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Petition to Instagram, Facebook

Stop The Illegal WILD Big Cats of Instagram Smuggled from Africa

The Animals Friday Market in Kuwait is an open market where all the animals sold are from puppy mills, backyard volume breeders, stolen pets and smuggled exotic illegal animals. Needless to say their sellers do not really care about their well-being but instead about how much money they can make out of them. Those who don't make it through the day, are thrown into the garbage bin - dead or still alive ... According to an article written by VICE, The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram, buying illegal wild animals in Kuwait is, as one local puts it, "as easy as acquiring a cupcake."  While this trend is becoming an increasing popularity contest the world over, our Instagram feeds globally are cluttered with photos and videos of wild exotic large cats, Lions, Cheetahs, Cubs and so much more. While obtaining a wild cat makes you an online celebrity, what we don't see in all of these photos and videos is more important than an individuals temporary internet fame. These exotic animals and large cats, Lions, Tigers, etc., are being stolen from Africa moments after birth in the wild, transported and sold to the highest bidder. They live in what some consider captivity, but not just any regular conservation captivity; they live in houses, mansions, boats, Maserati's and anything else the rich fancy to boast their ego for the day. These animals are treated as accessories, carried around in Louis Vuitton bags and USED for temporary internet fame. We all understand how instagram works, and you are probably aiding and abetting these people and their criminal inhumane actions by simply following them on social media. After all, the main goal is social status, internet fame. As we have seen in previous attempts to shut down human trafficking through other online outlets and web applications, they've claimed protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and avoided direct punitive action. Despite the fact that Kuwait and other Gulf states forbid the import and sale of wild animals this trend is running rampant.  So what can we do? First start by flagging every single wild large cat and animal video and photo on social media as inappropriate. Unfollow all of these people and block them from ever showing up in your feeds on every social media account. If we want to see direct effects of our actions we need to take direct action and stop this before it becomes out of control and decimates wild populations of big cats in Africa.  Remember, to individuals partaking in these cruel activities it is not about "loving" these animals, caring for these animals or even taking good care of them at all. It is 100% about fame and profit. If we don't put an end to this before the wildfire catches and becomes out of control, many innocent animals will be abused, murdered, captive, confused, tortured, hostile toward unknowing humans who pass by, become tourist attractions and so many more horrible things. They will eventually not be allowed to return to the wild, after being "domesticated" and sadly we will live to see the end of WILD large cats in Africa.   This article No longer king of the jungle: New fund to aid Africa's lions  describes wild Lion sightings in Africa as so increasingly rare it has taken "researchers conducting a lion survey in the area two months before they spotted one of the big cats."  There are numerous reasons that the population of wild cats will be decimated in Africa, this is only one of them, a very large exponentially increasing reason, with little to no end in sight. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat, untamed and untouched. 1: UNFOLLOW 2: Report as inappropriate  3: Block individuals participating in these activities  4: SHARE SHARE SHARE this information! The data is available, do your research, be an informed consumer, know your rights, act accordingly. 

Kelli Lee
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Petition to Steve Kelley, Daniel Leeper, Pat Edwards, George Spicer, Justin Taylor

Stop dog chaining in Nassau County Florida.

Dear Nassau County Commissioners: In Nassau County, Florida it is perfectly legal to chain a puppy to a immovable object such as a tree and him leave there  - - forever.   The only requirement is that he has food, water and a shelter with a floor, roof and  three sides.  This practice is prevalent throughout this county. Nassau County has yet to pass an anti-tethering ordinance.  As one former commissioner stated, "I am sympathetic, but many of my constituents chain their dogs and they would never support this ordinance."  What's so bad about tethering a dog?  Dogs are highly social animals, but when they isolated, chained and unable to retreat they suffer adverse behavioral changes putting them in a constant defensive attack mode.  That barking dog on a chain is not being protective. He is fearful, defensive and aggressive.     Chained dogs are five times more likely to attack children who want to pet, "the nice doggy" or inadvertently wander within reach of the chain Tethered-dogs have a horrific life as they are subject to extreme temperature changes, pouring rain and even hurricanes.  They are preyed on by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  They are usually infested with hookworms, roundworms and heartworms.  They are susceptible to mange and a host of other diseases.   In human terms, tethering is the equivalent of eternal, solitary confinement.  The Humane Society of the United States and numerous animal behaviorists  along with the    U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement in the July 2, 1996, Federal Register against chaining: "Our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane. A tether significantly restricts a dog's movement. A tether can also become tangled around or hooked on the dog's shelter structure or other objects, further restricting the dog's movement and potentially causing injury."  In 1997, the USDA ruled that people and organizations regulated by the Animal Welfare Act cannot keep dogs continuously chained. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stated "Never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior." The Center for Disease Control (CDC) concluded in a study that the dogs most likely to attack are male, unneutered, and chained. Commissioner we, the undersigned urge you to pass an anti-tethering ordinance in Nassau County, Florida outlawing this cruel and unnecessary treatment of man's best friend.  

