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Petition to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

BBMP Pet Licencing process need to be simple & Easy online for pet owners in Bangalore

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP), has issued a new pet licensing scheme where only one approved dog can be reared in a flat while an independent house cannot have more than three dogs. For pet parents and pet activists with more than one Dog, this ruling is harsh. And so do we really.....? ...Still not answered ..??? However, as per section 344 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, keeping and feeding animals and birds without the permission of Municipal commissioner or concerned officer is strictly prohibited. Before the rules are stringently made, and given the unwieldy nature of the current registration process with BBMP Vet Inspectors at each ward, its better to create an easy Online mechanism to mass register dogs at external locations. It can also help in educating them about the benefits of neutering, proper dog tags, stringent rules on leashing and picking up dog poop.  an venture by Whizzles Pet care Pvt Ltd.& BlueBird Groups as a noble initiative towards helping the Dog Owners & Pet Lovers of Bangalore to get the RFID Micro-chip at very low cost & working with the prompt effort to help pet owners in bangalore to avail the BBMP Pet Licences online.. as emerged to encouragement with positive focus on ensuring that responsible Pet ownership & other Petting services where addressing the issues faced by Pet Owners in bangalore. The current BBMP Animal Husbandry Department has amazing guidance from the current BBMP JC Health as well as from concerned citizen stakeholders and we hope and trust these changes would come through positively and very soon.

Punith Kumar
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Petition to H.E. Mr. Koro Bessho

United Nations Declare a World Dog Day

Even before I come to the main text, I urge people to sign and share this petition because if it succeeds, it will go a long way in ending cruelty to dogs. This petition impacts not just one dog but all the dogs of the world so please see the BIG picture. Despite protests all over the world, dogs are still killed in barbaric ways and their meat is eaten in many parts of the world such as Yulin in China, Korea, etc. Unless a petition like this succeeds, cruelty to dogs will continue. A dog is truly man's best friend. Unconditional love is just one of the gifts dogs give us and teach us. The relationship between humans and dogs goes back to almost 32000 years. Dogs have helped humans not only as pets but also as guide dogs for the handicapped, police dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, war dogs and much more. It is high time a truly global day (declared by the United Nations) is declared for them and hence I request as many people as possible to sign this petition and urge H.E Mr. Koro Bessho (the permanent ambassador of Japan to the UN) to place a proposal before the United Nations to declare Nov 10 (Hachiko's birthday) as the World Dog Day. Hachiko was one of the most loyal dogs to have lived and his story has been shown in films, the most recent one being 'Hachiko - A Dog's Tale' starring Richard Gere. Hachiko waited for his dead master at the railway station for almost ten years after the latter's death. Hachiko was a legendary dog and lived in Japan and hence it is only fit to have a Japanese representative place a proposal before the UN. The UN World Dog Day will not only create greater awareness and understanding about dogs and their rights but also reduce cruelty towards them such as in the Yulin Dog Meat festival and elsewhere. The success of this petition will force countries to strengthen dog protection laws (in fact animal protection laws in general) so it is important for all animal lovers (not just dog lovers) to sign this petition. The World Dog Day declared by the UN will be at par with other important days such as the Labor Day, Women's Day, etc. Dogs (in fact all animals) will get greater respectability not just from dog lovers but also from those who do not like dogs or are indifferent to them. This will be the first time that the United Nations will have dedicated a day for a particular animal. No animal lover can deny that of all animals, dogs truly deserve this honor.  I urge as many people as possible from different countries to sign this petition. PS - Some countries such as the US do have their National Dog Days, however those 'days' are not truly global but are country specific only. The fact is, unless a day has been declared by the United Nations (such Labor/Women's,etc.) it is not truly global, hence, signing this petition is important. The photo in the petition is of the statue of Hachiko in front of the train station of Shibuya, Tokyo, where he waited for ten years for his master. People can be seen paying homage to this wonderful and loyal dog.   Manish  

Manish Jaitly
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Petition to Mr. P.K. Gupta (Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation), municipal corporation of delhi, Mr. Amit Yadav, Mr. Puneet Kumar Goel

Release the funds, don't shut Friendicoes down!

This is Blindey. He was found on the side of a Delhi street, eyes gouged out, whimpering in pain, lying in a pool of his own blood. Friendicoes rescued him. They couldn't save his eyesight but they did save his life. Today, Blindey is one of the 500+ permanent canine residents at Friendicoes.  But not for long. Friendcoes is about to shut down because they've run out of money. Municipal Corporation of Delhi owes Friendicoes Rs. 38 lakhs and they haven’t paid up. Sign my petition and ask MCD to release the funds to Friendicoes. Imagine if Friendicoes didn’t exist. Or ceased to exist. I’ve known Friendicoes as a volunteer, as someone who’s dropped off sick dogs at their shelter and called in injured animals. For 40 years, Friendicoes has stuck to its policy of ‘No animal turned away, no animal left untreated. Never say no.” They run a 24 hour rescue helpline, an ambulance service, they vaccinate and neuter strays and treat horses and mules via a mobile clinic. Friendicoes is paying for its generosity, they’re spending more on animal care than they can afford, and have accumulated unpaid medical and food bills of more than Rs. 82 Lakhs. Their sterilization and vaccination programme is run in collaboration with the MCD but the MCD hasn’t cleared payment since October 2014, amounting to Rs. 38 Lakhs. This debt will shut down Friendicoes- if the MCD doesn’t release the payment right away. Sign and share my petition and help Friendicoes so they can continue to help animals in need. Donate here: 

Rhea Lopez
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