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Petition to Duquense Light Company, West Deer Duquesne Light Company, Richard Riazzi, Jessica Rock

RESPECTAgZone: Say NO to DLC high voltage towers

We all need reliable energy. But not when high voltage transmission lines threaten our homes, our parks, our businesses, our animals, and our community. There are other paths to get us what we need with less of an impact. In June 2017, Duquesne Light Company proposed to run high voltage lines on huge towers through our agricultural zone in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This agricultural zone is one-of-a-kind treasure near Pittsburgh with clean and green-conserved properties preserved by long-standing efforts in Indiana Township. Our community includes precious few remaining woodlands and farms for all to enjoy. The 138-kv lines from Pine Creek to West Deer, proposed by Duquesne Light Company, not only disturbs the Rachel Carson Trail, land conserved by the Allegheny Land Trust, but also Hartwood Acres, two FAA landing strips, Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy, as well as many others! Alternative routes are clearly available. Duquesne Light Company must abandon their proposed routes through our agricultural zone and we need your help. Join us at RESPECTAgZone in calling on Duquesne Light Company to abandon any attempt to ravage the Agricultural Zone in Indiana Township with their high voltage towers. Choose another route! Please visit for more details! Find us on Facebook and Twitter @respectagzone #Dont_Zap_Our_Zone #Dont_Fry_Our_Farms  

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Petition to Bill Peduto & Kevin Acklin, Darlene Harris, Bruce Kraus, Theresa Kail-Smith, Natalia Rudiak, Corey Oconnor, Deborah Gross, Ricky Burgess, Daniel Gilman, Daniel Lavelle

Designate Pittsburgh a "Sanctuary City" to protect emergent threats to immigrants

In light of the recent election many populations will find themselves vulnerable under the incoming administration. Among the most vulnerable are residents among the immigrant population. Providing safe, urban spaces for undocumented immigrants to access resources to become documented residents will become increasingly important. Many in the incoming administration under President-Elect Trump's guidance would support prosecuting undocumented immigrants only on the basis of their citizenship status. Moving Pittsburgh to join the ranks of U.S. cities officially declared as "Sanctuary Cities" provides a stronger network of safe spaces for immigrant populations and allows Pittsburgh to stand in solidarity with metropolitan regions across the nation. While we respect that Pittsburgh has operated as a de facto Sanctuary City under this administration in particular, we ask that Mayor Peduto, with the support of his Council, and the constituents here, take the necessary actions to make this an official stance. President-Elect Trump has vowed to cut all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities within his first 100 days in office, an egregious claim that wrongfully targets urban inhabitants. We are in full support of making a stand against this heinous injustice and respectfully request immediate action.  

The Order of the Phoenix
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