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Petition to Elaine Hays Councilmember Place One, Ginger Nelson

Reform The City of Amarillo Texas Animal Shelter to a No Kill Facility Shelter

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "            Mahatma  Gandhi                           City Commissioners City of Amarillo Texas     Reform The City of Amarillo Texas  Animal Shelter to a No Kill Facility Shelter       Killing is the ultimate form of violence. While cruelty and suffering are abhorrent, while cruelty and suffering are painful, while cruelty and suffering should be condemned and rooted out, there is nothing worse than death, because death is final. An animal subjected to pain and suffering can be rescued. A traumatized animal subjected to savage cruelty can even be rehabilitated, this is scientifically proven.    SEEKING JUSTICE FOR SHELTER ANIMAL MURDER AND ABUSE  Make The City of Amarillo Texas Animal Shelter “Pound”    A  NO    KILL   SHELTER   FOR   ANIMALS     Require it mandatory that all staff know State and Federal Law concerning animals, especially assistance animals and wild life.                                    Named  #1  for animal  cruelty abuse in  the past years this facility has been operating from the start of existence by The City of Amarillo while the general public watches in horror of exposed event after event.  For many years I have personally witnessed these actions . . .  This cruel and horrendous facility is operated in the name of revenue only for the City, consider the fact that there have been many previous complaints of animal neglect, abuse and torture. .      Each animal who died or was abused at the hands of this operation  deserved a better option.  example :  A Senior/Senior man in tears begging for mercy on his best friend “dog” asking them the please wait a day so he could pay them his Social Security check would be available,  he didn’t mean to be bad when he crawled under the fence,  is only one of thousands of incidents ; they killed his Best Friend anyway.     There is plenty of room/land for expansion, if needed, many cages are empty now on a continued basis. Community volunteers constantly donate time and supplies. It would not be a tax payer burden nor has it ever been, only fund management has been a problem.     The  revenue will be increased actually and that is always been the goal . .  I have watched The Amarillo Municipal Court and saw the terror and frustration to everyday working people with  huge unnecessary high fines and tickets, that go beyond any reason and sometimes there was no actual real offence ..  but it cost more to fight the situation than hand over their family grocery money for the month. Some must pay a ticket on their family friend that was already killed at the pound, trying to explain to their children why “Rover”  can not play with them any more. Also violations of laws concerning wild animals, farm stock and even Assistance Animals..are ignored.  ANIMAL  TORTURE  is defined as: “infliction of or subjection to extreme physical pain, motivated by an intent to increase or prolong the pain, suffering, or agony of the animal.”Conviction is a Class 3 Felony. In addition to other penalties provided by law, the person  or persons will be required to undergo psychological evaluation and treatment. Why should this law bypass an Animal Pound Facility, and those who chose to do this there ?  Previous  petitions for change have been a Victory to some extent but past experience tells us that this facility will only return to it’s old mode of operation once it assumes the public is not watching, as quickly as possible for them. ;      For decades, law-enforcement officers and psychiatrists have noted a consistent pattern: Violent criminals "start out" by tormenting, maiming and killing companion animals, wild animals or farm animals. The FBI has recognized the link since the 1970s, when agents analyzed in detail the life histories of various imprisoned serial killers, searching for patterns. When animals are abused, people are at risk. These findings deserves a RED FLAG, all over the Nation. !!   A few short months ago, the ASPCA and HSUS co-presented an adoption seminar where they finally admitted that there is a huge market for shelter animals that vastly exceeds the number of animals killed for lack of a home (17 million homes vs. 3 million killed); that we can adopt our way out of killing; that we should; and that we will when shelters change their practices." "Animals in shelters are not being killed because there are too many of them, because there are too few homes, or because the public is irresponsible. Animals in shelters are dying for primarily one reason--because people in shelters are killing them. " -Nathan Winograd, founder of the No Kill Advocacy Center * Begin to address the true causes of shelter killing.* Force shelters to change the way they operate so that animals are kept alive long enough to get into those homes. .have the Shelter open hours that the normal everyday working public can visit, view and adopt. • Stop promoting and defending the practice of shelters killing animals when there are empty cages. .• Stop working to defeat laws that mandate all the programs and procedures that allow shelters to replace killing with alternatives . .• Stop telling shelters that they are free to keep killing, rather than implement those alternatives to killing . .* Return animals to owners after being on the watched row.* Have payment plans for adoption and return plan of lost animals that is reasonable. . below cost for low income hardships. Google search will turn up widespread complaints continuing to this very day, concerns about lack of quality care and/or killing that fall on defiant ears.  Statistics show  the city violent crime rate for Amarillo  was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 68.05%, this is the way Amarillo is seen by the world, also seen is  the crime and conduct toward helpless animals. Does Amarillo really want the stigma, and disgraceful conduct allowed by City Officials concerning animals ? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a dog or any animal. . . Please don't tell me there's no soul in there. A soul is energy. And basic physics states "energy cannot be created or destroyed. . . . Only transformed". There is a big difference between a plant, a pet or any animal.  A Plant or object  cannot love or feel pain or sorrow or loneliness or feel fear. If an entity can feel those things it has a soul. And since a soul is energy it cannot cease to exist. If you took science in high school or have common sense this is obvious.  The Animals belong to The Creator of All, not man to do as he choses.   Protected by universal laws, how will he see what you do to them ? To: All Viewers of this Petition Please sign   We  The Undersigned petition  a   NO KILL SHELTER for   “ Amarillo Texas “  to abolish the death chamber/manner of horrors there now.... expand, improve, update the 40 year old facility, remove  any sadistic people who intentionally seek those jobs for their own motives in the joy of pain or kill,  they can get by with it with the animals, but not humans.. . require strict compliance to all laws concerning animals, state and federal. . . these are easily available.. courses  though the college online also.   Many are there working diligently help them make it a compassionate model shelter.    Animals have feelings too !          Please consider a  forward to all you know are concerned distribute broadly to others for signature: 

