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Petition to Jurate Krokys, School District of Philadelphia, Dr. William R. Hite, Jr.

Keep Masterman High School Class Trips

Dear Assistant Superintendent Jurate Krokys, We are Masterman High School’s Student Government Association, representing the voices of students. We are reaching out to petition to have our school’s class trips on June 16th, 2017. We have followed the standard procedures to have our trips. We have secured the date with our administration, booked our venues in advance, and notified students, parents, and faculty. All of this has been done many months prior. Our scheduled date of June 16th was approved and cemented in our school’s calendar after meeting with our principal and vice-principal three times: in August, January, and April. Subsequently, we had also paid significant costs to host our trips, including deposits to the venues and the bus companies to hold that specific date. Students were also given trip slips early so families can make plans around this date to avoid any potential conflicts. Recently, we have heard that there was a lack of communication in regards to notifying our class sponsors that the deadline for SDP trips is June 15th when we have reached out multiple times to our administration to not only approve, but also confirm our date of June 16th. Thus, we have been told our trips will be either cancelled or moved to an earlier date—options that are both unfeasible and problematic. Such change will force us to lose the deposits that have already been submitted to the venues. Already, we have called to try to reschedule, but this option is impossible due to time constraints and heavy demand for the venues during June. Parents, students, and families have all been paying class dues of hundreds of dollars each year to make these trips possible. We do not want to see our money be washed down the drain simply because we cannot have our trip. In addition to losing our trip payments, students and faculty would also be severely affected if we were to reschedule to an earlier date. Not only have families made plans on other dates besides June 15th, but the school has also already planned events every other day in June: multiple assemblies, Middle States, high school finals, student activities, Spirit Week, Field Day, Laps for Education, senior projects presentations, graduation rehearsals, and many more. Therefore, we had purposely set aside June 16th as the date to hold our class trips once we had received approval from the administration. As you can see, changing the date would have endless adverse effects that weigh heavily on our shoulders. For the past two decades, Masterman High School has held its class trips for all four grades on the Friday before the last week of school, a hallmark to the end of another great school year. Because there was a lapse in communication, we feel that as students, we should not be the ones to bear the burden of having to reschedule or change our date. As the student body’s representatives, we seek to bring our voices to the ears of our administration. Already, we have heard students, teachers, and families speak out about the negative effects of changing our date. We all have given our time, invested our money, and followed protocol to ensure the success of our class trips. Given your position, we hope you can hear our voices too. Thus, we request for you to grant us permission—permission that has been granted to us on multiple occasions in the past—to once again have our class trips on June 16th. Sincerely,Student Government Association

Robert Sim
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Petition to Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, Councilman Mark Squilla

Reclaim Chinatown and Support Affordable Senior Housing

Please leave the PRA feedback on the proposals for 800 Vine by March 17th:Email: Jessie Lawrence Mail:  Jessie LawrencePhiladelphia Redevelopment Authority1234 Market Street, 16th FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19107 More info:  Please sign and support affordable senior housing and responsible community development. We believe the Chinatown community should determine what goes on their land; and that development projects within Chinatown should nurture the community as well. PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life propose to construct: 60 units of affordable senior housing 120 residential condominiums for purchase 181 parking spaces 26,000 retail space for small businesses 5,000 square foot aeroponic, pesticide-free farm Chinatown's first playground and green space Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspire Life's proposal is a family-friendly, community-friendly development tailored to the Chinatown community, taking into consideration that Chinatown is not only a commercial corridor but a residential neighborhood, a home where English Language Learners can live with autonomy and dignity and provide authentic cultural services to Asian Americans throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.  Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life have over 150 years of experience developing similar projects in Chinatown. PCDC and Presby are nonprofits dedicated to reinvesting in the community. PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life propose to reclaim this parcel from which Chinatown residents and small businesses were evicted in 1960, and give it back to a community that provides cultural and linguistic resources to Asian Americans throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presby's proposal is built for Chinatown. History In the 1960s, the parcel on 8th and Vine was one of many targeted for the Independence Mall IV Urban Renewal Plan. The government evicted Chinatown residents and small businesses, seized homes and stores through eminent domain, and demolished them. However, the Plan itself was halted through grassroots protests led by the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC). The lot has remained undeveloped for over 50 years, serving as a street-level parking lot. PCDC's proposal is an opportunity for Chinatown to reclaim its land amidst rising property prices and increasing encroachment by urban development. It is also the final deciding conclusion to a half a century battle to retain our land. This is the last large parcel in Chinatown available for us to reclaim or lose indefinitely. Chinatown has long served as a hub for the growing immigrant community; a place of opportunity and cultural and language access in the Greater Philadelphia area. To maintain this resource, it is essential that we protect the small businesses and families that give Chinatown its cultural identity. Chinatown's unique cultural heritage means positive development within its borders must also consider the community it serves: over 90,000 Asian Americans in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Chinatown has fought off proposals for a jail (1994), baseball stadium (2000), and a casino (2008). Constantly, developers overlook the fact that Chinatown is a home to families with children. Chinatown has since lost 25% of its land area to major urban development projects even as its population grows. Join PCDC to reclaim Chinatown's last available parcel for its community. 

