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Petition to Twitter, Inc, Tumblr, Facebook, Steam, Facebook Safety Advisory Board, Twitter Trust and Safety Council, Del Harvey (Twitter Trust and Safety), Mark Zuckerberg

Ban Pedophiles and Animal Sex Abusers From Social Media

Please rally together and sign the petition to call for an end to animal sex abusers, Pedophilia, and their failing 'activism' platforms on social media to protect animals and children everywhere. The screenshot used as our campaign profile picture was captured from a self-proclaimed Pedophile, also called a MAP (Minor Attracted Person),  on Twitter, who is a MAP activist.  Social media reaches around 200 million people each year; it impacts our lives on a large scale. That estimation is expected to rise by the year 2021 exponentially. With this, we should entrust that all social media companies strive to make their sites a safer environment or us all (and our animals and children). Minors make up a good portion of social media, and that's just the ones claim to be minors.  Bestiality is banned and outlawed in most states, except for Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. In the states where it is outlawed, the penalty for those crimes can be classified as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on where they live. Pedophilia pays a heavy price for consuming child porn or having it on your person--or engaging in any sexual acts with a minor, or promoting it. Underage children are now engaging in relationships online with self-proclaimed MAPs (Minor Attracted Person) through Twitter. Pedophiles identify themselves on Twitter as MAPS or NOMAPS. (They can be anti-contact, not-offending but that doesn't matter). Children are in the digital age, and they will grow up and experience social media companies doing nothing to keep them safe--they are vulnerable, they are easy to take advantage of.   A 'no-contact MAP' can become a contact in a matter of minutes. Social media where millions connect together is NOT a safe place for anyone. It should also not be used for group therapy as it is so public. When minors are a large portion of the internet, we cannot take their word for it that they won't offend when minors are just a simple click away. Non-offending (or non-contact) pedophiles need targeted help and group therapy in a safer, less public environment; we encourage them to seek help offline as well, where they can rally to report contact offenders. There are foundations and monitored help that can support them. They are normalizing and minimizing Pedophilia by giving it acronyms (MAP, NOMAP). They are either offending pedophiles (pedophilic disorder) or non-offending pedophiles. End story. Seemingly harmless non-contact MAPS are following underage users on Twitter and engaging with them--some even boast about their attraction to children "kids are hot"--and quite frankly, it's wrong. A good portion use minor-like images that could appeal to children. We feel as though some MAPS go straight to social media for activism without actually seeking real life help. This is dangerous. Some "Non-offending" "non-contact" maps are following Pro-Contact pedophiles. Twitter's TOS has been updated--they allow users to talk about their attraction to children--creating yet another loophole.  People have quit their online jobs that require them using social media due to PTSD episodes from past sex abuse trauma from encountering a MAP. They need these jobs to support their family. There are many Zoophile activists on social media promote the act of having sex with animals. Those platforms that promote sex with animals have a high chance of living where it is illegal, which reaches everybody in every state. Even if they are in a state where it is legal, they are undoubtedly promoting it where it is not. Zoophiles identify themselves on social media by using the symbol ζ. Not only is the legality of Zoophilia at play, but Zoophile groups have started a grassroots effort, before this year but majorly in 2019, to let their voices be heard. They preach it as a sexual preference (they deny that it is Paraphilia). They believe that animals CAN consent, and post how-to's to engage in sexual conduct with animals. They are using their platforms to advocate for sexual relationships with their animals, rather than rallying for more studies on the topic of Zoophilia, targeted mental help for their Paraphilia, or impulse control. Some Zoophiles have never offended and seek to raise awareness on the issue, but that is a very small minority and they are drowned out by pro-animal sex.  Body language is what they claim is consent--but even rape cases are the product of poor interpretations of body language, especially looking through the lens of being infatuated with these vulnerable creatures. There are not enough studies that support that this is safe and harmless--why take the chance?  They have a dangerous conflict of interest. Some Zoophiles teach on Twitter (and) Tumblr how to position themselves for their dogs to engage in intercourse with their male canines, in rough terms, acting like a dog in heat to get them to mount. This just doesn't happen with canines, but with other animals as well, including female animals coerced into being receptive to penetrative sex (like horses). Any animal can be trained into this behavior, it doesn't mean they fully understand it.  They also advocate for NOT spaying or neutering your pets so their pets can be more receptive to this practice (hormonally available), and that the act of spaying or neutering is abusive. We all can agree spaying and neutering might have some health risks, but how can we not spay or neuter when we don't have enough homes for these animals in America and are struggling to feed ourselves? This is abhorrent. In my view, and the view of millions of Americans, this is harmful and unnecessary for pets to have a healthy, normal life. Many animal behaviorists can agree that this is concerning, and Zoophiles should not be projecting their sexual needs onto them.  We don't need to have intercourse with our animals to love them. Millions have spayed and unspayed pets and they live happy lives sex-free with humans. It's not pertinent. It's not necessary. And they can't say "no". More research needs to be done on Zoophilia--their activism isn't working, their activism is dangerous right now--for the animals they own, and even for them. Save the debates. Let's shut them all out and keep our pets and children safe.  Tumblr's Community Guidelines explicitly state the rules pertaining to bestiality: "Violent Content and Threats, Gore and Mutilation: Don't post content which includes violent threats toward individuals or groups - this includes threats of theft, property damage, or financial harm.... Don't showcase the mutilation or torture of human beings, animals (including bestiality), or their remains..." Twitter Rules and Policies (Unlawful Use): "You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. By using Twitter, you agree to comply with all applicable laws governing your online conduct and content." Facebook's Community Standards: "We prohibit people from promoting or publicizing violent crime... we do not want to condone this activity and because there is a risk of copycat behavior. We also do not allow people to depict criminal activity or admit to crimes they or their associates have committed..." (Facebook Community Standards also say it's okay to debate the legality of crimes, but not to allow people that admit to doing the crime OR promote crime with their platform) Discord also states in their Terms of Service not to do anything illegal, but it is unclear on if sharing or promoting illegal content is against those terms. Discord has taken some wonderful steps and cracked down on pedophilic (anthropomorphic) images on their servers. We can only hope that they apply those same standards here.  PEDOPHILIA IMAGES ARE BANNED IN ALL OF THESE PLATFORMS, but their 'activism' is NOT. Even though these platforms go against (some) rules and regulations, they are still up and running and reaching millions because of Terms of Service loopholes. They are gaining momentum. These rules need to be reevaluated to stop this so-called 'activism' that isn't working and is dangerous. The parents can do their part by protecting their children on the internet, but now, social media, it's your turn. Help us crack down on social media for a safer online experience for us, our children, and for the welfare of animals. 

