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YouTube: Take Action Against Disturbing Rip-off Cartoons

I searched for "Peppa Pig Funny" on YouTube this morning. This video was the second video that appeared on the search results: YouTube has thousands of these videos, for dozens of popular children's programmes. They are full of graphic images of violence, swearing, shocking sexual references, derogatory and homophobic language, and drug references. Many of these videos are preceded by advertisements from global companies. I am calling on YouTube to take action to remove these videos, or at the very least to stop these being so easily searchable.  Whilst there should obviously be a large degree of parental responsibility involved in allowing children to access YouTube, the fact that an innocent search brings up such inappropriate content is disturbing, and the buck really does have to stop with YouTube itself, a trusted global brand, who have the competence and capability to stop children accessing this content so easily. It's great the YouTube kids app is available, which greatly restricts this type of inappropriate content, however on household devices it is not always feasible to restrict access to regular YouTube via an internet browser or the app. YouTube: I'm calling on you to please take more responsibility to protect children. YouTube advertisers: Please consider the implications of endorsing these inappropriate, copycat videos!      

Miss C
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