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Petition to Ingham County Commissoners

#Michigan53 dogfighting victims neglected & killed under care of Ingham Co. Animal Control

HELP, we need your support in making sure that no dogs are ever subjected to neglect and abuse at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter leadership ever again. Sign this petition to call for the termination or resignation of the Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon, Deputy Director Anne Burns, and Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Worthington. WILX News 6/19/18 - John Dinon was quoted "I don't think we did anything wrong" Visit for additional ways to help.  We’d like to call the victims of the #Michigan53 dog fighting bust survivors, but unfortunately some of them were never given the chance, and were subjected to further suffering at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control. A report conducted by the Michigan Humane Society dated May 10, 2018 details the needless suffering that four of the #Michigan53 dogs were forced to endure before two were euthanized. Due to insufficient records it is unclear what happened to the other two dogs from the #Michigan53. Dreamville and JayJay, were the two #Michigan53 dogs that were killed, but not before enduring terrible suffering caused by the negligence of the Ingham County Animal Control. Two Puppies from the #Michigan53, Skully and Jonah, and one other dog admitted shortly after them, Bebe, were all subjected to neglect and abuse during their time at the Ingham Shelter. The Michigan Humane Society report detailed that the dogs all suffered various untreated illnesses, causing significant weight loss and leaving them emaciated. The Michigan Humane Society cites in their report that the dogs’ suffering was unnecessarily prolonged due to the Ingham County Animal Control’s failure to properly care for the dogs. Below are factors taken directly from the report by the Michigan Humane Society that contributed to the suffering and neglect of the animals listed above at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control: No written procedure for monitoring long term court cases.  No written procedure for documenting weight gain in failure to provide food and water cases.  Medical records that are incomplete or kept in multiple locations for a single animal. As a result there is no complete medical record that contains observation, weights and treatments for an individual animal. A defined policy for the maintenance of medical records would assist in the review of an animal's medical status and aid in calculating restitution.  No maintenance plan to control internal parasites in long term holds  The use of an in house body condition scoring system in conjunction with the use of nationally recognized scoring systems being used by outside veterinarians.  No training for ACOs and Animal Care Staff in the use of an agreed on body condition scoring system.  Lack of open communication between departments.  Lack of training for medical staff in regards to shelter medicine, processing cruelty cases, animal fighting cases and supervisory responsibilities  Supervising veterinarians that perform surgery often lack the ability to be on the floor supervising and attending to daily animal care and are required to rely on staff to perform those duties.  No system in place that requires ACOs to monitor the status of their animals as evidence  Inconsistent diet of donated food provided to long term holds and cruelty weight gains leading potentially causing digestive upset and diarrhea  In adequate staff to handle large scale impounds  Lack of oversight and monitoring on the part of upper management  Lack of awareness and response by the Director to address critical issues concerning the health and well being of the animals in the shelter in a timely manner. It's illegal in Michigan to neglect animals by not giving them enough food, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, exercise, and veterinary care to maintain good health. Animal abuse is a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the level of cruelty, and the number of animals involved. Additionally Ingham County has a zero tolerance policy for cruelty and neglect. Based on the law stated above, the Ingham County Animal Control is guilty of a felony for failure to provide proper care resulting in suffering and neglect not once, but in five cases. We cannot let Ingham County Animal Control go unchecked and allow what happened to poor Dreamville, JayJay, Skully, Jonah and Bebe happen to any other animals that wind up in their care. It is obvious that the Ingham County Animal Control’s pattern of behavior detailed in the report by the Michigan Humane Society calls for a change in leadership. It is time for current leadership, including Director John Dinon, Deputy Director Anne Burns and Shelter Veterinary, Dr. Worthington, be fired or resign. They should be ashamed of the conditions and needless suffering that these dogs were forced to endure while in their care. Their suffering was for no other reason than the negligence of this taxpayer funded agency, which means that Ingham County residents were paying the leadership of the Ingham County Animal Control to neglect these poor dogs and ultimately break the law that they themselves are meant to enforce. Please sign this petition in support of removing current leadership from the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter so that this never happens to innocent, helpless animals ever again. Visit for more ways to help, and for a copy of the report conducted by the Michigan Humane Society.     

Save the Lansing Michigan Pits
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Petition to Carlos a. Gimenez

