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Petition to Dawn de Vries

We urge Sedgemoor District Council to close down a controversial industrial chicken farm

Sedgemoor District Council has the opportunity and the authority to declare the site of a controversial industrial chicken farm in East Huntspill as unauthorised and order it to close down and be demolished (please note that it's unlikely there would be job losses – all the work is contracted out). Please help us persuade the Council to do the right thing by signing our petition. So why is the chicken farm controversial? Why should it be shut down? It is a planning, pollution control and animal welfare disaster that is making our lives a misery and has blighted our part of the lovely Somerset countryside – and no one affected by it had any say in the matter! The livelihoods of people nearby and the welfare of farm animals are being completely disregarded by an insensitive, profit-hungry conglomerate that thinks it can flout the rules and get away with it. This is an example of the worst side of capitalism defeating democracy and breaking the law. Up until now, the two authorities involved – the Council and the Environment Agency – have done nothing to relieve our suffering but there is now a chance for the Council to rectify the situation. The arrogance of the site’s owner, Amber Real Estate Investments, and the operator Hook 2 Sisters (both part of the scandal-ridden Boparan Holdings), could turn out to be their undoing; an expert planning consultant has declared that their contraventions of the planning permission are so significant as to render the permission invalid and that their application to resolve the ‘errors’ and effectively wipe the slate clean, is unlawful. We just need Sedgemoor District Council to agree and make a decision that supports the people it is meant work for, and not favour a multi-million-pound business that brings no economic or social benefit to this area – just the complete opposite. What are the impacts on our lives? The unfiltered odour from the ammonia and faeces of over 300,000 factory reared chickens that builds up over every eight-week ‘crop cycle’ is causing significantly harmful impacts on the residents and tourist-dependent businesses in the surrounding area. For three weeks of each cycle, locals dread going outside in their own gardens or opening their windows for fear of becoming nauseous; and tourist-related businesses are losing bookings because of the overpowering smell. One of the local schools kept the children inside on one occasion because the smell was so bad. According to Public Health England, the health of people living within a few hundred metres of the site risks being affected by bio-aerosols such as E-coli, salmonella and campylobacter. One nearby resident’s COPD has worsened, and they now require double their medication. Despite the Environment Agency having substantiated the complaints made about the odour since January 2017 as a high-level Category 2 breach of the environmental permit conditions, it has failed to take any enforcement action. The odour nuisance is also a breach of the planning permission which was approved on the basis it “…will not cause unacceptable levels of noise or odour…” Both the odour issue and the highly visual impact of five large industrial buildings in the middle of the countryside, each containing about 60,000 chickens living their short lives in their own faeces, are having a detrimental effect on the value and saleability of our properties and the income of local businesses. There is much more to this complex issue than can be covered here so for further details and background information, check out our website and our Facebook page ‘Fowl Play in East Huntspill’. Thank you for your support.

Ian Stanbury
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Petition to Jennifer Atkinson, Julie Roscoe, Dave Roscoe, Lucy Powell

Say NO to 'Flintoff Towers' and ask MCC to reject planning permission pending re design.

The planning application for 'Flintoff Towers' has gone in to Manchester City Council. We want to ask Manchester City Council to take our concerns on the suitability of the design of this planning application seriously and reject it pending a re design taking in to consideration the needs of our community and the special character of the area. The plans include a 10 story red brick block utilising the full footprint of the site and built up to the pavement, and a 35 story glass block next to it. The two buildings do not blend together, nor do they compliment the surrounding buildings which include the beautiful Grade II listed St Georges Church. This has been met with concern from Historic England. The development is planned for a patch of land in a residential part of HULME, which is sadly classed as City Centre for the purposes of planning. The planning application focuses on the location's proximity to the city, rather than the type of area which is residential, low rise and not a central business district (and outside of the city centre border which is delineated by Mancunian Way). As a local community group, the Britannia Basin Community Forum are seeking support for our objections because: - The plans constitute an over development of the site, 400 new apartments and only 2 of them are 3 bedroom. This is despite MCC setting out that they intend to encourage families to live and stay in the city. - The smaller building is all a PRS (Private Rental Scheme), and includes roof gardens, allotments etc, how many people renting will use an allotment? So many rented flats will not encourage community, more likely a transient population. This is entirely against the work we are doing to build a happier, safer and more connected community. - The site is positioned on a road which is a dead end, access is already an issue and the addition of 600-800 new residents will further compound this.  - There has not been significant research to underpin understanding of access, refuse collection, access for vehicles to other buildings. - The route identified for access during the building work is not feasible and shows a lack of research and attention to detail. This is particularly apparent” given that one year of roadworks are about to start on the main arterial roads (Chester Road and Mancunian Way) that have been earmarked as the access points for the site. - The road network cannot cope with the increased traffic, as the roads surrounding (Chester Road, Mancunian Way and Regent Road) are already very congested for most of the day. - The scale and massing of this development will make the roads more dangerous, there is no refuge area for pedestrians in case of a vehicle mounting the kerb (something which has happened more than once in the last 3 months)  because the design is built right up to the pavement. - The site borders other residential blocks, many of which will loose their only source of light as a result.  - The plans do not include sufficient amenities for residents, despite the brief for the design seeking to improve the area for local people. - The plans remove valuable green space and trees, and seek to replace these in other areas of the city, to the detriment of the community. - The developers have consulted the local community, but freely admit that they have not changed anything. - The site provides access to the canal and such a large, dark block will make the street narrow and feel dangerous. - There are too many developments happening in this area at once, causing issues for the immediate neighbourhood and the rest of Hulme due to parking and traffic as well as road safety. See links below for more information and plans: - -      

