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Petition to Carleton Univeristy, Dining Services

Expand Dairy Plant-based Alternatives at Carleton University!

***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT***  The Canadian Food Guide is currently discussing removing dairy from the food pyramid; as it is becoming increasingly more accepted that it is not a needed component of a healthy diet. All dairy products can easily be replaced with plant-based versions. Carleton Animal Defense is asking that Carleton University provides dairy free plant-based alternatives, for both students and the benefits of the animals which supporting Dairy inflicts harm on. The following is a list outlining products which are being requested: - Plant-based ice creams available to students in the first year dining hall. - Replace butter with dairy-free (vegan) butter and alternatives.  - Have vegan cheese options available.  - Make sure veggie burgers and other faux meats do not contain egg, or dairy so that it is suitable for those on a plant-based diet.  - Have more plant-based dessert options; i.e with replacing the milk with dairy-free alternatives and so forth.   Overall, where it is possible to incorporate more plant-based dairy options we are recommending that it be done.  Students signing below are asking for more plant-based alternatives on campus. ***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT*** Find out more information about our organization by clicking here :

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A Plea for A Cruelty-Free Menu at Fresh Restaurants

To the Attention of Fresh Restaurants in Toronto, Canada: We would like to thank you for creating such an amazing restaurant chain which offers an abundance of delicious, diverse and healthy vegan food options! Many of us often frequent your various locations, whether alone or in groups enjoying old favourites or experimenting with something new. Fresh Restaurants is most definitely a leader in healthy yet tasty vegan food hence it’s popularity. The service at each location is usually incredibly friendly with a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Your two 2016 TVA Awards were well deserved and reflect the appreciation felt for your restaurants by our vegan community! Your leadership is very much appreciated and valued amongst the vegan community here in Toronto. We cannot however ignore the cruelty that is involved in the non-vegan food and beverage items available on the menu, which has led many vegans to have misgivings about wholeheartedly supporting your establishments. The presence of items such as raw honey, dairy milk, cheddar and goat cheese ‘options’ diminishes our otherwise great experience at your restaurants. This is due to the cruelty that exists within the dairy industry (cows and goats alike) with mothers and their babies being torn apart at birth, mom being artificially inseminated repeatedly until she is then used for meat, while her children are raised for milk production if they are female or veal if they are male. Please refer to the two baby boys pictured on this petition, they were recently rescued by Toronto-area activists from a dairy farm; saved from a life of misery and an inevitable death ending up on a dinner plate as veal - a by-product of the dairy industry. Neo and Moopheus are their names and they are beings who can now live out a life of peace and love, unlike their brothers, sisters and so many mothers on the farm who remain there just to meet the demand for the cruel dairy industry.  Fortunately calcium is found in a wide variety of plant-based foods! Some of the best sources include dried figs, sesame seeds, dark leafy greens (like kale), bok choy, white beans, black-eyed peas and other pulses, seaweed (think sushi), fortified soy and nut-milks, un-hulled tahini, white/brown bread, enriched fruit juice, broccoli, tofu, soya mince and molasses ( The great news is there are several commercial vegan alternatives for dairy products such as Daiya and Earth Island cheese as well as nut-based cheeses that are becoming all the rage these days (that would not be complicated to make in-house)! The issue with honey is that it originates from exploited beings. Bees store pollen and honey during the active summer period. This cache of food stored in the honeycombs is slowly consumed during times when the hive cannot forage for flower blossoms, such as in winter months. The honey can be stored in the capped cells almost indefinitely and can feed around 20,000 workers plus the queen bee. In one year, a colony of bees eats between 120 and 200 pounds of honey. One little known fact about honey is that it is routinely used in animal testing. That’s right, animals are forced to suffer in labs in order to determine the effects that honey has on human health. These tests are typically performed on animals such as mice, rats, and rabbits but have also been known to include cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, and even feral cats and dogs. These tests include: surgically wounding animals to determine the effects honey has on wound healing, dissecting animals to determine the effects of honey on bone mass and metabolism, as well as removing reproductive organs to determine how honey effects hormonal profiles which is the animal model for menopause ( There are also several vegan-friendly alternatives to honey such as agave which you already carry. Others include but are not limited to Bee Free Honee, Just Like Honey (Rice Nectar), Coconut Nectar, Maple Syrup, Barley Malt Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, and Molasses. By shifting your menu to being entirely plant-based, you can emphasize the accompanying health, ethical and environmental benefits in your marketing (which in turn could give you a marketing "edge" over your competitors, especially among health-and-eco-conscious markets like millennials who are very interested in places offering consciously-minded yet delicious menu offerings! Fresh has long been a staple of the veg community, but as more and more people are becoming aware of the cruelty of the dairy and other exploitative industries they are choosing to be vegan and would love to see Fresh evolve along with them. There are more and more 100% vegan restaurants opening up (like Doomie's, Kupfert & Kim, Hogtown Vegan, and Planta to name a few) whose huge popularity demonstrates the demand for completely vegan food. Replacing non-vegan items with cruelty free food is not only the right thing to do ethically, it will positively impact your patronage in the long term. As stated on your website, “There has never been a better time to eat this way, since going vegan is now considered the single best thing you can do for the environment!”. A vegan lifestyle is also the best thing one can do for the animals and our health. If you sincerely want to inspire people to shift their habits into healthier , kinder and more sustainable vegan ones, you must take the lead and refrain from offering cruel items such as dairy and honey. All this means is just continuing to serve delicious vegan foods that non-vegans and vegans alike are excited about trying while simply removing those few remaining cruelty-based options such as dairy and honey. Choosing  to offer these products only serves to encourage continued participation in the suffering of animals and in unsustainable practices. So while we sincerely love your food we kindly ask that you take the next step and stop offering non-vegan items. We know the truth behind these items and cannot help but be bothered seeing it served at your amazing restaurants. Your founder, Ruth Tal, is an inspiration and is known as a “pioneer” and “visionary” for very good reason. We hope that she can relate to our concerns and see the beautiful potential in what Fresh could accomplish by raising the bar higher while setting a more positive example. We appreciate the time and consideration given to listening to our concerns and hope this will lead to change in the immediate future! We will continue to be a voice for animals and this planet regardless of the outcome so please know we will return peacefully again and again to enjoy Fresh’s vegan food while still advocating for an entirely cruelty-free menu! Choosing to adopt this change will be a bold move, but it will be one that works toward creating a more compassionate, sustainable and peaceful world. Please make your menu 100% vegan for the animals, the planet and our health!   Thank you Fresh Restaurants for listening to our request, Concerned Vegans of Toronto and the GTA        

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