End Pit Bull Ban in Miami-Dade County

What is this Petition all about? This is a petition to end the ban that is currently in place in Miami-Dade County on Pit Bulls. Ban specific legislation is harmful, expensive, and is not back by current data. If we can end this ban, it will save thousands of dogs, but also save tax payers millions of dollars. Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive? A lot of people think pit bulls are naturally aggressive. Data has shown that this is not true. The reason any breed of dog can become aggressive is based on diet, environment, and genetics. Pit bulls can end up in unfortunate situations because they are large, stocky, and can look intimidating, this makes them more susceptible to be trained to behave aggressively. This breed is not inherently violent. Pit Bulls do also not have “lock jaws”, this myth has been proven to be genetically impossible. They have the same jaw strength and pressure as many other large dog breeds. The myth of Pit Bulls brains swelling in their skull and becoming insane is also a myth, there is no basis for that claim. In reality, these dogs are loving, energetic, loyal and can be a great companion for many families. How does this ban affect Pit Bulls? There are many personal anecdotes of how these dogs’ changes people’s lives for the better. I myself have a gray Pit Bull puppy named Axle. He is friendly and has never caused anyone harm, but because we have him, we now how to consider where we live and how we present him in public in fear of judgment, fines, or retaliation. There was an incident posted in the Boston Review in 2010 about a family’s Pit Bulls who were taken from them and euthanized even though they were healthy, non-aggressive, and had never caused anyone injury. The judge in this case even said that is seemed like the county was trying to ‘exterminate’ the breed.  Millions of families across the country and in Miami-Dade County have to leave a family member behind because of bans that are not based in reality. If these dogs are forced to be abandoned or taken away from their families, they will be put in a shelter. Because of the stereotypes that are placed on Pit Bulls in result of these bans, half a million Pit Bulls will be euthanized each year. If they are not euthanized they are much harder to adopt out than other breeds and can become scared or more likely to be aggressive because they are placed in an unknown environment. How does this ban affect families? This ban not only affects the breed, it affects their families as well. When families are told they are not allowed to keep their pet, they have to move elsewhere. These bans can make it harder for low income families to find affordable living options. Even if the government doesn’t ban the breed, the apartment complexes in the city might. This leaves families with the tough decision to give away a loved pet or have to find other housing options that might be out of their price range. Having a ban on these dogs not only puts a ban on Pit Bulls, but on the families. In many communities, minorities are given the same negative stereotypes of a Pit Bull just for owning one. They are more likely to be seen as thugs, dangerous, or aggressive than a family who doesn’t own a Pit. This ban affects the dogs and the families in ways that could follow them for generations. This could be through the hardships of finding housing, the stereotypes they are faced with, and the financial difficulties that families can go through just to keep their pets. Is this ban effective? This ban also affects people who do not even own Pit Bulls. To enforce these bans, counties have to use tax payer’s money. If a ban on Pit Bulls was to become nationwide, it would cost tax payers 450 million dollars. This includes enforcement, kennels and vet care, euthanizing, and DNA testing. With all this money being spent on banning Pits, it is also helpful to know that these bans are ineffective. The main reason for these bans is too lower dog attacks in the area. When data was taken from a city in Spain where Pit Bulls are banned, it showed no decrease in dog attacks from when the ban was put in place. In many cases, the only attacks that are ever reported are from Pit Bulls. When a Labrador attacked someone and caused major injury, it got very little media coverage. In that same year, a Pit Bull bit someone’s arm and over 250 media outlets covered the story. This also bring up the question of the legality of the ban in the first place. A lot of dog owners see this as a property rights matter. If they are responsible owners of their property, there should not be a ban where the government is allowed to take their property from them or give them a fine for owning that property. In the end, these bans are not cost effective and take away the rights of responsible dog owners to be able to live and work where they please. How do we fix this?             When all the evidence is stacked up, it seems to be a better option to take away these bans. I want to start with the county that is closest to my home that bans Pits. Miami-Dade County is one of the two counties in all of Florida that has a ban on Pit Bulls.  If this ban is taken away, it will save tax payers money, save families heart break and give more them more stability financially and on where to live, will save dogs lives, and reverse negative stereotypes that have lasted for too long. Reversing one counties ban on this breed can start a domino effect to where cities and counties across the country can get rid of these bans. Sign my petition and be part of a change that will save countless animals and families from more suffering.  

Autumn Knox
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Petition to Jared Miller - Amarillo City Manager - Texas

Justice for the Pregnant Pit Bull Killed While Giving Birth

On May 10, 2018, Richard Haven, Director of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, and Stacy Smith, Assistant Director of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, euthanized a pregnant pit bull while she was still in labor giving birth to her puppies. The puppies were also euthanized. This was reported by Dacia Anderson, who was a volunteer at the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society at the time. She has been asked to discontinue her work at the center. Dacia reported that a pit bull known as G7 spent the last moments of her life as she was dying still trying to clean her newly birthed pups. G7 was an owner surrender and considered dangerous and a threat to the population, according to Haven. Yet upon admission to the shelter, she was placed in general population. Dacia said she never detected any viciousness with G7. Just the opposite. Haven said on a television news report, euthanizing her when we did was the humane thing to do. This heinous and inhumane act has gone viral. These monsters must not be in a position of determining life and death of our animals. Sign this petition to demand that the City Manager immediately fire Richard Haven and Stacy Smith.                                               Can you chip in $3 to get this petition on the agenda?Within an hour, this petition could have thousands more supporters if everyone chipped in the price of a coffee. Yes, I'll chip in $3 or moreNo, I'll share instead

Earth Friends
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Petition to Garrison Commander Fort Polk

Keep my Half Pitbull Half Lab PTSD service dog by my side!

7 years ago my life changed requiring me to start attending mental health counseling. I ended up studying and learning about service animals which led me to acquiring my now 3 year old 1/2 lab and 1/2 Pit bull PTSD service dog. I have trained her relentlessly since she was 5 weeks old. Hazel is able to help me through a multitude of daily task as well as helping me regain my freedom in a public setting. Hazel is more than just a service animal, she has given me the confidence to be able to be the best mother I could possibly be to our 6 daughters. We recently moved to Fort Polk, LA since my husband is active duty Army. I took on the necessary paperwork to get Hazel approved to live with us in on post housing prior to our PCS. After 7 months of living here I am notified that Hazel is no longer welcome on this post. I am told that the base does not have to abide by the ADA laws and the FHA laws which discuss that discrimination against the BREED, age, and gender of the service dog is not allowed. I am desperate to keep Hazel apart of our family even though I have been told by base representatives that I can always get a new service dog or move off post. Let me note that Hazel is NOT an emotional support animal and is INDEED a task trained service animal which DOES entitle her to protection under the ADA and FHA as well as HUD. Military bases are not exempt from providing this protection. I am also NOT active duty, these are my civil rights and I have a defined disability. Hazel has not been a problem here on this post for the past 7 months and she will continue to remain under full control by her handler! Please help keep Hazel apart of our family by signing this petition which I plan on getting to the Garrison Commander! Thank You!

kristin schoeneck
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