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Petition to The General Manager (Blacktown City Council)

Resolve issue due to Hambledon Road Upgrade (Wheeo St–Hambledon Rd–Govett St-Dhaka St)

Petition to resolve connectivity issue due to Hambledon Road Upgrade (Wheeo St – Hambledon Rd – Govetts St – Dhaka Cct).   Problem statement The recent upgrade of Hambledon Road create major issue in day to day commute for more than 1000 people living in Half Moon Estate, Dhaka circuit and people from The Ponds living in the vicinity of Govett Street. At places Left turn only changes were introduced on 16th Dec 2019. We, the undersigned, call upon Blacktown City Council and road planning authorities to reconsider its action related to changes in Hambledon Road, which has affected the connectivity of Residents with Train Stations, Schools, Parks, Shopping Centres, Medical centres, Leisure centres and Emergency services. How we are impacted? 1.       We are unable to use Hambledon road efficiently. 2.       Earlier the commute to school from Wheeo Street took 2-3 min, now it will take 14-15 min. 3.       Emergency services connectivity affected significantly. 4.       Use of alternate roads like Riverbank Drive, Ridgeline Dr, and Greenview parade creates additional congestion during peak school time causing potential hazard to school children’s, commuters and residents. 5.       Our everyday commute to all amenities including shopping centers, medical centers increased. 6.       We do not have any park in the vicinity and the commute to Park and leisure centers is impacted. 7.       No consultation of residents by planning and council authorities.     Recommendation: Proposing to have a Traffic light at Wheeo Street – Hambledon Road - Govett Street intersection – as depicted in image below I request our community and local authorities to come together and resolve the issue.

varun kaushik
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Petition to Moonee Valley City Council, Planning Minister Richard Wynne

Moonee Valley Council, please save this historic 1880s property from demolition

This large, visually impressive Victorian-era weatherboard home at 81 Charles Street, Ascot Vale dating to around 1890 faces demolition after Moonee Valley Council removed heritage protection from the property in 2010. This is exactly the type of highly valuable heritage property that the community expects our Councils to protect. The building is a sizeable triple fronted weatherboard with an impressive wraparound front verandah featuring original Victorian lattice and large front bay window, and it is remarkably well preserved for a building of this period. It’s on a large block that also boasts significant vegetation, and it contributes enormously to the overall heritage value of the streetscape. The properties in Charles Street have not then been properly assessed by Council for significance in their own right after being removed from the precinct overlay. The building at number 65 Charles Street, that is younger, smaller, and clearly less significant than the property now facing demolition is currently awaiting approval by the Planning Minister for a heritage overlay. All we ask for is some consistency and certainty in the way heritage rules are actually being applied in Moonee Valley. If 65 Charles Street deserves protection, then so does number 81. We call on Moonee Valley Council to take the urgent action necessary to protect this property, or face the community’s outrage at the next round of Council elections.

Moonee Valley Heritage Action
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Petition to Moonee Valley City Council

Save Parkland at Debney’s Park: change the proposed hub location

Moonee Valley City Council has proposed building a $40m community hub on the best part of Debney's Park, pictured above. There's no need for the new facility to be built on the best, most peaceful part of the park. It could be built nearer to the current community centre and car park. Open space and parkland is very precious, particularly in inner-city Flemington. Debney's Park has been identified as important open space for people to enjoy picnics, relaxing, playing sport, playgrounds, fitness and wellbeing. We also know the importance of preserving trees and open spaces as climate change worsens. MVCC have proposed building a new building between the housing estate land and the park - creating a barrier to the park for the 2000 people who currently live on the estate, and the 1400 new residents expected to move in after the estate redevelopment. A road will be required to cross the park from Mt Alexander Road to access the centre, compromising the parkland and the safety of users.  We all welcome new facilities in Flemington - particularly if they are carefully and thoughtfully designed to accommodate and bring together our wonderfully diverse community.  The best location for new buildings is near transport, including trams and trains and bike paths, and away from the peaceful centre of the precious open space. Please help us to ask Council to reconsider the location of a new community hub in Flemington by signing this petition. You can find out more information here: and here: Many thanks. Rose Iser  

