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Petition to K T Rama Rao, Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Urban development Government Of India, Chief Minister of Telangana, Mayor of GHMC, Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana

An Appeal for 'Designated Parks for Pets'

Don't our pets deserve dedicated green spaces and play equipment? Indian cities are sprawling in all directions relentlessly. Cities like Hyderabad with an 'Ocean of Land' in all directions are booming with 'Luxurious Gated Community Villas and Apartments' attracting modern dwellers from all over the country. Hyderabad city has been consistently rated among the best cities to live (for humans) and as fastest-growing Real Estate markets in the Asia Pacific Region. Biggest of the builders are constructing best housing projects in Hyderabad with best of the facilities. However, we don't see any of these projects creating spaces for the recreation of Pets. Pets' parents and families have no space to take their pets for play, recreation and socializing. How self-centred we humans are? Animal Welfare Board of India has passed laws that ensure certain rights for pet's families, such as housing societies can't impose restrictions on pets owners from taking their pets to the common spaces. The reality, however, is there are either no spaces for the pets to play or even when there are spaces, residents associations impose restrictions against the movements of pets, which is a violation of the law.  To the credit of the State Government of Telangana, the first dedicated park for Pets, namely dogs was inaugurated in the year 2018 on a one and half acres land. Which is a step in the right direction, but clearly not enough for this 625 km² city with about 2 million households and a good number of them having pets as family members. In this background, we are making the following appeal and request for your support: 1. There are 1800 Parks in Hyderabad. Dedicate at least two large parks in every circle for Pets, especially, dogs. If necessary, you can introduce a small user fee for pets' parent to pay to meet the cost of upkeep. 2. Make a policy that every gated community project in over five-acre land should have a dedicated park for pets with play equipment.  3. The Government of India should include the creation of parks for pets as part of green infrastructure as one of the criteria for a smart city.  For More Information, Please watch this video:-  

Parnasri Ray Choudhury
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Petition to Treman Toy, Neiphiu Rio, Mr PRAKASH JAVADEKAR, Nagaland Department of Forests, Climate Change and Government of Nagaland

Take action against the killing of dogs in Nagaland

Dog killing has been an age-old tradition in Nagaland. These dogs are killed for their meat. But before their killing, they're treated in the most inhumane manner possible. They're skinned alive, beaten, their mouths are stitched to shut them up, they're starved, tied with ropes, stuffed into sacks and finally killed in front of other dogs who await the same fate. Dogs are now being smuggled into Nagaland from places like West Bengal and Assam because Nagaland has almost finished it's dog population.  It's thought more than 30,000 dogs are killed by smugglers - who stitch their lips together to keep them quiet during transport - every year in Nagaland, India, alone. Some of the dogs in these dog markets are even stolen pet dogs as they still had collars on. But pet or not, no animal should ever have to go through such cruelty. The consumption of dog meat is already against the law in India, as is the cruel transport and treatment of animals, which violates animal transportation provisions and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But following up on the same seems to be very negligent as backed up by the atrocities the dogs have to endure currently. The killing of dogs in this absolutely inhumane manner, skinning them alive, beating them, stitching up their mouths, starving them and then finally killing them is highly unacceptable and unethical.

aarushi modi
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