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Petition to Manchester City Council

Demanding the scrapping & rewriting of Portland Street/ Gay Village SRF development plans

This petition demands the rewrite of the recently released inadequate Portland Street and Gay Village Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) due to close for consultation feedback next month by Friday 22nd March, as detailed here. The document is not of a high enough quality to consult on effectively for such a significant development of this world famous area. It does not properly recognise the role of the LGBTQ community. Therefore this SRF must not only be improved, but the approach must significantly change. Further details: Signing this petition supports: A demand for community focused collaborative engagement with key stakeholders, businesses, residents and patrons of the area. By adding my signature, I request the document is withdrawn and a new approach sought. If it is not, I support a complaint against Manchester City Council. The community context: The document was not launched effectively. Therefore, the closing date does not allow enough time to gather a genuine representation of the needs or opinions of the area, let alone representing or allowing a discussion on the evolution of the area. The document is full of errors and omits details of the demographics of the LGBTQ community. This follows a long-term failure in representation for the world-famous area locally. The document seeks to re-brand the Gay Village as Portland Village, and by omission seeks the blandification and erosion of an important neighbourhood’s identity. Therefore, this petition seeks the closing date to be scrapped for feedback and the entire document to be rewritten through collaborative efforts with widespread participation. We demand this SRF is scrapped and a new approach taken to the Portland Street area and Gay Village as a whole. (Petition by Adam Prince & Loz Kaye)

Manchester Shield
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Petition to Michael Creed

Stop Oyster Farming at Rossbeigh Beach, Dooks Beach & Caragh Estuary, Co. Kerry

A Natura 2000 area from Dooks Golf Course to Rossbeigh Beach in Glenbeigh, County Kerry is about to be destroyed. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES OF ROSSBEIGH, GLENBEIGH AND DOOKS PROTECT THEIR BEACH AND BAY AREA BY PREVENTING OYSTER FARMING AND RESTORING THE AREA TO ITS FORMER BEAUTY. An extremely beautiful beach and landscape on the Wild Atlantic Way is about to be totally ruined by oyster farming.  A 10 year licence has been granted to Caragh Clams Ltd. (Application-T6-315N1), for large scale development of oyster beds and now more oyster farmers are applying for additional licences in this area. This unspoilt sandy beach has already been turned into an eyesore with lines of unsightly metal cages. The beach is used on a daily basis by a large local community and also loved by tourists for walking, fishing, windsurfing, and recreational activities throughout the year. This beach will soon be unusable due to the intended industrialisation of the area. As unsightly as metal cages are at low tide they are also invisible at high tide when submerged just below the surface and present a real safety hazard to children, swimmers, kayakers, boats and local wildlife. Rossbeigh Beach & Dooks Beach are located in a Natura 2000 conservation area. It is home to a vibrant & protected bird population. Environmental impact studies have found that the use of non-native species (pacific oysters) for aquaculture purposes is of major concern. Pacific oysters can overgrow resident species and affect their growth and cause widespread environmental changes that threaten biodiversity and ecosystem services.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP THE LOCAL COMMUNITY SAVE ROSSBEIGH BEACH, DOOKS BEACH AND THE CARAGH ESTUARY. PREVENT OYSTER FARMING AND RESTORE OUR BEACH TO ITS FORMER BEAUTY.  Thank you for your support.Save This Beach Committee

Save this Beach Group, County Kerry
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Petition to Cllr Mike Wilcox (Leader of the Council), Lichfield District Council (Jon Allinson, Planning Officer), Barwood Devlopers / Savills, The Planning Inspector

Stop Lichfield District Council and Barwood building 1000 houses on Tamworth's borders.

In February 2016 an application was re-submitted to Lichfield District Council to build 1000 houses on the Arkall Farm site to the north of Ashby Road (B5493) just outside Tamworth. This application was originally submitted in 2014. Since then the application was approved by Lichfield District Council Planning Committee despite protests and evidence from Tamworth Borough Council and hundreds of local residents. Subsequently Tamworth Borough Council filled an appeal to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for an inquiry. This inquiry is now taking place and is seeking public views (See last update below). There are many problems with the proposed development, but in short, if permitted it will: Create unsustainable levels of traffic into Tamworth, creating massive queues and delays for residents. When the Ashby Road has been temporarily blocked during rush hour in the past, it has caused a queue over 3 miles long within minutes. Capacity reports undertaken by all local councils show the Ashby Road cannot take more houses than those already approved. Be a building site for 10 years or more, bringing construction traffic, pollution, delays and a visual eyesore to the area. Cause additional flooding risk to on Syerscote Lane and Tamworth. Forever change the character of the countryside to the North East of Tamworth for those that already live and work there. This development will have a huge impact on Tamworth but the site is in Lichfield, meaning Tamworth residents had no say in the planning decision. The developers are doing surveys and assessments to justify their development, but the decision taken was void of any local democratic representation. This is wrong, local people deserve a say on this important issue. We need a huge public outcry against this proposal so the developers, Lichfield District Council, and now the Planning Inspector, know how unpopular this development is and the impact it will have on local infrastructure. Thank you. Cllr Robert Pritchard

Cllr Robert Pritchard
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