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Ban Breed Specific Legislation in Tennessee

Breed Specific legislation has passed in several cities throughout the state of Tn. This has been proven ineffective, costly and discriminating in the areas it has been inacted in. There have been no improvements to "aggressive dogs". Law enforcement has been tasked with identifying breeds , especially mixed breeds, by a vague and generic description.  By doing so with no training and no definite proof they are sentencing innocent dogs and families to undue stress and possibly death. Dogs, like any other being, should be judged individually. Not because they have big heads like "pits". Just like the picture with this petition.  Can you say for certain the breed? No you cant. You can guess but that's all without actual DNA testing.  Generically most areas have listed things such as:  A covered enclosure with a solid floor or a fence that is embedded two feet into the ground.  No screen doors or open windows.  Padlocks or combination locks on entrances to the enclosure.  The dogs must be muzzled at all times when outside the enclosure with no more than a 4 foot leash.  They may only be outside the enclosure for vet visits.  Additional liability insurance for injuries caused by the dogs.  Now while I understand the need for safety,  I do not understand punishing innocent dogs and families.  You should be able to walk with your trained dog down the street. All dogs need sunshine and exercise. Muzzles are for aggressive dogs or dogs in training. Dogs need socialization to prevent dog and human aggression.  While there are sometimes dogs, of all breeds, that simply are not suitable for adoption and public relations,  that is not the norm. In the majority of reports of "pit Bull" attacks the dog is presented as such but research shows that it is not.  Most of the cases of dog bites were triggered by the actions of the humans caring for them and interacting with them.  I believe if we educate the public on proper dog interactions and caring for them we can create an environment where all breeds can live together in a responsible way. BSL will not fix the problems we have.  It will honestly create more dogs in thr shelters or running free because owners can not afford to meet the standards. The animals and families affected by this unethical and discriminating legislation is overwhelming and detrimental to both parties. Currently 20 others states have banned the use of BSL and forced the cities to enact fair and equal rules on all breeds. Please help stop Breed Specific Legislation in Tennessee. 

Christina Mount
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Demand Investigation into American Pit Bull Examiner SHUT DOWN!

American Pit Bull Examiner is a column dedicated to helping animals in distress. APBE has covered thousands of stories about pit bulls and other animals for over five years. January 31, American Pit Bull Examiner posted a story about two dogs in the New York City Shelter System, Skye and Milo. The New York Shelter system is responsible for mass slaughter 365 days a year, even on Christmas day. They are notorious for killing animals with options for rescue as has been covered by American Pit Bull Examiner for years. Due to the popularity of the Skye and Milo piece written by APBE, a person representing herself as a 'reporter' with a 'deadline' contacted American Pit Bull Examiner wanting to write a story.This turned out to be a scam. There was no story written and the person and Facebook page called 'imediaethics' had me fired from the Examiner and American Pit Bull Examiner column shut down. This piece and thousands of other Examiner articles have been removed. A hate fest on several Facebook pages ensued which have included New York Shelter System and several deep pocketed 'rescue' type groups which show few or no dogs on their sites. This petition is asking for an investigation into this matter which smacks of a huge set up. Who benefits? NYC high kill shelter will have no more stories written about dogs and animals in jeopardy and the millions of Maddie's Fund money which disappeared. High kill rescues who have killed Spindletop and Katrina survivors while pocketing millions of dollars. We will continue to write our blog Pit Bulls and Other Animals to champion the truth and the horrors going on in our nation where over 9,000 companion animals are killed every day. The Examiner has taken down every article in the past five year...hiding the truth about every dog saved or killed that we've written about. What is The Examiner frightened of?This is wrong and anyone who shuts down the truth and supports mass murder has blood on their hands.

American Pit Bull Examiner
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