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Petition to Pinedale Town Council

Support the Establishment of a Dog Park in Pinedale, Wyoming

Pinedale, Wyoming is a friendly western town that has many amenities for its residents. But despite the large number of residents owning at least one dog, there are currently no approved areas where owners can allow their canine companions off-leash to exercise, socialize, and play. An enclosed dog park has many benefits not only for the dogs but their owners and the surrounding community: Allowing dogs to exercise and socialize safely creates dogs that are more well-adjusted and accustomed to other animals and people. They will be more likely to be well-socialized and react well toward strangers. Well-exercised dogs are also less likely to create a nuisance in their neighborhoods by barking excessively or destroying property. Dog parks are a great place for owners to meet other people with common interests, fostering a sense of community. Park users also benefit from the opportunity to ask questions of other owners and find solutions to problems they might be having with their pet. Dog owners who are disabled or have limited mobility will still be able to give their pets the exercise they deserve. Some people are unable to take their dogs for long walks but still want the companionship pets provide. A dog park could also help to keep disabled and elderly pet owners from becoming isolated by giving them a place to engage with the community.  Showing potential new residents that we are invested in the community. Adding a dog park to Pinedale's amenities illustrates that the town cares about the recreation and enjoyment of the citizens that live here. Dog parks promote responsible dog ownership. They prevent off-leash animals from infringing on the rights of other community residents along trails and in their neighborhoods. The number of lost or stray dogs could be reduced as would the number of wildlife that are harassed by off-leash dogs.  A dog park could serve as an event location for the Sublette County Animal Shelter, Happy Endings Animal Rescue, the 4-H Club, as well as a location for group dog-training lessons. Local pet owners and animal lovers could participate in events at the park to help animals in need while 4-H members can use the park for agility training. Local dog trainers would also have a space where they can hold group training sessions. Attracting tourists traveling through Pinedale with a place they can relieve their pets and allow them to stretch their legs without worrying about losing their dogs. This could give tourists an extra incentive to stop in town as well as providing people staying at local hotels a place to exercise their pooch. If the vacant KOA lot is chosen as the location, the grass planted in the park would eliminate the dust blowing around the neighborhood. Please help support the growth of our community by letting the Town Council know you're interested in establishing a dog park. Simply sign this petition, write a letter to the Town Council, or attend the Town Council meeting November 14th at 7 pm. To donate to demonstrate our commitment to the town and help us purchase the materials we need to start the park go to:

Pinedale Dog Owner's Group (PDOG)
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