Kat Moore
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Henry McMaster

Chemical Castration is a Viable Option for Repeat Sex Offenders

According to most estimates, it is believed that around 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are the victims of childhood sexual abuse, but self-report studies have shown that those numbers could be significantly higher. Childhood victims of sexual abuse suffer from increased rates of mental illness, self-esteem issues, and suicide. The numbers and outcomes are strikingly similar for those that are victims of rape and/or sexual assault in their adult lives. With this petition there are three things that we are advocating for, but it is crucial to understand that the breadth of what we can do to help victims and deter offenders is not limited to what is being suggested. We are petitioning for wide sweeping legislation mandating harsher punishments and deterrents for those that commit sex crimes, and this will include: 1. Lengthier sentencing 2. Automatic registration onto local sex offender lists upon release 3. Voluntary and/or involuntary chemical castration (dependent on the situation) [It is worth noting that while the latter proposal sounds harsh, there are several countries around the world that enforce this punishment/deterrent, and a few states in the United States such as California and Florida that do as well (they use Depo Provera – a drug approved by the FDA). The act of chemical castration involves no pain, and it is a proven way to lower the sex drive; it would greatly reduce predators capacity to re-offend. This would be reserved for specific offenses.] But why? Why should sex offenses be held in a different vain when compared to other interpersonal crimes that a person can commit? That question can be broken down and explained like this: All crime is abhorrent and ultimately antithetical to society, but in certain circumstances and scenarios things can be justified. This simply cannot be said when it comes to sexual offenses - especially rape and pedophilia. For example: Theft is wrong, but if a person is impoverished and close to starving, taking food from someone that has more than they know what to do with could be seen as justified. Alternatively, taking someone’s life is wrong, but in the case of self-defense, as a society we have decided to make certain exceptions in cases where it seems unavoidable. For every unlawful act against society that we acknowledge as a transgression, there are cases where there is a gray area between what is expected and what can be deemed unavoidable. The same cannot be said for sex offenses. There is never a justification, validation, or explanation for sexual crimes against anyone. We live in a day and age where nonviolent drug offenses can land a person in prison with more time than a convicted sex offender. Laws vary from state to state, and some have such in place that allow for first-time offenders to have their “sentences” reduced to probation. With this intuitive, we respect local laws and values, and the right of states to have autonomy over how they govern and sentence is important, but the value in protecting our children and those that cannot protect themselves is one that we would like to think that we all share.

