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Petition to Philly Meg & G-Philly

Stop the hatred and shut down the hateful articles written by Ernest Owens and G Philly

There comes a time when you must stand on the right side of the fence and I'm asking my friends, followers, family and community to stand with me. I have sat back quietly and watch respected leaders get verbally attacked, chastised, disrespected by a group of people who follow the journalist Ernest Owens. Some of these people even went so far as to attempt to have some of these leaders fired and one was threatened with physical violence to have his jaw broke by a person of color. Backstory: Philly Black Pride, The Colours Organization and Social Life Entertainment are repairing race relations with iCandy Nightclub. Through a series of contractual agreements holding iCandy owner accountable for his actions. As a part of this agreement, this collaboration benefits community organizations for LGBTQ people of color and donates to charities for LGBTQ people of color. Ernest and his followers have expressed their disrespect and hatred for our leaders on every forum possible including online publication "GPhilly" an affiliate of So again, friends, family and followers; I'm asking you to stand on the right side of history with our leaders (Philly Black Pride, the Colours Organization and Social Life Entertainment) by signing this petition to stop the hatred and shut down the slanderous hateful articles being written by Ernest Owens and G Philly of

Rob M
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Petition to COLOURS , Philadelphia Black Pride, Social Life Entertainment

Dear Black People: Terminate Business Relationships With iCandy, Philadelphia

Dear Decision Makers, I would like to get straight to the point: Ideas can be changed however BELIEFS CANNOT. Prematurely, I digress. In recent efforts to facilitate the ever so popular "social change" your named organizations have introduced an Agreement with the owner(s) of iCandy that will (to also get straight to the point) suggest that it is satisfactory practice to give racist business owners black dollars. I'm going to keep this short and liberal.  No matter how many sensitivity trainings staff are required to complete we're talking about changing the institutionalized and personal beliefs of a grown man who, in reaction to his exposure, recently decided to hold hands and sing Kum-Bay-Yah (is that how you spell it?) with POC organizers. I believe anything is possible, however iCandy can continue to "get right" off of the dollars of ignorance they still seem to accumulate while the "non-marginalized" portion of the gay community ignores our plight. They'll be aight.  I'd say this whole trauma was a great thing--- in a Post-PTSD Therapy kind of way. I'm in love with the fact that my city is not standing for this. That we're not willing to budge even a little. That this is stirring up the right kind of cognitive dissonance amongst POC that got us where we are today. So hear us out. Loud and Proud. Don't do business with iCandy. Sincerely Yours, Most of the LGBTQ Community of Philadelphia

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Petition to Jurate Krokys, School District of Philadelphia, Dr. William R. Hite, Jr.

Keep Masterman High School Class Trips

Dear Assistant Superintendent Jurate Krokys, We are Masterman High School’s Student Government Association, representing the voices of students. We are reaching out to petition to have our school’s class trips on June 16th, 2017. We have followed the standard procedures to have our trips. We have secured the date with our administration, booked our venues in advance, and notified students, parents, and faculty. All of this has been done many months prior. Our scheduled date of June 16th was approved and cemented in our school’s calendar after meeting with our principal and vice-principal three times: in August, January, and April. Subsequently, we had also paid significant costs to host our trips, including deposits to the venues and the bus companies to hold that specific date. Students were also given trip slips early so families can make plans around this date to avoid any potential conflicts. Recently, we have heard that there was a lack of communication in regards to notifying our class sponsors that the deadline for SDP trips is June 15th when we have reached out multiple times to our administration to not only approve, but also confirm our date of June 16th. Thus, we have been told our trips will be either cancelled or moved to an earlier date—options that are both unfeasible and problematic. Such change will force us to lose the deposits that have already been submitted to the venues. Already, we have called to try to reschedule, but this option is impossible due to time constraints and heavy demand for the venues during June. Parents, students, and families have all been paying class dues of hundreds of dollars each year to make these trips possible. We do not want to see our money be washed down the drain simply because we cannot have our trip. In addition to losing our trip payments, students and faculty would also be severely affected if we were to reschedule to an earlier date. Not only have families made plans on other dates besides June 15th, but the school has also already planned events every other day in June: multiple assemblies, Middle States, high school finals, student activities, Spirit Week, Field Day, Laps for Education, senior projects presentations, graduation rehearsals, and many more. Therefore, we had purposely set aside June 16th as the date to hold our class trips once we had received approval from the administration. As you can see, changing the date would have endless adverse effects that weigh heavily on our shoulders. For the past two decades, Masterman High School has held its class trips for all four grades on the Friday before the last week of school, a hallmark to the end of another great school year. Because there was a lapse in communication, we feel that as students, we should not be the ones to bear the burden of having to reschedule or change our date. As the student body’s representatives, we seek to bring our voices to the ears of our administration. Already, we have heard students, teachers, and families speak out about the negative effects of changing our date. We all have given our time, invested our money, and followed protocol to ensure the success of our class trips. Given your position, we hope you can hear our voices too. Thus, we request for you to grant us permission—permission that has been granted to us on multiple occasions in the past—to once again have our class trips on June 16th. Sincerely,Student Government Association

Robert Sim
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