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Petition to European Commission, European Parliament, Parma Ham Consortium, RETAILERS

Speak out against pig cruelty behind Parma Ham

A fancy restaurant, a glass of wine with some melon and ham… Sounds like a plan, right? Think again: behind your slice of prosciutto there’s a shocking reality. In March more terrible images hit the news revealing extreme animal suffering in the pig industry, this time filmed inside farms rearing pigs for world renowned delicacies including Parma Ham. The video shows mutilated and distressed pigs packed in mice-infested, overcrowded and filthy pens, never to see daylight or breathe fresh air. There is an unbearable scene of a pig stuck on his back inside a food trough, urinating on himself out of fear. The pig industry wants us to believe that these are just a few “bad apples”, but the evidence of widespread abuse across the pig industry in Europe is overwhelming. The horrible scenes from Italian pig farms are only the latest in a series of investigations showing the same reality across Europe: pigs are highly intelligent and sentient beings, but they undergo systematic suffering for the profit of industrial farmers in total disregard of existing EU laws. It’s time to show that you are no longer willing to be duped and that you don’t accept sugar-coated excuses from an inhumane and unsustainable pig industry. This is your chance to call on the European Union, national ministers and food businesses to put a stop to this cruelty! Sign this petition and call for better lives for pigs. Concerned citizens worldwide: pigs in Europe need you! The EU is the biggest exporter of pork, sending its products to every country in the world. So if you live outside Europe, please sign to show you care about the animals that are behind the European ‘delicacy’ products on the shelves in your country. Your signature can make the difference! Thank you,    

Eurogroup for Animals
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Petition to Brad Sherman

Congressman Brad Sherman, introduce a bill to protect pigs from abuse in factory farming.

Over the years I have signed many petitions against the cruelty involved in factory farming.  I have learned that the sad reality is there are no federal laws protecting the farm animals. Without enforceable laws the animals that fall victim to factory farming are subjected to hideous abuse and brutal death. Recently, I joined a group of activists and gave water to pigs that were arriving to a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles. They were piled in trucks and hadn’t been given food or water for days. They were treated like inanimate objects. We were on street and still heard their screams from inside the slaughterhouse. They haunt me still.  Pigs are intelligent social animals. They are very aware. They are confined in cages that restrict their movement. They are forced to endure being shipped in trucks without food or water. They eventually end their short painful lives with a violent death at a slaughterhouse. I don’t eat meat. However, you don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan to agree that pigs should be provided with food, water, and space to move around and interact with each other, without being subjected to fear and pain.  It’s time to push for laws protecting the pigs from abuse. It’s time to hold factory farming accountable for the treatment of the pigs.  Congressman Brad Sherman, we commend you on your proven track record as an advocate for animal rights. We are asking you to introduce a bill protecting pigs from abuse in factory farming. Profits and efficiency are not justification for inflicting pain and suffering on intelligent sentient beings. Please stand up for the pigs that are tortured every day.  

Rick Lindland
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Petition to Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, Peter Banks, Christoper Hightower, Sammie Shopshire, Cecil "Butch" McDaniel, Charles Glass, Bennie Horton, Robert Heiney, Mark Farmer, Sharon Greer, Denise Hames, Blane Parker, Anne Claxton, Larry Whiteworth

End the Annual Cruel Barnesville Greased Pig Chase

Every September, the Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce in Georgia hosts a greased pig chase. For hours, one by one, terrified piglets are brought into an arena and thrust towards mobs of screaming children who run after them grabbing and clawing to try to be the first one to "claim" the pig. After being roughly handled, the pigs are chased by children, teens, and young adults who pile on them with their full body weight. Pigs suffer emotionally and physically as they are body-slammed to the ground and their limbs, ears, and tails, are yanked, bent backward, and twisted by the frenzied crowd. GARP documented the event workers slamming the pigs down, slapping them, and spitting on them in front of the crowd. Pigs are sensitive, intelligent, affectionate animals who experience physical and emotional harm at this event. Pigs instinctively fear being chased by predators and experience sheer terror while being pursued by a manic group of screaming people trying to catch them. In addition to being traumatic and extremely frightening for the pigs, animal chasing events desensitize children and teach them that terrorizing and hurting animals is acceptable behavior. The Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce claims the city is "forwardly innovative". Please sign the petition to let them know that violent events promoting animal cruelty are not innovative and they do not make Barnesville a desirable place to visit or do business. To see video of the Barnesville greased pig chase click this link:  

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection
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