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Petition to Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

Help make Hero Forge Custom Miniatures better

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures is a website that makes it possible to easily design custom miniatures. You can edit the proportions of the body, clothes, a base, items, mounts, and so much more. There are even dozens of poses you can do for your character. From there, you can order a 3D-printed model of them, or download for personal use. Hero Forge is the best website of its kind. It is high enough quality to be used for personal or professional projects. The models are highly adaptable, and can be used in game design, animation, and even sculptures. The only problem is that none of this can be done accurately without a lot of external editing. What do a mean by this? I mean that the models are never symmetrical. They require a lot of editing in order to be used accurately. However, this has a very simple fix. All Hero Forge has to do is create a symmetrical pose. Just so long as the character is symmetrical, so it is possible to incorporate it into personal projects or externally pose it so that it is even more customizable. If you have or are thinking about a hobby or job in computer design, game design, animation, 3D printing, or other related areas, please, sign this petition. It would make it so much easier for people like you to learn their trade, and to practice sculpting and animating. We need you. It will take a lot of signatures to get Hero Forge to add this feature. But just think how many people this will affect. Thank you.

Gage Howe
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Petition to Donald Trump

Cease all funding to ICE!

Hello my name is Keith Moore. I am a 19-year old American who is looking to make a difference in this world. I was born in this nation and was raised here my entire life. As I look around this nation I know what makes it so great, its people. It's a fact that this nation was created by immigrants. This nation is not only just a nation of immigrants but a nation of people. These same people who make up our great nation are our doctors, lawyers, teachers & etc. Regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation everyone should be allotted the freedom to pursue the American Dream. As of lately I feel as if our leaders have failed us. We have become some desensitized from reality that we have given up some of our on freedom's & right's in the name of security. ICE was founded in 2003 in a response to the horrendous acts that took place on 9/11. As stated on the official ICE government website, "ICE was granted a unique combination of civil and criminal authorities to better protect national security and strengthen public safety in response to the deadly attacks perpetrated on 9/11. Leveraging those authorities, ICE has become a powerful and sophisticated federal law enforcement agency." Recent times have showed us that this federal agency has not only failed us as Americans but has also failed the rest of the world. In recent reports done by CNN, " The federal government has placed thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children in the homes of sponsors, but last year it couldn't account for nearly 1,500 of them. Steven Wagner, a top official with the Department of Health and Human Services, disclosed the number to a Senate subcommittee last month while discussing the state of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) that oversees the care of unaccompanied immigrant children. Wagner is the acting assistant secretary for the Administration for Children and Families, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. ORR is a program of the Administration for Children and Families." This disheartening evidence is intolerable especially coming from this great nation. Ultimately what I would like to accomplish is the cease of all funding to ICE. We can't move forward as a nation until we can have an honest conversation about the Immigration dilemma that we face. I would love to sit down with not only Steven Wagner but President Trump as well and have open dialogue to help correct this injustice that faces this great nation. I'm calling upon not only the American people  but the rest of the world to stand with me to help mend this injustice that confront this great nation. My goal is to obtain 1.5 Million signatures in significance of a thousand signatures for every unaccompanied child. 

Keith Moore
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Petition to Tri-United Management Inc.

Treating Tenants Like People

This petition is a direct response to the treatment of the residents of "The Residences @ 159 Tinley Park" by the current office manager Patti Dalton. Her relationship and treatment of current tenants is rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. Her attitude is not consistent with the office leasing agent or the awesome changes the property management company has implemented. We, as tenants demand a change in leadership. Her demeanor and inability to effectively form a working and cordial relationship drives people away and alienates current tenants.  I've personally been a resident at this location for several years and have seen many changes in management. I've always had a respectful and friendly relationship with the office manager(s). As a small business owner, who works with seniors and the general public every day, I have a passion for making sure that people are treated with respect and dignity. When it's your home, you don't want to feel like the office manager doesn't care about the human aspect of the situation. I respect sternness and the nature of business, but the way you treat people makes all the difference in how tenants work with management in making the complex a stronger more effective community. We feel that she does not possess the temperament to effectively manage "The Residences @ 159 Tinley Park" and we appeal to the property management company, Tri-United Management, Inc. to put in place a manager who understands the importance of treating its residents as human beings.

Kevin Harris
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