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation
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Petition to Temple University - Shuttle Operations Department, Temple University

Keep the morning inter-campus bus service for all Temple University students

A recent change to the inter-campus bus schedule, effective Fall 2017, will cut the early morning bus service. This means that non-Ambler campus students and faculty that rely on the 6:50 a.m., 7:50 a.m., and 8:30 a.m. bus service to get to the Health Sciences Center and/or the Main Campus from Ambler, will have to seek alternative transportation. Some of your options are to drive, take regional rail, or adjust your class schedule to fit the new inter-campus bus schedule. First, if you choose to drive, a parking spot at Temple University Main and the Health Sciences Center costs, as of April 2017, $240.00 per semester. Second, if you decide to adjust your class schedule to fit the new inter-campus bus schedule, the earliest bus that leaves Ambler is at 9:45 a.m. That means you will arrive at the Health Sciences Center at around 10:25 a.m. and at Temple Main at around 10:35 a.m.  Lastly, if you choose to take the regional rail, a SEPTA TrailPass for Zone 3, as of April 2017, costs $163.00 a month (TrailPass Zones). However if you're fortunate enough, Temple University, through the Bursar's Office, offers a limited number of semester passes at a 10% discount, so for students that live in Zone 3, they will be paying $588.62 per semester (TU TransPass Discounted Prices). It is also important to note that these limited passes are only available to full-time students and your semester pass will be withheld if SEPTA increases its fares after the mail-in payment deadline.  Please sign and share this petition to bring back the early morning Temple University inter-campus bus service in Fall 2017!

James Lu Jr.
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Petition to NBA, Donald Trump

Bring Sam Hinkie back as the general manager of the Philadelphia Sixers

Tony DiLeo's pitiful trades and signings ultimately led to the hiring of Sam Hinkie as general manager and president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia Sixers. During Hinkie's tenure, no one could comprehend how he got away with robbing so many other GMs of their assets. Most notably, he sent two European players for Nik Stauskas, first round pick swaps, and an unprotected 2019 Kings first round pick. In addition, he flipped Jrue Holiday, who was at his stock peak, for Nerlens Noel and a first round pick, which eventually became Michael Carter-Williams. He then traded MCW, who was at his peak value, for a haul including a protected Lakers first round pick, which would later be deemed unprotected in 2018 if not conveyed in 2017. Hinkie's moves seemed crazy for those who didn't understand patience. As Hinkie quoted the great Abraham Lincoln, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  As Hinkie was eventually forced out of the Sixers' front office for possessing extreme intellectual capabilities, in stepped Jerry Colangelo. Jerry eventually grew tired of his basement becoming the home of his son, Bryan, and convinced the Sixers that Bryan's inability to create a championship roster was good enough to take a flyer on him. With Bryan's hiring, he brought oblivious Sixers fans excitement as The Process was "officially over." On February 23, 2017, Bryan Colangelo proved he was not fit to run the Sixers as he traded Nerlens Noel for a bent paper clip, two loose buttons from a Nautica button down, and a three-inch piece of string. Colangelo essentially said to loyal Sixers fans that day, "I don't care about The Process (Joel Embiid)."  As a disappointed fan, I want to make the Sixers aware of how much Sam Hinkie is missed by the fans, who are the ones that pay to watch the games. Please, grab a friend, grab your family, and sign this petition. "You don't know what you have until it's gone" 

Eric Antich
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