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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian

#StandByMe to ensure that people with disability in NSW have a voice

It can be difficult for people with disability to get a fair go and speak up. Sometimes they need someone to help them when things go wrong. Advocacy organisations help people with disability speak up and get a fair go. The government wants to cut all funding to advocacy organisations. This means many people will not have a voice or get help when they need it. Please sign your name to tell the government not to take their voice away and to stop funding cuts from advocacy organisations.   We all want to belong, to be included and to have the same opportunities to fulfil our potential. People with disability are no different, but it can be a whole lot harder. From July this year the NSW Government will no longer fund disability advocacy, representation and information services. These services exist to ensure that people with disability have a voice and can overcome those challenges; that we have input into and control over decisions that affect our lives. We want the NSW Government to stand by advocacy, representation and information services so they can stand by me. That means fully funding disability advocacy, representation and information services. When that happens, everyone benefits. Advocacy, representation, and information services have achieved a lot for people with disability. We have supported students with disability when they have been abused, we have successfully campaigned for better access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and we provide independent information to navigate the myriad of systems that affect our daily lives. The Commonwealth Government recently announced that they're continuing to fund national disability advocacy until June 2020. The Victorian Government is continuing to fully fund independent disability advocacy, information, and support as a core essential service because it understands the NDIS won't cover these things. Join us in calling on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, to commit the NSW Government to ongoing funding for NSW independent disability advocacy, representation and information to the tune of $13 million per year. Premier Berejiklian, don’t take our voice away. As community run, non-profit organisations we already do a lot with very little, and we're experts at stretching out a dollar. People with disability trust us to stand with them. We need to be fully funded into the future or it will have dire impacts on people's lives. #StandByMe Premier Berejiklian and don’t ditch disability advocacy.

NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
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Petition to Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, MP, Hon. Fred Nile, Hon. Anthony Roberts, MP, Hon. PRU Goward, MP, Hon. Alex Greenwich, MP, Hon. Ray Williams, MP, Gabrielle Upton MP, Hon. Tanya Davies, MP.

Save Sirius: a rare architectural icon of inclusion & community

Please sign our petition or watch this first to learn more: Save Our Sirius: Forced Out Preview Three Compelling Reasons: 1. Sirius was designed by the people for the people in recognition that community & civil society are vital to humanity. Sirius ensured that residents displaced by threatened demolition & subsequent commercialisation of The Rocks were able to maintain community. Indeed it created an environment that enhanced social relationship, harmony and reciprocity. It was a first in this kind of process and outcome.  2. Sirius is an accessible, inclusive complex able to cater right now for those who have the potential to be well supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme but who have nowhere suitable to live. Sirius was designed and built to cater for the elderly and people with different levels of mobility and other impairments. It was designed to include people with disability in an integrative, valued way alongside families and other households. Demolishing Sirius would be a loss for those who recognise that those it was designed for - elderly and people with disability, have a valuable role to play in every community. Many are people with impairments and or long term residents, who are poorer than average, but who are holders of our social history and represent a diversity that Millers Point and Sydney and therefore Australia would be culturally poorer without. Loss of Sirius excludes many people with disability from living in this area. Demolishing Sirius would be an act of exclusion to vulnerable people, including people with disability.  3. The Sirius building is an iconic landmark. Sirius was established as part of an innovative locally driven movement ensuring managed development when massive overdevelopment threatened this historic precinct. This action created a unique heritage area now highly valued by locals and the 14 million tourists that visit each year, contributing over $400 million to the NSW economy. Demolishing it would also be a loss for those who recognise the role that Sydney and Australia played in starting a movement of ordinary people working together to save important and now cherished built and social environments around the world.  Sirius would also be a loss for those who value architectural innovation, history and heritage. The design and development of Sirius broke new ground and is a now a rare example of a particular architectural style in Australia. You can find out more about Sirius at SOS Save Our Sirius and in this short video. Preview of Forced Out Documentary Demolishing Sirius would be a loss not just for the residents and the community where it is situated but for all Australians who value real historical landmarks and culture over fabricated facades & reenactments.  Encourage the NSW Government to go with the recommendations of their own Heritage branch and list the Sirius Building on the State Heritage Register under the Heritage Act 1977. Heritage listing will help protect this important Australian icon from the heavy hand of big government and ruthless development. We need to protect all communities from those that seek to sell Australian icons and Crown land for short term cash to developers, foreign investors and speculators whose own interests trump preserving important Australian iconic buildings and precious social communities. Help save Sirius, sign now (comment if you can) and ask your friends to do the same.

Save Millers Point
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