Dr. David Fashingbauer
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Petition to Danny Leeper, Steve Kelley, Pat Edwards, George Spicer, Justin Taylor

End Dog Chaining in Nassau County, Florida

“Be humane, don’t chain.  Use some sense and build a fence.” In Nassau County, Florida it is legal to chain a puppy to a tree and leave him there until he dies. The only requirements are food, water and shelter.  No toys, no playtime, no love. There is County Commissioner meeting open to the public scheduled at 6:00 PM on Monday, May 8, 2017 in the general assembly hall (Commissioners Chambers) at 96135 Nassau Place, Yulee, Florida that will pertain to ordinance. The language to protect animals in the Nassau County Animal/Fowl ordinance has not been updated since October 1, 2003.  Technology and a better understanding of animal behavior have made it necessary to update Nassau County's animal ordinance to protect our PETS, PEOPLE and TAXPAYERS. PROTECT PETS: Chained (tethered) dogs are often neglected, isolated and lonely. They are subject to extreme weather conditions. They are preyed on by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  They are often infested with hookworms, roundworms and heartworm. Improper tethering can cause the tether to become tangled resulting in injury or death. Tethered dogs are more likely to be attacked by stray dogs and animals carrying the rabies virus. Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are better protected from attack.   PROTECT PEOPLE: Animal researchers tell us that tethering dogs makes them aggressive because they are in a constant defensive attack mode. According to a study by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, tethered dogs are five times more likely to attack children. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stated, "Never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior." Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are less likely to attack children and animals.  PROTECT TAXPAYERS: Tethered dogs often break free of their tether.  In January/February of 2017, Nassau County Animal Services collected ninety-five (95) dogs running at large.  Of those, twenty-eight were claimed by their owners leaving sixty-seven (67) in the shelter.  These do not include dogs collected by Nassau Humane Society.  Nassau County Taxpayer’s pay for the dog’s veterinary treatment including neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping, worming, heartworm treatment, not to mention re-homing costs.  The cost of irresponsible pet ownership costs hundreds of dollars per dog. Dogs in fenced yards or suitable outdoor enclosures are less likely to run at large. County officials have submitted a proposal to add language to the current ordinance to limit, but not prohibit unattended tethering. The new language allows tethering “not to exceed twelve (12) hours” and will not apply to dogs kept on lands zoned open rural, or used as bona fide farm operations. Similar language has been introduced in other Florida counties and failed to end 24/7/365 tethering.  Tethering time limits are almost impossible to enforce and they don't protect PETS, PEOPLE and TAXPAYERS. Why should rural dogs be tethered 24/7/365? We need to let our commissioners know that this is NOT acceptable language and we want them to prohibit ALL unattended tethering. CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER TO RECEIVE UP-TO-THE-MINUTE EMAIL UPDATES ON THIS IMPORTANT ORDINANCE: unchainmyheart If you want to get dogs off chains in Nassau County: 1.Sign this petition and sign up for updates at unchainmyheart 2.Attend the meeting on May 8th and let Commissioners know that as a resident of Nassau County you want to remove loopholes from the animal ordinance and prohibit ALL unattended tethering in Nassau County, Florida. Wear a RED shirt/blouse/dress to show your support. 3.Email this petition to your friends and share it with your social media contacts. 4.Contact Nassau County Commissioners with the message below. Dear Commissioner: I live in Nassau County and I want you to pass an ordinance that prohibits ALL unattended dog tethering in Nassau County. “Be humane, don’t chain.  Use some sense and build a fence.” Thank you. your name your address, city, state, zip code  District 1:  Danny Leeper  904.430.3868 District 2:  Steve Kelley 904.556.0241 District 3: Pat Edwards 904.335.0260 District 4: George Spicer 904.568.3409 District 5: Justin Taylor 904.625.5624      

Dr. David Fashingbauer
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