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Petition to D. Tuck, L. Curtis, Terry Sult, Anton Bell, Mary Bunting, A. Bond, Animal Control, Katherine Hafner, Kelly Rule

Demand harsh sentence for death of 21 pit bulls by Vernon Silver

I'm amending this petition to show additional charges dating back to 2003.  He is an habitual offender of animal cruelty.  He is also an offender of driving with a suspended license, failure to obey traffic signs dating from 7/05 to 10/09.  These fines are also unpaid.  He obviously treats all aspects of his life with disrespect.  He probably laughs all the way home at the judges, police and animal control and asks himself why do they bother? In March, 2017, a Hampton man arrested on 65 charges related to 21 dogs found dead in Hampton home on Pochin Place.  As stated in the Daily Press, court documents indicate Vernon Silver was taken into custody and charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty, 22 counts of failure to provide care and 21 counts of failure to dispose of a deceased animal.  A variety of dog fighting evidence was also found. According to the criminal complaint, the only dog found alive was emaciated and confined to a pen filled with urine and feces surrounded by deceased and decomposing dogs, clearly deprived of food, adequate air flow and required emergency veterinary treatment.  The 21 pit bulls deceased were emaciated and had liquified in their cages.  Inside there was dog fighting paraphernalia, to include bite sticks and a spring pole.  There were also medications and syringes found for cows and horses inside the refrigerator, one specifically used by a licensed veterinarian, and all consistent with medications used to heal wounds associated with dog fighting.  Court documents say there were also multiple powdered supplements often used to enhance muscle mass and growth. Police also found dog fighting books at his residence on Abbey Court.  He purchased dogs from various individuals and kept them at Pochin Place in Hampton. Again, Vernon Silver has a long history of animal cruelty and has never received a sentence that equals his torture and mistreatment of animals. 7/2003   Convicted of animal cruelty and fined $1,000.00.  No jail time. 6/1/2007. Charges of no city dog license and failure to vaccinate dismissed.  8/28/2007. Failure to vaccinate.  Found guilty and fined.  Found guilty of 1 of 2 animal cruelty charges.  Fined $165.00.  These fines are unpaid. 9/2008. 16 malnourished dogs seized.  Pled away animal cruelty charges by surrendering the dogs.  No fine, no jail time. 4/2014. 46 charges.  16 charges of animal cruelty.  Convicted of 4! All charges of failure to provide care and no city dog license were dismissed.  $200.00 fine and 10 days of jail time suspended. Two years of unsupervised probation. 5/1/2014. Civil violation - Pet for impoundment of Animal.  No charges.  Can you imagine what he's done that we don't know about??  What kind of message did the judges send?  That you will be given a slap on the wrist, keep doing what you are doing to these helpless animals because there are no consequences. Justice needs to be serious.  I made the mistake of driving by the house on Pochin today (3/10/17) and all the windows were boarded up.  I have felt nothing but anger and sorrow.  I've cried most of the day just thinking about these babies and the suffering they endured needlessly by a man who used them for his own selfish needs.  Having two rescued pit bulls myself, it's hard for me to fathom that just a few streets over, there were all these dogs that no one gave a voice to.  We have to be their voice now because we failed them.  If he had been charged appropriately in the past, maybe he could have been stopped.  These pets died tragically.  Used for fighting, no veterinary care, no food, no water, no light and NO love.  His Arraignment date was March 23, 2017.   His preliminary trial is set for May 31st.  He has a bond hearing on 4/7/17 and we will be there protesting.  Emails are being sent to the Commonwealths Attorney as well.  Let the courts know that we demand Maximum jail time!      

Tina Hall
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Petition to Debra Ortega, ROBIN KNIECH, City of Denver

End the Ridiculous Breed Ban and Killing of innocent dogs in Denver CO!

Yes, this is still happening in 2018! The breed ban on pitbulls in Denver was passed in 1989 and some may not even know it exsists! According to the Denver AC and Denver city website ; “The ban has been in place since 1989. The ban is in effect for American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier.Pit bull type dogs are defined as any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of the above breeds, or any dog exhibiting those distinguishing (physical) characteristics, which substantially conform to the standards established by AKC or UKC .The ban is not the entire city (certain counties do not uphold it and some ever so often have proposals to try to overturn it in Court hearings like the Current proposal in Lakewood county), but the city and county of Denver do strictly enforce and ultimately terminate the dog if can’t be relocated in time” I know this is shocking to those of us who know Co to be a dog friendly state but if no one ever takes action nothing will be done. Below are the names and emails of both council women (yes women!!) upholding this ridiculous outdated ban killing these sweet babies for no reason. You can Contact: Robin Kniech at 720-337-7712 or and Debra Ortega at 720-337-7713 or ortegaatlarge@denvergovorg. Speaking to the AC of Denver they were polite but so matter of fact about the dog being put down that I more and more do think Mass killings of these beautiful dogs are being done behind close doors in one of the best and animal living states in the country! Sign the petition and end this ridiculous law now! Link to Denver city page with Breed Specific Legislation:   photo courtesy of, photographer 

Reene Phoenix
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