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Petition to Hartford City Council

Hartford Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT OF A SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAG BAN FOR HARTFORD, CT WHY ARE PLASTIC BAGS A PROBLEM? It takes between twenty to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Even after decomposing, toxic plastic particles will remain in the environment forever. The manufacturing of plastic bags annually requires 2.2 billion pounds of fossil fuel and 3.9 billion gallons of fresh water, while producing a billion pounds of solid waste and 2.7 million tons of CO2. Studies have shown that only 5-10% of these plastic bags are properly recycled nationwide. Most of the remaining 90-95% enter the solid waste system and end up slowly degrading in landfills over hundreds of years, or contribute to toxic emissions at waste-to-energy facilities. Others get blown around and pollute our waterways, clog gutters and sewers, and get caught in trees therefore posing a life-threatening risk to avian and marine wildlife. In addition to the consumers’ and retailers’ expenses, single-use plastic bags cost Connecticut taxpayers millions of dollars every year for statewide disposal in the solid waste stream. They also burden municipalities which are responsible for cleaning up plastic bags from roadways and storm drains where they cause flooding. WHO HAS BANNED THE BAGS? In towns, such as Cambridge, MA, outright banning plastic bag usage was seen as immensely effective. As well, their paper bags are taxed at $0.10 a bag, which is a huge motivator for people to bring their own reusable bags. This use of reusable bags was also prompted by a Bring Your Own Bag initiative. In Cambridge, especially, the City, local nonprofits, and campaigners made canvas bags readily available for all residents. In Sommerville, over time, residents got used to bringing their own bags and it’s no longer an issue or topic of complaint. Many countries have stepped up to ban plastic bags some examples are Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Taiwan, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland and England.   WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO? BRING YOUR OWN BAG (BYOB) Reusable shopping bags are more environmentally friendly than single-use bags. Analysis conducted by California State University Chico found reusable bags made from recycled polyethylene use 50% less energy, result in 40% lower emissions of climate pollution, and use 30% less water to produce than traditional, disposable plastic bags. Source: CTLCV Ed Fund By signing this petition you will show your support for a single-use plastic bag ban in Hartford, CT.   

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