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Petition to Arklow Seabreeze Festival

End the Pig Race

I'm calling on the committee to once and for all end the cruel and frightening pig race, as in this day and age, this outdated and backward form of entertainment should be laid well and truly in the past.  Pigs are highly intelligent and sentient beings, with real fears. Forcing them to race in a crowd of baying people, is absurd and beyond cruel and is not 'Entertainment'. You can see the look of fear in the pigs every year and it's time to come into the 21st century and end this now. Arklow has shown it's progressive outlook toward ending animal abuse by supporting the ban on allowing any circus that uses exotic or wild animals from performing here, the pig race is not much removed from using animals for entertainment in an outdated and sinister way. We as people should know better and not support any form of animal abuse and this is clearly cruel. Some of the public may think it's funny, but I guarantee those pigs don't think so. Surely another alternative can be sought for cheers and laughs for the public without resorting to animal cruelty? No matter what 'care and attention' the pigs get from their owners during their upbringing and on the day itself, it does not remove the fact that the pigs are forced to run among noise and on hard ground, that can only be very disorientating and fearful for them. The ISPCA is on record for not supporting these events, as is the RSPCA as is anyone with an ounce of compassion or sense. If you feel strongly, that pigs should not be raced at the Arklow Seabreeze Festival this year and from now on, please sign this petition and share it. I am sure that public opinion will end this outdated and cruel practice. If you would like to contact the Arklow Seabreeze Festival committee directly it's or catch them on Facebook under Arklow Seabreeze Festival 2017 or Arklow Seabreeze Festival, look for the most up to date post from them and that's your queue as to which page is currently active. Leave them a message there to show how disgraceful and unnecessary this event is..  My protest event page for 2018 is under this line, please come along if your'e in the Arklow area   Thank you.  Ciara Fitzgerald  

Ciara Fitzgerald
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Petition to DEFRA , uk gov, Michael Gove, Petitions parliament, Theresa May, Consumer

Ban the use of farrowing crates for pigs

Dear all, To begin the petition I must say that pigs are not stupid, they experience almost all the emotions we do and have a cognitive ability that far exceeds that of cats or dogs. Pig IQ If your dog tasted like pork Now that is clarified, I can begin the petition. In 1999, the use of gestation crates was banned in the UK. Veal and gestation crate ban These torture chambers could legally hold a pig in such a position that they could neither turn nor lie properly /hog_gestation_crates.jpg for their entire pregnancy. This caused extreme stress to the pig and was said to ‘stop pigs fighting’. These barren and callous hells of solitary confinement have been outlawed, but the pigs have not been set free. They were merely given a concession that turned extreme torture into torture. Pigs are still kept in tiny pens with other pigs and no enrichment whilst not pregnant and waiting to be forced to die, they are then brought into tiny crates for the final week of their forced pregnancy and for a month after giving birth. The piglets are taken form their mother at around 3 or 4 weeks of age Separation of mother and babies It’s totally legal to treat pigs like this Conditions in gestation and farrowing crates  British Pig Farm farrowing crate The reason for pigs being kept in these conditions is because in other incarcerated indoor environments, they often crush their piglets. However, in nature, they build a nest that shields the piglets and prevents them from being accidentally crushed. Farrowing vs naturalAs that link showed, mortality rate in farrowing systems is actually higher than in nature. Therefore, there is no need to put them through the pain of a farrowing environment. I ask you to sign this petition for these reasons, the only reason why these wonderful animals are caged is for profit. Corporations are treating these animals appallingly in so-called ‘factory farms’ and could not care less about their welfare. If this causes people to search abroad, ban the import of meat form pigs raised in these conditions. I will be extremely grateful to all who sign this petition. However, with the greatest of respect, it will not be listened to. Therefore, I have made a petition on the U.K. Governemnt site that urges the same action to occur, it is linked here and I urge all to sign Happy New Year and let's hope this year also brings some compassion for those who are not normally given it.    

Jacob Warhurst
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