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Take a stand! Agree that PETA’s Facebook presence is harmful to animals and animal lovers

It’s time to remove PETA from Facebook, as they violate FB Community Standard Part IV. Integrity and Authenticity 20. Free speech is incredibly important, but PETA has been endangering and harming animals for years now, and it’s time to act against them. On Facebook, they constantly post false information and encourage others to spread it. They are an extremist Animal Rights group. These groups would see pets set free only to die. Similar organizations have blatantly admitted to wanting to see horses extinct. PETA’s Facebook page is also taking away donation money from legitimate Animal Welfare organizations like the ASPCA, an organization that actually helps animals. If we want to protect the animals of the world, it’s time to focus on alternative organizations who don’t have a hidden agenda. There aren’t many official arguments or active campaigns against PETA, and it’s time to change the tide! Arguments Against PETA: Fact Check for Yourself Snopes - Doesn’t Dare Confirm or Deny Alternative Organizations: Research Them For Yourselves ASPCA Wildlife Conservation Network and more!

Clea Cloutier
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