Britannia Basin Community Forum
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Petition to Sunderland Council


In the last 20 months Escape Hot Tub house has hosted 59 Groups of people. This includes families simply just enjoying time off work and school with their children, we've also had the stars of various musicals showing at the Sunderland empire/ theater royal. We have had people travel from Australia, France, Dubai, Hong Kong and various other parts of the UK to spend time with family or attend local event such as The Great North Run, The Tall Ships, The Sunderland Air Show, Newcastle Pride. We also have people stay for the weekend breaks who live locally and have had amazing feedback from every guest who has stayed with us. We have brilliant connections with theatre digs and have upcoming bookings made by the stars of shows on over the next 18 Months as well as family and group bookings made up to a year in advance.  This week we have received a final closure due to the possibility of noise disturbance. We employ local staff and now risk the possibility of having to downsize due to the sheer harrassment of the neighbours who have caused this , We employ a therapist, a hairstylist, housekeeping staff and a weekly gardener. Having worked my way up in the beauty industry, in property and now in the letting of my beautiful family guesthouse. I have always prided myself in the business I ran and I am devastated to inform everyone that unless we do something I may lose a business I have worked so hard to build up. We as a business have gone out of our way ensuring the local people's needs are taken into account. We have a mandatory curfew which means the guests have to be out the hot tub and in the house by  10pm, we also have a refundable security deposit of £300 that is taken per booking to ensure that guests respect the house and the surroundings as is if it was there own ( which has never had to be witheld) We also installed a six foot sound proofing fence to ensure anyone in the hot tub garden during the day is not disturbing or distracting anyone in the area.  Every guest who has ever stayed with us here at escape guest house has absolutely nothing but an amazing response when asked about their visit.All accusations of noise pollution are total untrue,confirmed by the police and public access yet it is within the realms of a public house to have music and events on until 12am yet my guesthouse aimed at families which I have worked so hard to build, is being targeted. Do you think this is fair? Please sign our petition in a hope that Sunderland Council might kindly reconsider the decided verdict. Helen Goudie, Escape Guest House    

Escape Guest House
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Petition to Seema Kennedy, Martin Boardman, Henry Caunce, chorley council, keith Iddon

Objection to the erection of 3 dwellings in lieu of previously approved Scout Hut

A Scout Hut is part of the plans for the Gorsey Lane housing development, by Jones Homes in Mawdesley; the plans were passed with that facility included. However the developers have now applied to Chorley Council to change the plans to build three more high end houses instead of the Scout Hut. This is in contradiction of everything that has been agreed.  Objections to the change to 3 dwellings from the proposed Scout Hut at Goodyear Business Park Individuals supporting this petition object to the change of planning from a Scout Hut to 3 dwellings for the following reasons: 1. The original planning permission was granted recognising that it was in accordance with paragraph 70 of the National Planning Policy Framework which requires developments to deliver the social, recreational and cultural facilities and services the community needs. It states that planning policies and decisions should: plan positively for the provision and use of shared space, community facilities, and other local services to enhance the sustainability of communities and residential environments and ensure an integrated approach is taken towards considering the location of housing, economic uses and community facilities. This Framework should not now be disregarded. 2. The provision of a community building was an integral part of the development and assisted in the original planning application being successful.  3. The positive benefits of keeping to the original plans and including a Community Scout building can be summarised as follows. Mawdesley Scout Group currently has 25 Beavers, 30 Cubs and 17 Scouts and need their own building to be able to offer quality Scouting to the local community. The group own a minibus that has to be kept in a field, a trailer that is in a front garden and equipment stored in a garden shed. In addition, all Leaders have at least one room in their houses full of resources. The proposed Scout Hut can accommodate all these and more to enable the Group to keep everything available in Mawdesley. This will mean that the Leaders can concentrate more on a quality programme and less on logistics of finding resources. There is also an area of grass behind the planned building to enable outdoor scouting to take place and outdoor skills to be taught. 4. With the development of 56 new houses there will be an increase in the number of young people wishing to join, which will mean that it is even more important for the Scout group to have their own facility. The Scouts currently meet in the Village Hall which is not suitable for a number of reasons. 5. The new Scout Hut Community building will not only provide the Scouts with a regular, safe meeting place, but will also free up some evenings for the Village Hall to be able to offer to other community groups. By supporting this petition you are objecting to the planning application detailed below, and asking for the application to be referred to the Development Control Committee. 18/00793/FUL | Erection of 3no. dwellings and associated landscaping in lieu of previously approved Scout Hut (App No. 14/00022/OUTMAJ and 17/01097/REMMAJ) | Goodyear Business Park Gorsey Lane Mawdesley. If you wish to add your comments to the planning application please view it at  Thank you for your support Mawdesley Scout Group Executive Committee    

Mawdesley Scout Group
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