a major source of pollution. 60 to 100 million barrels of oil are required to produce just a year's worth of plastic bags worldwide. Reusing or recycling one ton of plastic is the equivalent of saving 11 barrels of oil. The most effective way to deal with the plastic crisis is to ban at least some of these harmful substances. Currently, the most practical single-use plastic bans to impose are those on plastic bags and plastic straws. Both of these have viable alternatives, such as reusable bags or a wide variety of reusable straws (or just drinking from the cup...). Plastic straws are probably the easiest type of single-use plastic to phase out, as they rarely require any drastic changes in behavior. One successful model to follow right here in New Jersey was a plastic bag ban in Jersey City, which passed unanimously in the City Council. The ban, implemented one year after it was passed, will help residents change their behaviors by encouraging them to bring their own bags. The mayor of Jersey City, Steve Fulop, was in strong support of the ban, stating, “We invested dollars in it to do our part to make sure the planet is a better place than the way we found it.” Banning single-use plastics is not a novel idea, as it is being done all around the world. Numerous municipalities in our own state have begun to enact their own restrictions on plastics, in addition to cities across the country. California and Hawaii have championed their own single-use plastic bans, and other states are quickly following suit. Even the European Union has decided that single-use plastics have got to go. Phasing out certain plastics in just one town might seem insignificant, but regulations for plastics on the local level will pressure the state legislature for statewide bans, which in turn will fuel the movement for federal policies on plastics. Everyone is responsible for the global plastic disaster, which means we all have to do our part to mitigate it. We are calling on the Moorestown Town Council to make the ethical choice and end the use of environmentally harmful plastic bags and plastic straws in our town.   Hugh. “The Environmental Impact of Plastic Straws – Facts, Statistics, and Infographic.” Get Green Now, 30 July 2019, New, Maggie. “Why Are Plastic Bags So Bad for the Environment?” Sciencing, 5 Dec. 2018, Stempler, Falyn. “Jersey City's Plastic Bag Ban Now in Effect, Drawing Cheers and Jeers.”, Advance Local Media, 28 June 2019, Wales, Mary. “Why Single-Use Plastics Are Bad-And What You Can Do About It.” Nature's Path Foods, 18 July 2018, “What Is Single-Use Plastic and Why Is It a Problem?” Plastic Free Challenge, 2016,

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Petition to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Todd Hunter, Abel Herrero, Ken Paxton

Texans for the Enforcement of Litter Laws (TELL)

Texas is being overrun by plastic trash.  The trash is piling up on our highways, in our parks, on our beaches, in our waterways and in our gulf.  Major reforms are needed to kick litter out of Texas. Here is the current program to allow Texas residents to report Litterers: Take down the offenders licence  number Go to Report A Litterer in Texas site to report offender and the nature of what was tossed. The offender will receive a letter in the mail reminding them not to litter in Texas and a complimentary litter bag. Texas litter laws punish offenders with fines of up to $2000 and up to 60 days of community service. Texans want the litter laws enforced and we want to help identify and punishing  offenders who are trashing Texas. Please join us in appealing to Texas Leadership to: Allow citizens to report offenders and submit photo's or videos as proof Mail litterers a ticket for littering and/or a notice to appear in court Implementing these small changes would have a huge impact on the amount of litter tossed out on our highways, on our beaches, in our parks, in our waterways, and in the Gulf of Mexico  Beach Keepers,  are a Corpus Christi based park and beach cleanup group.  To date Beach Keepers have hosted 7 cleanups netting around 6100 pounds of trash.  Beach keepers  see first hand, the plastic trash that is tossed on our beaches and in our  parks. Trash that is  harmful to our environment, fatal to wild life, and will  last 500 years or more.  Please sign this petition to let Texas leadership know that Texans want the litter laws enforced, and that Texans are willing and able to help.    Contact Beach Keepers Hub  comment, questions, concerns or information

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Petition to Kroger, Ralphs, Gelsons , Fry's , Bashas , CVS Pharmacy, RITE AIDE, Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart, Walgreens, Pavilions


As we know, plastic is spawned by SATAN. It doesn’t biodegrade, starves and kills plant and animal life, and is now utterly useless in the year 2020. Worldwide, 2 million plastic bags are used every minute, according to Ecowatch, 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually. So why do we need this much of bad thing? And if you think this is some liberal, glitter-fairy, hippie-dippie BS, then you should know: it’s inside you. In fact: The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year. That works out to about 100 bits of microplastic over the course of just one meal, according to a study published by the EPA. Loving that sushi, now? So, once again, why so much of a bad thing? Well, plastic is made of: petroleum, natural gas, coal, salt, and numerous other highly toxic and carcinogenic properties. These all arise from highly profitable industries. Not much money to be had in reusable products.  So, with everything we now know in 2020, how in the fudge are grocery stores still offering plastic bags to be used once and thrown away? Some of the reasons these corporations provide, "our customers prefer plastic" or "they're reusable, sir" or "we're phasing out by **insert year after Earth has collapsed**." To make things really disgusting, some of these stores DO NOT EVEN OFFER PAPER OPTIONS at check out. (SMART & FINAL, RALPHS, WAL -MART, for ex.) IT’S TIME WE DEMAND THESE BUSINESSES REMOVE PLASTIC BAGS BY THE END OF 2020. THERE IS NO REASON WHATSOEVER FOR THIS. SOLUTIONS ARE: PAPER and BYOB.  Please plead with me by asking the aforementioned companies to remove useless plastic bagging once and for all in 2020. STOP THE SENSELESS MAYHEM. 

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