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Petition to Mac Glinn, Sean Brady, Alice Burch, Jonathan Meltz, Steven Zelkowitz, Tom Benton

Support Non-Toxic Pest Management in Miami Shores

It is time to reconsider how we keep our village green!  The same toxic chemical pesticides that eliminate pesky bugs and weeds can have adverse effects on the health of our children and pets, and contaminate our groundwater.  Many of these pesticides kill pollinators such as butterflies and honeybees along with the pests they are intended to eliminate.  Effective, non-toxic pest management methods exist and are being used throughout the United States, from San Francisco and Pittsburgh to our neighbors in North Miami.   If you agree with the statements below, please sign our petition: ·      I support pest management practices that are safe for children and pets. ·      I support using pest management practices that do not harm pollinators (birds, butterflies, bees, etc.). ·      I support pest management practices that do not contaminate ground water. ·      I support using non-toxic pest management in Miami Shores ·      I support limiting the use of pesticides containing toxic chemicals in Miami Shores so that they may be used only as a last resort.  I would like the Village of Miami Shores to do the following:  1.    Investigate alternatives to toxic pesticides in public spaces maintained by the Village of Miami Shores including, but not limited to the Tot Lot, Community Center, Aquatic Center, Athletic Fields, the Dog Park and Parks within Village boundaries, as well as at the Golf Course. 2.    Follow expert guidance to transition Miami Shores pest management practices toward non-toxic pest management.  3.    Take steps to ensure that the Village of Miami Shores will continue to prioritize the well-being of its most at-risk populations (children, pets and pollinators) in future pest control policies.

Melissa M
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Petition to Jennifer Hawkins, OC Board of Supervisors

Stop the Killing of Karma the Dog(safe)/ Change leadership at Orange County Animal Services!

With the dog's life saved, we are now looking to change leadership at Orange County Animal Services.  As Karma is now safe in a sanctuary! Karma, a young, healthy, sweet Husky mix was taken from her loving family by Orange County Animal Care on May 25th, after adults in the family were alleged to have been engaged in a dispute. A judge then ordered Karma to be executed because they determined she is part wolf. Now, animal advocates worldwide are trying to convince authorities to spare her life. Please sign this petition urging the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Her family loves her and would gladly have her back. But if Orange County is unwilling to free her because of concerns that she is a wolf hybrid, let her live out her days at an appropriate sanctuary equipped to care for such dogs. For four months now, Karma has been in isolation with no access to run, take a walk, stretch her legs, or breathe fresh air. She’s allowed no visits from her owners. Karma is a wonderful and friendly dog. She is friendly and has never shown any indication that there is reason to question her loyalty to humans. Karma is also a licensed service dog, having helped her owner with the effects of PTSD. Only first generation wolf hybrids are illegal in the state of California, and counties are allowed to determine their own policies regarding second or third generation hybrids, of which Karma is one. When Karma was taken by Animal Care, officials looked into her history and found an extremely low wolf content on her DNA test. Karma is anything but wild, far from vicious, and she should not be condemned to this terrible fate when her breed is perfectly legal in the state.   Five dog rescue groups have stepped forward and said they are willing to take Karma. Why would Orange County stand in their way? Please help us convince the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Urge them to release her to a suitable facility.  

Michael W.
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Petition to Steve Hogan, Michael F. Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Jenae Shipman

Please Bring Capone Home

A German Shepherd/Lab mix, Capone, has been a family-member of a family in Aurora, CO for the past 10 years. On February 24 2017, Capone jumped the fence in his backyard and was picked up by Aurora Animal Control. City officials are currently refusing to return Capone to his family because he is suspected to be a wolf-hybrid "after it's experts observed the animal's behavior, mannerisms and physical characteristics." If a DNA test finds that Capone is part wolf, he is at risk of being euthanized, re-homed or sent to an animal sanctuary. Please sign this petition urging the City of Aurora to return Capone to his family. Capone is currently being detained at the Aurora Animal Shelter. He is a loving family dog who does not have a history of violence and have never shown aggressive tendencies. In fact, Capone has proven himself to be a loyal and loving dog to the family's children. The owner, Tracy Abbato, feels like her children are being punished by having their dog taken from them. Abbato stated "they sleep with the dog at night and it's hard watching my kids because they are taking it rough." Owning a wolf hybrid is illegal in the City of Aurora but the State of Colorado law states that as long as a dog is at least 1% domesticated, it's legal to own said dog. Capone, who has lived with his family for the past 10 years and has never been show to be wild or vicious should not be condemned to death or a life without his current family when the State of Colorado allows dogs who are at least 1% domesticated to be owned as pets. For more information check out this 9News story or this one on the Huffington Post. This family dog deserves to come home, not caged up, just imagine, he may never get to have that life again.  How would you feel?

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