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Petition to Central Board of Secondary Education

Ban Grace Marks CBSE Physics 2018 Class XII

CBSE Class XII Physics students have started a petition to have CBSE give grace marks as they believe the paper was tough. We believe it wasn't. Such petitions have become a fashion of late. Students need to study for next exams rather than involving in such activities of past concern.  Also, not having moderation of marks for this batch isn't unfair, rather equitable and justifiable. Students shouldn't crib because of one 3 marker or few other questions. Board papers are set to that standard where about 10-20% is always assigned to test HOTS. As per CBSE's explanation, having a day's time of preparation for an exam shouldn't be of much concern as students were trained to attempt the exam for the past 10-11months. It's not that the students are going to face the exam of such pattern for the first time as Pre Boards are held for the same purpose. One shouldn't expect CBSE to provide 'free marks' as we are not willing to earn it. The paper I would say would fall into the easy category unless of course, all one has been doing was reading notes and memorizing derivations. This paper had only two derivations and rest tested your conceptual strength, if a person is not willing to study physics properly then they better quit beforehand. By properly I mean read the textbook if you don't understand the textbook take help in understanding the textbook and not skip it. The textbook that NCERT makes is a cool resource for physics. We request you to not sign that petition and sign this instead! This prevents CBSE from further lowering the already low Science standards in our country.  

Satishchandra Chitrapu
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