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Petition to Tom Wolf

Better Funding for Performing Arts Programs in PA Schools #Don'tDreamItBeIt

My name is Olivia Rose, and I am a student of Danville Area High School in Pennsylvania. Ever since I was 8, I have loved the realm that is theatre. I have been graciously a part of 9 musicals with local theatres since then, including 4 with the Danville Area High School Preforming Arts Ensemble. What I have noticed about the shows that my fellow classmates have worked months on to perfect for the community is that frankly, we are a little under appreciated. For Danville especially, we as of now do not have the resources available to present a show big enough to get everyone in the community excited for. As you may know, you need more than just space, talent, and cast size to pull off any musical. You need money too. Renting scripts, getting rights for a show (and the more well known the show, the prettier the penny will be to do it), and purchasing resources for set all make up the financial end of it. I could get into more expenses, but you get the point- musicals are not cheap or easy!  To say our school's drama club is well funded would be a lie. While other schools have done "Grease", "Hairspray", or even "The Addams Family Musical", we have been stuck with little money, thus only being able to do more obscure shows. As you can assume, the community doesn't exactly get really excited for these musicals. People want to see the classics, or at least a show they've vaguely heard of. Fellow Danville students only come to see our shows for the incentives of extra credit promised by teachers. Sets, costumes, and everything else also come into play. This creates a never ending cycle, unexciting musicals are done with no funds, and no one comes to watch, giving us little profit. I can only imagine this issue is worse in other Pennsylvania schools, (especially urban schools that aren't well funded to begin with) who may have had to get rid of their theatre programs.  Aspiring actors and actresses of this generation need a foundation to perfect their talents. Auditioning for the school play should be encouraged highly, the drama program should be funded as equally as the athletic department, and each school should have some sort of music or theatre class. Theatre can definitely change lives. Additional funds to the performing arts in schools can help influence and inspire youth. This will also encourage the community to gain an experience in the arts and culture when they come to see the shows produced by said schools helped with this extra money.  This epidemic is growing in Pennsylvania, and for kids like me who want to pursue performing arts as a career, this is a catastrophe. Very few take us seriously for our career pursuit as it is, and neither will our school peers or communities if this issue goes unnoticed. Pennsylvania hasn't delivered a famous talented actor since Will Smith, and with the lack of encouragement in our schools it isn't hard to see why. Whether this problem is solved by leveling out school funds to be more equal or proportionate, or state funding, the arts need to be embraced and funded, not laughed at and left destitute. 

Olivia Crumb
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Petition to Boston Planning and Development Agency

Help create a center for African diasporic arts on Boston's Seaport!

The Cross Cultural Collective (C3) is a Black arts collaborative that elevates, promotes and celebrates African diasporic arts and their creators in the city of Boston and beyond. We envision a Boston and wider world where the transformative & restorative powers of African diasporic arts are celebrated, advanced, and justifiably valued. As a catalyst for cultural literacy, the Cross Cultural Collective - utilizing the assistance of artists, urban planners, architects and designers, with the support of the Design Museum as our fiscal conduit - proposes to create a multi-faceted media arts and wellness center at 50 Liberty Street, enhancing Boston's rich diversity in its Seaport District and advancing its reputation as a Creative City.  With this center we will: Provide a vibrant, activated space for exploring and celebrating the contributions people of the African diaspora have made - and continue to make - in this city, this state, this country, and the wider world, emphasizing the Now and the Future. Empower Black artists and creatives through visibility, community building, cooperative economics, and advocacy to create, connect and thrive in a space dedicated to visual and performance arts, theater, wellness, film, and public collective design. Nurture an ecosystem that invites and engages communities, facilitates healing, and fosters equitable cultural interaction. Honor the Maker-Space Innovation movement and render it accessible to residents, tourists, underserved communities and the broader public on local, regional and international levels. Increase our programming apparatus and outreach by partnering with other art agencies, organizations, museums and non-profits. In coming together, the Cross Cultural Collective blends the diaspora of our families and our cultures with our shared love of the arts and city of Boston. We ask you to join us in our efforts to increase, expand, and diversify the cultural and artistic landscape of the Seaport and throughout Boston.  Sign this petition to: 1) Show your support for the Cross Cultural Collective's mission and vision. 2) Urge the city’s Boston Planning and Development Agency to grant the Cross Cultural Collective the 50 liberty space to execute our mission and vision.

Cross Cultural Collective Black Arts
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