Rose Iser
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Petition to Cameron Dick, Grace Grace, Nigel Waistell, Jon Krause

STOP the Planned 54% Increase in Student Numbers for Tamborine Mountain High School

Gidday All, Are you aware of the planned project for Tamborine Mountain State High School that would see it grow from 943 students (about 500 of whom are Mountain resident) to 1455 students (STILL only about 500 of whom would be Mountain resident)? We demand that the project as currently slated be stopped.  We wish to engage with the relevant decision makers to implement a plan that is right. Right for the school. Right for the community. Right for the taxpayers of this state of Queensland. Right for the kids.  I GENUINELY believe that there is a suitable option out there, and a very obvious one, that will meet the needs of all concerned as much as possible. IT JUST HAS NOT BEEN CONSIDERED.   Tamborine Mountain is a unique little community in the South East corner of Qld. We have no town water, no sewage, and are accessible ONLY via tight, steep, and windy mountain roads. All of these factors contribute to the area having a natural cap on resident numbers. We just don't have the available resources or infrastructure to grow much bigger. We are at about our limit already.  As Affected Residents in close proximity to the school we received notification of this only this time last week. The Closing Date for Submissions is 25 September. They are trying to rush this through a Ministerial Designation process so the submission window is VERY brief and VERY inadequate. The nett effect of this would be a 54% increase in student numbers, ALMOST ENTIRELY FROM OFF THE MOUNTAIN. So this would mean that many more cars, that many more buses, that many more trucks, etc. coming up the mountain roads and a very significant increase in the amount of chaos and safety risk in the surrounding streets. I have met and talked at some length to the TMSHS Principal, Mrs Tracey Brose regarding this. Broadly speaking this is not in line with what she wants for the school either. Basically Tracey wants to keep the school at approximately its current number and has no desire to grow the school. What she is hoping for is to replace temporary buildings with like, but specialised, classrooms.   Tracey acknowledges that the outcome she seeks can certainly be met in other ways than what the currently slated project seeks to impose upon us.  I am confident that she would prefer another option to be taken and that she genuinely seeks to be a good neighbour and resident of Tamborine Mountain.   It is the process that is the issue. It is flawed, shortsighted, wasteful, and just quite dumb I am afraid. It seeks to force a bureaucratic solution, to a problem that does not actually exist, upon a community that has not been consulted. A school of that size, in this community, accommodating mostly students from elsewhere is not in anyone's interests. The Environmental Assessment Review that was published to try to rush this through an even less consultative process is a massively flawed document. It is missing vital information, continually contradictory of itself, blatantly untrue in places, misleading, and insufficient for any meaningful Community Consultation process.  (You can find it here: Worse, it identifies a number of issues with safety and duty of care based upon the current situation in regards to traffic volume and students in close proximity to the school, it then uses false and invalid data to project the increase in traffic volume for the planned future growth, and COMPLETELY ignores the issues inherently prevalent in bussing and otherwise transporting an ever increasing number of kids from elsewhere UP and DOWN the entirely unsuited mountain roads each day.  It would be remiss to proceed with a project which would exacerbate existing risks without undertaking the works required to adequately mitigate them prior to commencement. To do so would place the weight of liability for any negative future outcomes, such as impairment to life and well-being, squarely upon those making the decisions to dismiss those risks and proceed with a project that will markedly increase both the opportunity and likelihood for those potential risk events to be actually realised. This would be poor project governance, deliberately undertaken, and could lead to extreme negative ramifications for both the organisations, and the individuals, involved in that decision-making process.   We demand that the project as currently slated be stopped.  We wish to engage with the relevant decision makers to implement a plan that is right. Right for the school. Right for the community. Right for the taxpayers of this state of Queensland. Right for the kids. 

Craig Peters
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