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Let Pitbulls Have Freedom (BSL)

I've created this petition to help a very special dog breed, Pitbulls (and similar). I want to help them have freedom in life.  If you put this into reality it's like saying " black lives dont matter" well thats what people are doing to Pitbulls because some of them are dangerous. Many people know this breed as being; vicious, dangerous, agressive, harmful and mean. That was the past but thankfully they have changed over the years and with at least some more reasonable breeders. In fact, many dogs are actually very loving, protective, sweet, loyal, intelligent and joyful dogs to be around. All the Pitbulls I've met just come up to greet me and start licking me! And it's the very first time I've ever met them. I have even read stories of Pitbulls who have sacerficed  their life for their owners life! Still, this breed gets abused, neglected, used in illegal dog fighting or used for puppy mills. Because of their misunderstood reputation they now have to wear a muzzle everytime they step off their own property just to go for a walk (currently in Burnaby). Also making the owners have to worry each time they go in public, and having to pay for extra supplies and pay over double the regular licence fee.  This is one of my favourtie dog breeds, along with Rottweilers, Dobermans and German Shepherds, and I think It's cruel to make them wear a muzzle. Many Pitbulls are rescued and they are usually shy or fearful already. Now they have to cope wearing an unnatural muzzle as well? What if they are deaf ,blind or injured? When a dog is muzzled it affects them from using their nose and whiskers to help them sense to get around. If another dog did attack them, they wouldn't be able to fight back due to the muzzle. It breaks my heart that people don't see this breed from this point of view and that this breed can't trust us as people because of what some people have put them through.  I hope that citizens of Burnaby and the Lower Mainland will sign this petition to help this misunderstood breed not have to wear muzzles and help owners live a more worry free life! As a young Canadian citizen I am taking a stand for what I think is right,   Thank you for your support!  

HIDE rescue and education
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Petition to Marisa Heath

Help end murder because of breed specific legislation law

Following the horrific execution of a beautiful dog called Francis an 18 month old puppy taken to Battersea dogs home, I urge you to sign this petition to have this ridiculous and outdate law changed immediately. Dispite a petition signed by over 30,000 people and support from a legal firm who believed they could help, this poor dog was STILL destroyed because he came under the catagory of a dangerous breed in the breed specific legislation section of the dangerous dogs act 1991 and therefore it was against the law for Battersea to rehome him. The following links will give you more information about Francis and the reason things need to change.   Please if your able also write to your local MP, you can find them by entering your postcode in the link provided and using the template provided by Battersea included in the statement from them above.   We in Britain pride ourselves on our social living and the defense of those penalize for their physicality or nationality. Why then is this ignored with animals who are the innocent victims of their lineage? We need to let the government know that we are not going to let this go away, we will not forget and shrug this off. DOG ARE NOT BAD, OWNERS ARE. Please show your support for the law to be changed by signing this petition which I intend to send to a  representative for All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare once we have enough signitures Let's use the voice we are afforded and make something happen.  

Claire Wayman
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