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Petition to Christopher Pyne, Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Education and Training, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

Help stop the mass poisoning of pets by vets

Imagine eating nothing but canned stew or kibble every day of your life without ever brushing your teeth. That’s the grim reality for the majority of pet dogs, cats and ferrets. In the film Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald’s meals three times a day for 30 days. He gained eleven kilos in weight (24 and a half pounds); his liver turned to fat; cholesterol shot up; and he doubled his risk of heart failure. Spurlock’s doctor had no difficulty making the connection. Morgan Spurlock was becoming seriously ill as a result of a constant junk food diet. The consequences for dogs, cats and ferrets fed canned and packaged junk food are the same or worse. See the mini-trial in the video above. Four previously healthy dogs suffered visible effects of vet-recommended Hill’s Science Diet in just eight days! Multi-national corporations Mars Inc, Nestlé and Colgate-Palmolive are the main junk pet food producers. Besides the cruelty, ill-health and suffering the economic costs run into the $billions. And this ruthless industry has pet owners poisoning their pets alive — thanks to the advice of their trusted local vet. Not that the local vets are entirely to blame. They’re brainwashed at vet school. Junk pet-food makers work secret deals with vet schools worldwide. In Australia, in an attempt to discover the junk pet-food deals, I am conducting Freedom of Information applications against the seven university vet schools. See for written and video progress reports and how the companies pay for access to the vet students. On 17 September 2015 Sydney University Vet School is due to appear before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to explain why it believes the public should be kept in the dark and that its deals with Royal Canin, a division of Mars Inc., and Hill’s, a division of Colgate-Palmolive, should remain secret. Please help the Minister for Education and Training understand how junk pet food grease lubricates the vet school brainwashing machine leading to massive pet ill health and cruelty. Please sign the petition and encourage all concerned pet owners to sign the petition. Pets, people and the wider environment need our help. Signed, Tom Lonsdale (Veterinarian)

Dr Tom Lonsdale
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Petition to Elizabeth McArthur (NSW Department of Primary Industries), Nick Xenophon, Senator Richard Di Natale, Hon.Barnaby Joyce Mp, Senator Richard Di Natale, Dr Andreas Glanznig, Dr Tony Pople, Dr Tarnya Cox, Biosecurity South Australia, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, Animal Health Australia, Dr Mark Schipp, Senator Nick Xenophon, Michael Reid

Against the spread of K5 calici virus and RHDV2 Rabbit Virus without proven Vaccines

A new strain of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) known as K5  WAS released on the. 1st March 2017.  While we  understand the problems faced by farmers by feral rabbits  we feel that deliberately introducing viruses can be dangerous. K5 is strain 08Q712 of the RHDVa subgroup - that is, of Chinese origin. It was imported  along with 37 other strains (many of which also happened to be strains of RHDVa) and another even deadlier virus RHDV2, for testing to assess which would be the most suitable. The fifth strain of RHDVa tested was decided on and hence called K5. Unfortunately, various strains of RHDVa have already escaped and caused outbreaks in Australia, and now RHDV2 had spread and is killing thousands of domestic rabbits since we have no effective vaccine for it, and RHDV2 is not species specific. Please help stop this bio-logical warfare on our domestic rabbits. There are other ways to control feral rabbits including halting fertility etc.    Thankyou for signing and sharing.

Maree Hamming
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