Betty Garrity
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Petition to David Peach

Navarre Beach Dog Park

County permit annual pass to allow dogs to leagally be taken to County beaches.  REVENUE to support a Off-leash park.  Parks are good for dogs, their guardians and the whole community. Off-leash parks: - Promote good canine physical health and socialization, reducing nuisance behaviors and making dogs better canine citizens - Discourage delinquent and criminal activity in parks - Encourage people to exercise and stimulate social interaction with other people - Accommodate senior citizens and the disabled, who cannot always walk their dogs on leash - Build a community of people committed to parks, community involvement and the environment - Encourage compliance with local leash laws and reduce the number of dogs likely to end up in shelters Why Off Leash Parks Are Good For The Community Benefits of Off-Leash Parks We naturally tend to assume that off-leash parks are primarily for the benefit of our beloved dogs, but experienced dog park users know better. Off-leash parks offer just as many benefits to humans as they do to dogs: both to dog guardians as well as the wider community. How do we all benefit from off-leash areas? From Seattle Mayor, Greg Nichols — "Parks have a real role in the socialization of a city. Off-leash areas really expand upon that. We also recognize that dog guardians and their pets create an atmosphere of safety in our public parks." From Ali Rutzel, the head of Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA) — "People say, 'I never knew my neighbors until I went to the dog park.' You meet all these wonderful people and the only thing that you have in common is that you have a dog and that you love dogs - you wouldn't meet these people anywhere else." From John Etter, Parks Planning, Public Works Maintenance, Eugene, OR — "Off-leash parks are community centers for people just as much as for canines." From Dr. Lynette Hart, director of UC Davis' Center for Animals in Society — "Dogs facilitate friendly interactions among people, as they so actively solicit play and offer greetings. Establishing a dog park creates a community center of activity where friends and neighbors gather to relax. Users of dog parks are self-policing so as to maintain the appealing environment. Creating dog parks is a method for more efficiently educating dog guardians and facilitating them in assuring excellent behavior with their dogs." From The National Parks & Recreation Service booklet, Planning Parks for Pets — "Designating an area where dog guardians can allow their animals to run off-leash successfully remedies this problem in parks where the concept has been introduced. Violations of the leash law and subsequent public complaints have decreased; and dog guardians have a place to legally exercise their pets. Off-leash areas allow dog guardians to be law-abiding, easing the burden of enforcement on animal control officers and freeing them to do more important work, such as animal rescue and control of dangerous animals." We are asking for a dog park on Navarre Beach with water access at the west end of the boat ramp parking lot . One that would give a secure free roaming off the leash experience for our pets, with water supply for drinking water and bathing station, cleanup stations for waster removal as well as some covered sitting areas for the humans..

Camille Abbamonte
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Petition to David A. Trott, Brad Sherman

Help the Dogs & Cats of the Horrific and Devilish Yulin Meat Festival

The dogs and cats of the Yulin Festival are being made to suffer horrific means to an end, simply to justify an outlandish tradition while making a profit. The dogs are dragged from overstuffed cages and are stabbed in different parts of their bodies and left to bleed to death. They are also electrocuted, hung to death, skinned alive, and some possibly cooked before they are completely dead. To add Horror to Horror, some dogs and cats are burned alive (fully conscious) while being beaten with sticks. We need to unite and make a stand against The Yulin Meat Festival. We must urge every citizen to come to the aid and rescue of these helpless animals who are doomed. We must reach out to the people of the Province of Guangxi as well as the city of Yulin and implore them to come to an agreement in which dog/cat meat is banned and made illegal perpetually. They are concerned with the loss of profits and that seems to be the driving force. We need to figure out a solution, another more humane and civil Festival that will not affect the livelihood of the locals while freeing the dogs and cats once and for all...and if that’s not an option, Death to the Yulin Meat Festival nonetheless. I love all animals, yet none touch my heart as much as dogs. I love cats very much although. The unconditional love and loyalty these animals give naturally, show you they have a higher purpose and we have a duty as human beings to protect these Divine Creatures. Every dog I see, I am looking into the eyes of my own family.

Michael Shaotha
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Corey Johnson, Costa Constantinides, Paul Vallone

Emergency Response for Pets

Emergency response teams are needed throughout the Boros for people with pets. In the event of an emergency people’s only option is to run to the vet. While there is a pet ambulance that is dispatched from the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, when the emergency arises it is next to impossible to get them on the phone. More of them are needed.  Two months ago our beloved Rottweiler, Mishko, choked to death on a ball. We called the vet. They said they couldn’t come. The dog was frantically running around the house choking. My husband tackled him to the ground. He was a 130!lb dog. We tried the heimlich, CPR, we turned him upside down to no avail. I called 911 twice and they hung up. They said to call 311. 311 puts you on hiold forever. The dog was dying. We were all screaming and crying. This was all happening within minutes. My neighbor called the ambulance -they didn’t answer. We frantically drove to the vet blowing red lights. The dog was still alive. 3 vets worked on him. They did a traecheotimy. He died from the trauma. My 2 children witnessed the whole thing. What if this was an elderly person with a pet? Do they watch them die? A child alone with their pet? Do they watch them die?  There has to be something City Council can implement. I respectfully ask that you take my plea into consideration. Please sign my petition so no one has to witness what we did. Thank you.

Barbara Michaels
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