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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Corey Johnson, Costa Constantinides, Paul Vallone

Emergency Response for Pets

Emergency response teams are needed throughout the Boros for people with pets. In the event of an emergency people’s only option is to run to the vet. While there is a pet ambulance that is dispatched from the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, when the emergency arises it is next to impossible to get them on the phone. More of them are needed.  Two months ago our beloved Rottweiler, Mishko, choked to death on a ball. We called the vet. They said they couldn’t come. The dog was frantically running around the house choking. My husband tackled him to the ground. He was a 130!lb dog. We tried the heimlich, CPR, we turned him upside down to no avail. I called 911 twice and they hung up. They said to call 311. 311 puts you on hiold forever. The dog was dying. We were all screaming and crying. This was all happening within minutes. My neighbor called the ambulance -they didn’t answer. We frantically drove to the vet blowing red lights. The dog was still alive. 3 vets worked on him. They did a traecheotimy. He died from the trauma. My 2 children witnessed the whole thing. What if this was an elderly person with a pet? Do they watch them die? A child alone with their pet? Do they watch them die?  There has to be something City Council can implement. I respectfully ask that you take my plea into consideration. Please sign my petition so no one has to witness what we did. Thank you.

Barbara Michaels
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Petition to Jennifer Hawkins, OC Board of Supervisors

Stop the Killing of Karma the Dog(safe)/ Change leadership at Orange County Animal Services!

With the dog's life saved, we are now looking to change leadership at Orange County Animal Services.  As Karma is now safe in a sanctuary! Karma, a young, healthy, sweet Husky mix was taken from her loving family by Orange County Animal Care on May 25th, after adults in the family were alleged to have been engaged in a dispute. A judge then ordered Karma to be executed because they determined she is part wolf. Now, animal advocates worldwide are trying to convince authorities to spare her life. Please sign this petition urging the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Her family loves her and would gladly have her back. But if Orange County is unwilling to free her because of concerns that she is a wolf hybrid, let her live out her days at an appropriate sanctuary equipped to care for such dogs. For four months now, Karma has been in isolation with no access to run, take a walk, stretch her legs, or breathe fresh air. She’s allowed no visits from her owners. Karma is a wonderful and friendly dog. She is friendly and has never shown any indication that there is reason to question her loyalty to humans. Karma is also a licensed service dog, having helped her owner with the effects of PTSD. Only first generation wolf hybrids are illegal in the state of California, and counties are allowed to determine their own policies regarding second or third generation hybrids, of which Karma is one. When Karma was taken by Animal Care, officials looked into her history and found an extremely low wolf content on her DNA test. Karma is anything but wild, far from vicious, and she should not be condemned to this terrible fate when her breed is perfectly legal in the state.   Five dog rescue groups have stepped forward and said they are willing to take Karma. Why would Orange County stand in their way? Please help us convince the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Urge them to release her to a suitable facility.  

Michael W.
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