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Petition to Sefton Council,

We want Sefton Council to support a motion for a People's Vote on Brexit

However you voted in the EU Referendum it is clear that things are not going well. The government is stockpiling food, medicines and blood products in preparation for a no deal exit from the EU on the 29th of March 2019. Sefton council have not undertaken any impact assessments on what Brexit will mean for our local communities and our neighbouring Labour council have supported motion for a People's Vote on the final deal which includes an option to remain in the EU should whatever is on the table be less favourable to the country than what is in place now. We want Sefton Council to support such a motion too yet so far they have refused. The council also has powers under the Sustainable Communities Act to demand that the government disclose relevant information on the likely impact of Brexit and we want them to exercise these powers as we believe we have a right to know what will happen to us. TO SUMMARISE: We want Sefton Council to support a motion for a People's Vote on the final Brexit Deal which includes an option to remain in the EU. We also want the council to request receipt of all government departmental information and analysis pertaining to the impacts upon Sefton’s communities and businesses of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, including any information deemed by the government to be confidential, which is their legal right. 

Carla Burns
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Petition to House of Commons

Stop an unconstitutional and undemocratic second referendum

23 June 2016 saw the largest ever democratic exercise in our country , in the referendum on our E.U. membership. It was a hard and divisive process, made on a complex subject with the incomplete information on all sides which, rightly or wrongly, is a part of the imperfect democracy we live in. This is the same for every election in recent times.  Despite this, the result was a clear and unequivocal instruction to leave, not do a deal; not negotiate and not delay or wait for further information, we said ‘leave the EU’. Those who voted leave were as intelligent; informed ; passionate and principled as those who voted remain and have no less right to see the decision implemented. Our democratic system then allowed for a legal challenge which established sovereignty of our parliament in the matter in triggering article 50 in response to the instruction given by the electorate. Parliament then voted overwhelmingly to proceed. This clearly demonstrates that it is ultimately parliaments decision, albeit one instructed by the electorate. The result is as valid a decision as any general election and although we should always have the right to decide, it would be as much of a nonsense to make the same vote, on the same facts again (facts which remain unchanged), as it would to demand a re-run of any election result because one party made some unproven claim; disputed assessment or wrong prediction.  Our system, rightly, allows for the democratic outcome to be delivered before we review any electoral mandate.  Democracies work by decisions being made by the electorate, and those decisions then being delivered by its representatives.  For this reason there MUST NOT be a second referendum. To do so would: 1. Overturn the now re-established sovereignty of our parliament, establishing referenda as a replacement for representative, parliamentary democracy. 2. Potentially create a range of absurd situations, each of which would lead to further chaos. 3. Disenfranchise those who voted leave and won, with the consequential loss of faith in our democracy. 4. Allow our parliament to entirely abdicate their absolute responsibilities in delivering on the referendum result . 5. Whatever the outcome, our negotiating position with E.U. would be irrevocably damaged. We the undersigned demand that our parliament deliver on the referendum result, as in their manifesto commitments and the profound obligation they have to us, and in no circumstances allow a second referendum on EU membership .   

Patrick Duffy
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Petition to MIlton Keynes Councillors

MK Council to support People’s Vote with an option to stay in EU

We the undersigned petition Milton Keynes Council to support a 'People’s Vote’ on any final Brexit deal (or no deal) which with an option for the United Kingdom to remain a full member of the European Union. Businesses based in the area represented by Milton Keynes Council, both large and small, have warned repeatedly that leaving the European Union will have a damaging impact on them and their workers' livelihoods because of barriers to trade, additional bureaucracy and restrictions on labour recruitment - all of these will lead to rising prices and job losses in Milton Keynes. According to the Government’s own analyses, the UK will be considerably worse off outside the European Union under any arrangement.  With its preponderance of logistics and service businesses, together with European HQs of multinational corporations, Milton Keynes is at particular risk from even the lightest touch of extra border checks creating barriers to trade between the U.K. and the rest of the EU. Milton Keynes already faces a number of social and economic challenges, and Brexit will only make it harder to overcome them. Milton Keynes and surrounding areas have benefitted greatly from European Union funding, particularly the Open University, one of MK’s largest and most iconic organisations, for which the loss of this funding, on top of its existing financial difficulties, could spell the end. Involvement in European-wide projects has helped both the Open University and Cranfield University develop into world-class institutions developing pioneering, life-changing research, attracting many students from other EU member states. Many people from other EU countries have made Milton Keynes their home, working in our organisations and starting businesses of their own. Since 2016, many of these people have been made to feel unwelcome and have left (eg. The Estonian community in Milton Keynes has reduced from about 150 to around 10). This creates particular concerns in health and social care where, in 2017, 8.5% of nurses at Milton Keynes Hospital were from other EU countries, and people from other EU countries are also heavily represented in delivery of social care. This concern is especially acute for Milton Keynes which has the fastest growth in aging population of any health trust in England - and, of course, older people need more nursing and social care. Whilst a narrow majority of those who voted in Milton Keynes voted to leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum, recent polls and thorough, detailed analysis, conducted by Best for Britain and Hope not Hate, indicate that many residents have now changed their minds and that a majority across Milton Keynes would now vote to remain. What is becoming clear is that any deal agreed between the government and the EU will never deliver on the promises given before the referendum by the Leave campaign. In the interests of democracy, we believe the final Brexit deal (or no deal) should be put back to the British people for an informed final say.  In the light of all these facts, we urge the Council to show its support for the best interests of the local economy, as well as the welfare of all people living and working in Milton Keynes, by supporting the motion that Councillors will debate on 24 October 2018 calling for a People’s Vote with an option to stay in the EU.      

Gerard Burke
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