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Drug Test Pete Ricketts Daily (on Instagram) Instead of Testing Welfare Recipients

Pete Ricketts wants to drug test welfare recipients even though study after study has shown that this population does not consume drugs at a rate higher than the general population. In most cases, the percentage of people fall below half a percent. So in an attempt to ward-off imaginary freeloaders, we spend a boatload of money to shame the poor for being poor.But you know who isn't poor but has been busted by the DEA for trying to import illegal drugs from India? Gov. Pete Ricketts. We're going to go ahead make the assumption that the Governor is capable of reading and some low-level of critical thinking. Thus, he must be aware of the outcomes of every other state that has already tried this. So he must not want to try to save taxpayers money by drug-testing the poor. He might just like drug tests. So if we've got the money to blow, let's just keep it simple and drug test somebody we know has a knack for trying to get drugs that violate state law: Gov. Pete Ricketts.If successful, each and every drug test that would have been administered to welfare recipients would instead be administered to the Governor up to but not exceeding one test per day. Proof of compliance must be posted online via Instagram using the hashtag #GovRickettsDailyDrugPeeCup. And any positive results will result in his immediate removal as governor, plus a celebratory toot of the state's tornado sirens. We think this is is every bit as reasonable as the Governor's current proposal. 

Concerned Citizens For Gubernatorial Drug Testing
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