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Petition to Duolingo, Luis von Ahn, Duolingo Language Team

Create a course for Persian on Duolingo

Persian is an ancient language that has been spoken in different forms for thousands of years. It is the main language in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan in addition to being widely spoken in neighbouring countries. Less than 100 years ago Persian was the lingua franca of South Asia, particularly India and so is a very important historical language. It is spoken by around 120 million people worldwide making it the 15th most widely spoken language in the world just behind Germany and quickly rising. It is the language of Persian culture which is one of the most oldest and rich in the world with which the greatest pieces of poetry have been written including the longest epic poem written by one man, The Shahnameh and many other poets such as Ferdowsi, Rumi, Sa'adi, Xayam and more. It was also the language of the person who invented the numbers used in the west today and other scientists and mathematicians such as Avicienna, Xayam, Biruni who have contributed greatly to the world. Persian is an Indo-European language sharing roots with the European and Northern Indian languages and so has many cognates and similar grammar making it much easier to learn than languages like Arabic and Mandarin. It is currently written in the Perso-Arabic script but due to it being an Indo-European language it can be easily written in the Latin script with a few extra letters and diacritics.I have seen thousands of people online who wish to learn Persian but cannot find a reliable and well-designed platform from which to learn it however Duolingo provides all these and more.There are many contributors available who have requested to bring this beautiful language to the many people who wish to learn it. This course could even be created in the Latin script which would make it much easier for passionate learners to study and is widely understandable among modern Persian speakers. I don't see why Persian hasn't already been created as a course! I hope that this will reach the Duolingo team and show them why Persian is such an important language that deserves a place on the large and amazing platform that Duolingo is. 

Damoun Ghafouri-Farzaneh
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