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Petition to Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, County Judge Ruben John Vogt, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick

Stop the Holly Energy Pipeline

Standing Rock started an indigenous-led movement to stop harmful oil pipelines, and has inspired communities around the world to stand up to harmful projects that will rob entire communities of their drinking water, clean air, and land. In El Paso County, Texas, Hispanic and Meshica indigenous families like mine are being threatened with another spill prone oil project, the Holly Energy Pipeline. Please sign my petition asking the Texas Railroad Commission and El Paso County Commissioners to stop this project before it hurts our communities. Ome Tlaloc and Tlazolin Xochiquetzal live in Montana Vista , a low-income, mostly Hispanic and Mexican Indian community where the pipeline will pass. “We were never warned or asked if there was any concern from us that a petroleum pipeline would be crossing our lands,” Ome told me. “We were never invited to a town hall meeting or consented to allow our property values to be essentially reduced.” Montana Vista residents rely on a well water system, meaning when the Holly Energy Pipeline leaks, it will go straight into their drinking water. “We refuse to expose our family to the hazards these pipelines will certainly create. Our generations’ life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness is now a broken dream,” said Tlazolin, who is an indigenous Meshica elder. Help protect Ome and Tlazolin’s access to clean drinking water. Add your name to help stop this pipeline. Recently and most devastatingly, the Comanche Trail Pipeline in El Paso County has been built and completed despite strong push back from the community and water protectors. Energy Transfer Partners was able to sneak in with their pipeline almost unseen and ran over the beautiful historically, agriculturally, and culturally rich town of San Elizario, TX where the majority of residents are also children and elderly of Hispanic and indigenous Mexican Indian descent. In some areas of San Elizario the dangerously risky 42-inch natural pipeline was laid no more than 20 yards from the homes of families with children, or only 3 to 4 feet underneath the ground where farmers will still plow the land. Energy Transfer Partners was able do all of this without any regulation or oversight into the threats these families now face being only 20 yards from a huge natural gas pipeline that has a high risk of explosions, spills, and leaks. Now another company, Holly Energy Partners, is going to do the same thing in another area of El Paso County. Don't let Holly Energy Partners further endanger the lives of more families and children like Energy Transfer Partners did in San Elizario, TX. Sign this petition to demand that the Texas Railroad Commission and El Paso County Commissioners fully protect the people's environment and the future of our clean water, air, land.

Crystal Arrieta
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Petition to John Boozman, Tom Cotton, Asa Hutchinson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Stop the Plains All American Diamond Pipeline

In light of the recent events dealing with the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, there is another pipeline, here in our own backyard, that poses a large threat to our health, safety, and well-being in the Natural State. The Plains All American Diamond Pipeline, funded by Valero Energy, is a $900 million project that will construct a 20 inch crude bearing oil pipeline through 440 miles of inhabited land in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The pipeline itself will make its way through five different water systems, including the Arkansas River and Mississippi River. We, as human beings, only have access to a limited supply of freshwater sources for our drinking water, and the Plains All American Diamond Pipeline is threatening our way of life.  The Plains All American Pipeline L.P. is a natural gas and petroleum distributor located out of Houston, Texas. They have over 18,000+ miles of crude oil pipeline running throughout the United States; with these pipelines comes oil pipeline spills, and Plains All American Pipeline is notorious for making global media for their lack of meeting standards and dumping gallons of oils into beautiful, and sometimes untouched, ecosystems. The company was cited and prosecuted over 10 oil spills from the years of 2004 to 2007 in states including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas. They racked up over $3.25 million in penalties from the spills. In 2010, the EPA ordered the company to revisit their pipelines and restructure, as they have not been meeting safety codes for many years. Obviously, safety and the request for more did not mean much because in both 2011 and 2012, Canadian crude oil companies monitored and owned by the Plains All American Pipeline suffered from large oil pipeline spills that together dumped over 40,000 barrels into rivers and Alberta Boreal forest areas.  As many may or may not remember, in 2013, Arkansans suffered a great deal of displacement and strife over an Exxon Mobil oil pipeline spill that left many families without homes for some time, and caused mass evacuation. Backyards, playgrounds, and streets were turned into rivers of flowing oil; not a sight to see for those within the "Natural State". If we allow the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Arkansas Government, and the Plains All American Diamond Pipeline the chance and opportunity to desecrate and destroy the natural beauty of the Ozark landscape, we will have done Arkansas a great disservice. We, as Arkansas (and Oklahoma) citizens, need to request that Governor Asa Hutchinson review and ponder on the implications of a pipeline that has a shaky track record of safety violations and large oil spills! Tell our Arkansas government officials to say "NO" to crude oil companies that threaten our communities! 

Kamryn Baker
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Petition to John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver : Please Cover FERC on Your Show!

We, the undersigned, strongly feel LWT should cover the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and how it consistently approves natural gas projects in the US despite how these projects affect people and the environment. To quote one of our supporters: "FERC is a joke, and it belongs on Comedy Central."FERC's background includes eminent domain abuses, massive conflicts of interest with 3rd party contractors, faulty/incomplete review processes, horrific gas compressor/pipeline/storage siting, and millions of US residents with no legal way to fight for their property or health because FERC always has the last word... the last word influenced and funded by the very fossil fuel industries FERC is supposed to be regulating. FERC has rubberstamped fossil fuel projects relying on the outdated Federal Power Act of 1935 and the Natural Gas Act of 1938 for decades. FERC has never said “no”. Among some of the most dangerous projects FERC thinks are A-OK: a gas compressors has been proposed for the most heavily populated and smallest area ever proposed in the US. From a potential explosion to daily operation that would release 61k TONS of pollution per year, the compressor poses untenable dangers from all angles.  FERC is the benevolent parent to fossil fuel companies, approving ever more dangerous projects. That’s FERC’d up. This issue has become even more important after Trump's election as his energy policies and appointees have enabled free reign for fossil fuel companies. John Oliver and Last Week Tonight, please cover FERC. The show is uniquely suited to present this complicated issue. Lives are literally depending on it. Thank you!#FERCisFERCdUP

A Honore
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