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Petition to UK Parliament


Would you keep a cat or a dog in a hutch? Cottontails believes it is equally cruel to cage companion rabbits and that they deserve a better life. The average hutch on sale in pet shops measures just 90cm X 30cm X 30cm. This means the rabbit cannot stand up or take a few hops and has to lie in her urine and droppings. There is no room for toys, a litter tray or a companion. The hutches are cheaply made (though not cheap to buy) and offer little protection from predators and the elements. Rabbit Habitats Rabbits should have a living area of at least 2m X 3m, for example a spare room or part of a room (you can use a pet gate/room dividers to limit the space). In addition they should have access to a larger exercise area where they can RUN! e.g. another part of the house or a secure pen in the garden (in the daytime with supervision). Please Sign our Petition! We are seeking to end the sale and use of rabbit hutches and cages. Even the biggest ones barely allow a pair of rabbits to turn around once you've furnished them with food and water bowls, hay, straw, litter tray, bed, toys, etc. And as long and they’re available to buy, they will be used to confine rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals, often for their whole lives. Please help us give them a better quality of life by signing our petition and spreading the word - if you're on social media, please use #HappyBunnies. Thank you. Need More Info? Cottontails has been promoting keeping rabbits completely free-range ever since it was founded in 1993. Our first rabbit Carolina and later our foster bunnies taught us that a home is not a hutch or an indoor cage. Please visit our website at for lots of advice on rabbit care, from housing to bonding rabbits and finding a rabbit shelter near you.

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Petition to The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP


I am part of Lost and Found pets in Bristol/South Glos, we are concerned again at this time of year, that not only during the run up to bonfire night, but also the weeks thereafter, that fireworks will be randomly let off at all times of the day and night, without a single thought for those of us with pets at home, as well as those out in the wild, that are absolutely terrified of the very loud fireworks that the public are doing. No thought for what the animals are feeling, surely we should be putting the animals first and preventing them from this noise abuse? We have no right to make them feel so scared, its not okay for humans to be scared and it is certainly not ok for animals. At this time of year, even with people who do take great care to ensure their pets safety while outside, whether for a walk or simply let out in their own garden, we will have many more cases of dogs loose running scared around the streets, so scared of the fireworks that they are putting themselves in danger of the roads. We have had 3 dogs hit by cars in the last week, 2 were fatal. This will be a more regular occurance over the coming weeks. some links human affects....

Michelle Pibworth
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Petition to The vets practice manager

Justice for Sam

  We are putting In a formal complaint with the practice manager and this petition's crucial intention is to demonstrate the demand for change. Not only that, but it shows that their conduct will not be tolerated by those who rely on them. ***At this stage we will not name the practice in question, until they have had the opportunity to respond, and would be greatful if those who sign don't either.*** That being said no matter which one it is, I would hope none of you receive the same appauling treatment with your pets. As most of you know, our Sam gained his angel wings with dignity on Monday 27th August. Sadly as most of you will also know, the pain and distress this causes a family and everyone around the animal. We made our arrangements, chose the casket, and individual burial. We were told (like other occasions) he would be back in 2 weeks pending the bank problem at all. We were so greatful to that vet (no longer there) who went above and beyond when we needed him. On the morning of 11th (as advised) I rang to ask if he was back..I was told to ring after dinner. I did and was told quite abruptly "you don't need to keep ringing we will ring you" I apologised and explained I understood how busy they were and just wanted to make sure he hadn't returned. On hearing nothing I rang at 5.30 to be told the delivery had been, Sam wasn't on it, and "you'll have to wait till next Tuesday as they only deliver then"...I was devastated, knowing I was waiting why hadn't they rang or chased it? Ste (My partner) rang and was incorrectly advised which crem he was at. I contacted them and of course they denied all knowledge but offered to help chase the vets.(Above and beyond their remit.) Desperately, I contacted another crematorium, who apologised (not their fault at all)and they confirmed Samson had been cremated there, and RETURNED to the vets the 4TH SEPTEMBER..Relieved and furious I rang the vets and advised of what I'd been told. I was sheepishly told "yes he's here." We collected Sam and the receptionist not only lied to us about when he was returned, saying they hadn't realised what it was. The OPENED box we received is 20 x 11 inches with a clear label AND sympathy card on the side. The crematorium advised 3 animals were delivered that are we expected to believe a cremation delivery would deliver anything else, and that staff could not recognise it amongst 3 boxes??? The receptionist then wrote the manager's name on a card RESTING ON SAM'S BOX!!!She then reminded me I needed to pay..we paid and angrily I left. I have since rang the crematorium to thank them for everything they did and they confirmed the vets have NEVER rang once to enquire about Sam's whereabouts!! What this means: Staff failed in their duty of care to ascertain Sam's location. I had paid for that service and although no contractual breech was made, I would expect them to at least follow this up.(So that they could EASILY locate him.) Staff failed to show any concern, empathy or care for the situation. We were made to feel like an inconvenience when he was on a shelf in the practice. Staff didn't listen to what was said and confirmed the wrong crematorium, not offering a phone number. We were put under more stress and pressure than was necessary.Had I not located the crematorium myself, (Their job) I'd have waited 3 WEEKS to find not only Sam was not on the delivery, but that he had been sat on a shelf for 2 WEEKS! What we're aiming for is some peace of mind that no one has to endure the pain and suffering we have. Changes in policy and practice need to be made,  and more importantly PROOF lessons have been learnt. I know like any parcel Sam had been signed for, so why is it right he should be disgarded on a shelf and forgotten till staff decide to action it? I have no doubt there are procedures are in place, as we have not experienced this with other cremations at the same practice. Unfortunately, we fail to accept this appauling treatment and believe it's utterly immoral for ANYONE to experience this, at such a difficult time.  Thank you in advance on your support!  

Keily Moses
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