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Global Ban on Animal Abuse: Protecting Innocent Lives

As an animal lover, I am deeply disturbed by the fact that in some countries, animal abuse is still legal and animals suffer unimaginable cruelty on a daily basis. This petition aims to bring attention to this pressing issue and urge governments worldwide to enact comprehensive legislation that makes animal abuse illegal.Animal abuse takes many forms, from neglect and abandonment to physical violence and torture. It is heartbreaking to witness innocent creatures endure such pain and suffering at the hands of humans who should be their caretakers. Animals are sentient beings capable of feeling fear, pain, joy, and love – they deserve our respect and protection.To support our cause for a global ban on animal abuse, let us consider some alarming facts:1. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that hundreds of millions of animals suffer from cruelty each year.2. According to a study by the Humane Society International (HSI), over 100 million animals are subjected to experimentation annually.3. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that up to 70% of domestic violence cases involve pets being harmed or killed.These statistics highlight the urgent need for action against animal abuse worldwide. By signing this petition, you will join countless others who believe in protecting innocent lives from unnecessary harm.It is crucial for governments around the world to recognize that laws against animal cruelty not only safeguard animals but also contribute positively towards society as a whole:1. Research has shown a strong correlation between individuals who commit acts of violence against animals and those who later engage in violent crimes against humans.2. Banning animal abuse promotes empathy among citizens by fostering compassion towards all living beings.3. A comprehensive legal framework can help prevent future generations from perpetuating cycles of violence through education about responsible pet ownership.We call upon lawmakers globally to take immediate action by implementing strict laws that criminalize animal abuse in all its forms. By doing so, we can create a safer and more compassionate world for both animals and humans.Together, let us raise our voices against the injustice faced by animals every day. Sign this petition to demand a global ban on animal abuse and help protect innocent lives from cruelty. Let us be their voice when they have none.Remember, change starts with each one of us. Stand up against animal abuse today!

Parisa Thapa
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Ban Debbiethepetlady

To whom it may concern, First and foremost We are NOT trolls, The Majority of us. We Are concerned citizens and ex friends(supporters, sub's &Mods) of Ms Debbie the pet lady! The Truth is finally out there for all to see, and TRUTH ONLY is what we wish to expose!! Ms Debbie has let the little bit of *Fame* she has received from TikTok(Bc no one knew of her Until the app),go Straight to her head and the money??...Forget about it, THAT is what drives her...Not love of the Art of creating content or love of a support system. It has so Blatantly became love of the Dollar� and Each "Supporter" is ONLY seen as an ATM. An her animals, SO Sad to know she has been hoarding animals she is Unable to properly care for. She has recently purchased (Not"Rescued" as she says) an emaciated horse and a miniature bull that she feeds Goat feed Daily and Keeps them locked up in a SHED at night that has NO windows, NO ventilation, And Minimal Room, IN THE SOUTH CAROLINA SUMMER HEAT!!! Unacceptable on All accounts!! We are all continuing to make reports of her bullying, harassment, and hate filled vulgarity, that she is Allowed (Unchecked)to continue to spread daily on the TikTok app. Even when they Find violations and Say they Restricted her, They don't bc SHE is their cash cow atm. She claims we "make-up" videos and lies about her, But the Reality Is...IT IS HER OWN CONTENT & HORRID BEHAVIOR BEING SHARED!! Nothing is made-up. She Abuses and gaslights anyone that has the misfortune of getting too close to her, Especially her supporters! She blocks ppl for saying "Hi, Hey Deb, Happy birthday"(On her birthday), Putting hearts or unicorns in her chat and even for just coming into the room or sending her likes, ECT. The More people gift her and send her money through this app, the Worse she is getting and that is evident DAILY on her page. She does have mental illness and does receive a monthly check bc of that illness BUT her behavior has Nothing to do with the M.I and Everything to do with Narcissistic manipulation at its finest.Shes lived her entire adult life manipulating ppl to Her benefit. BUT now the "negativity" (the truth coming out about her Behavior) has started to encourage the paranoia that you experience with Paranoid schizophrenia, so Everyone is "out to get her" now in her pov. She is becoming more and more unhinged every day she starts her *shit show* So we are asking Everyone that reads this, to PLZ sign this petition so that TikTok will Ban her content or at the least, Restrict her Until she's able to get a handle on her vulgar abuse SHE creates everyday traumatizing her most vulnerable supporters. Also, so she can stop using these poor pets as cash cows for her wardrobe & home. PLEASE , if You are a supporter of Debs, Please beware and Do your Own research of HER Content! What isn't on TikTok can be found on YouTube , as well as Howard Stern's interviews in which we recognize the SAME behavior. This is how she Is, it's NOT "an act", it's Reality. We did not make these claims from thin air. She is her own worst enemy and has Admitted to pushing away ppl she becomes close to. So we are trying our Best to bring awareness to her in order for the appropriate steps to be taken. As well as in fear for those poor animals. Thank you to whomever took the time to hear us out. We Are NOT Trolls and a lot of us DO love Deb and her pets! We only want HER to recognize the pain she is causing others that have cared for her and that Do Not deserve the abuse and harassment from her daily now. But Thank you all and Please sign if YOu agree she needs help! 

Chris Young
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Petition to Mayor Debbie Kling, Nampa City Council Members

Protect Animals in Public Spaces - Ban the Sale of Animals in Parking Lots

I, as a concerned resident of Nampa, ID, am deeply troubled by the alarming practice of selling and transferring animals on our streets, sidewalks, parking lots, public parks, public right-of-ways, and other public places. It is time to take action to protect these innocent creatures from potential harm and ensure their well-being. As an animal lover myself, I have witnessed firsthand the distressing sight of animals being displayed for sale or given away in crowded public areas. This practice not only poses significant risks to the health and safety of these animals but also compromises the overall welfare standards we should uphold as a compassionate society. The main reason behind this petition is health and safety concerns for these animals. According to reputable sources such as veterinary clinics and animal welfare organizations: The risk of parvovirus transmission increases when animals are exposed to uncontrolled environments like parking lots or parks Unregulated sales may result in irresponsible breeding practices that perpetuate genetic disorders or contribute to overpopulation issues. Lack of proper screening during spontaneous transactions can lead to unsuitable homes for these vulnerable animals. By banning the display, sale, transfer, or any form of ownership exchange on our streets and parks within Nampa's jurisdictional boundaries; we can mitigate these risks significantly while promoting responsible pet ownership practices. It is essential that we prioritize animal welfare and create a safer environment for these innocent beings. By supporting this petition, you are advocating for the well-being of animals and taking a stand against potential health hazards they face in public spaces. Together, let us urge the local authorities, including Nampa City Council and relevant legislative bodies, to enact legislation that makes it unlawful for any person to display, offer for sale, deliver, barter, auction, give away or otherwise transfer ownership of any animal on streets, sidewalks, public parks or other public places within our city. Sign this petition today to protect animals from unnecessary risks and ensure their safety by prohibiting the sale and transfer of animals in public spaces. Let's make Nampa a model city that values compassion towards all living creatures! Thank you for your support in safeguarding the welfare of animals within our community.  

Mia Maxey
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