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Require Samsung Electronics America Inc. to stand behind their refrigerators!

Samsung Electronics America Inc. has many thousands of Samsung refrigerator owners living a nightmare with continued performance and safety issues with their Samsung refrigerators. These reported safety issues deal from very serious situations such as fires, medication and food not being maintained at a proper temperature. These improper  functioning Samsung refrigerators result in many Americans getting sick , as well as, less concerning issues such as ice makers not making ice in these very expensive appliances. Many Samsung refrigerator owners place a thermometer inside the refrigerator and often it does not match the front display set temperature many times 10° warmer. It is time Samsung Electronics America Inc. stands up and does the right thing for many Americans dealing with these Samsung refrigerators.  Samsung Electronics America Inc. is aware of these thousands of Americans concerns and vigorously fights in giving refunds, so people can buy a functioning refrigerator.  Samsung Electronics America needs to make this process streamlined and help Americans to keep their food and medications at a proper temperature and keep American families safe.  If Samsung Electronics America Inc. continues to fight these American families many more people will get sick from spoiled food and medication that is not being kept at a proper temperature. 

Jeff Kegley
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Petition to Lily Mei, Teresa Keng

Designate DOLA (Dogs Off Leash Areas) in North Fremont

Petition to:  Ms. Lily Mei, Mayor, Fremont Ms. Teresa Keng, Council Member, Fremont Council (District 1).    The North Fremont Area is in desperate need of areas that can be designated Dogs Off Leash Areas (DOLA). Freedom to socialize off-leash and play is a necessity for all dogs providing them much needed socialization and building dog-dog and dog-people social interaction. Per the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, dog parks and off-leash areas "allow dogs to get adequate physical and mental exercise, thereby lessening destructive and annoying behaviors in general which can benefit society as a whole" We ask for Dogs Off Leash Areas (DOLA) to be designated on priority with the following rules.  Evenings: One Hour before Sunset till one hour after Sunset All 7 days of the week We recommend the following area to be designated as Dog Off Leash Area (DOLA).  Frank Fisher Park (area Behind the Tennis courts) Ardenwood Deep Creek Park Northgate Community Park  DOLA is the only scalable way for cities to manage off leash activities, in a community led, cost effective way. There are numerous examples of Dogs of Leash Areas being successfully administered across the bay area, and hope our community can also see similar benefits. The following rules will be followed by the group / owners : Dogs will remain on leash at all times except during the permitted time and within the designated DOLA area.  Dogs will be supervised and controlled at all times by a person atleast 13 years of age. Max of 2 dogs at a time per owner.   Cleaning up after the dog will be mandatory. All dogs to have current status for vaccination and registration. Dogs in heat or less than 4 months old will not be allowed.  Any dog with history of dangerous behavior will not be allowed.       

Farhan K
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