Donnie James
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Petition to Congressman John Lewis, Karen Bass, Maxine Waters


 Congressman John Lewis (D-GA 5th Cong. Dist.) Must Repudiate the Gay Equality Act H.R. 5 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act) or Resign from Office   Congressman John Lewis' unbiblical, ahistorical, and unscientific decision to promote the diametrically-opposed issues of the Black people being a protected class with the legislative measures taken to remedy concerns of the largely affluent and white Homosexual Rights Movement is a disgrace to America, to African Americans, to Christianity and to women and minors. Lewis' obdurate, turpitudinous, irrational, injudicious, and irreverent decision to make the moral equivalence of persons sexual preference/addiction to those whose skin color is immutably rooted in their DNA  demonstrates a not so subtle contempt for Black Americans, the Constitution, the Christian faith, the canon of Civil Rights Law, and the health, welfare, and safety of women and those not of majority. Furthermore, Lewis' co-sponsorship of H.R. 5 manifest the deep defect in his character, judgment, and sanity--wherein a beloved Civil Rights icon and ordained  Baptist Minister would sully his good name and the true purpose of a movement that he suffered grievous bodily harm is psychiatrically intriguing and both shockingly inappropriate and immoral. For 32 years, Black voters have faithfully voted for John Lewis returning him to Congress 17 times, and this was based on his often overrated valor as a Civil Rights worker in the 1960s. Atlantans favored John over the late Julian Bond whom Lewis had scandalized with allegations of drug abuse in 1986. However, in retrospect, John Lewis' decision to become a prodigal slave to Cultural Marxism has made him a living scandal who has strayed from the orthodoxy of biblical Christianity which designates homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and abortion as abominations. As a member of Congress, Lewis has availed himself to blaspheme the Holy Scriptures in Leviticus 18 and 19, and he  has championed the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, and, now, pedophilia euphemistically called Minor-Attracted Persons (MAP) which come under the rubric of gender expression/gender identity in the Gay Equality Act of 2019-2020 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act).    What is at stake is the destruction of American family life and the American Christian tradition should John Lewis' and Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 5 be ratified into law in 2019. The enacting so-called Equality Act would result in the gross loss of Constitutional Rights for the 97 percent of American citizens which includes the loss of the right of freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom from undue search and seizure. Furthermore, H.R. 5 destroys all accepted conventions of existing gender/sexuality protocols between men and women and minors and adults. The origin of this so-called Equality Act is rooted in anomie and extremist, anti-family, atheistic, radical post-modernist, Kinseyan, feministic, insatiable homosexual theories lacking any scientific foundation or documented evidence of having any redeeming value. These dangerous and anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-female, anti-child, and anti-Christian ideas would most assuredly foment social chaos and putrify the social fabric of American life as we know it.  Therefore, the Gay Equality Act will place millions of vulnerable children, women, and insecure families at risk of untold increases in sexual and psychological abuse and trauma unnecessarily. Given the fragile state of many American families and the already difficult developmental challenges of our youth,  H.R. 5  sponsored by Rev. John Lewis is a moral ethical bridge too far in the direction of moral declension and societal decay. We demand for the sake of our children and those unborn whom deserve a better America that John Lewis all other Congressional Black Caucus members repudiate the Gay Equality Act or face an enraged and energized Black American voting population that has been awakened by this and other atrocious laws and political malpractice of the so-called "Conscience of the Congress" that long ago sold them out for a mess of lobbyist pottage. John Lewis, we demand that you be a part of saving America, and, herewith, denounce the Gay Equality Act or encounter a collective effort to end your political career. Your years of running unopposed have ended.  The choice is yours whether you wish to be remembered for the yeoman work you did in the 1960s and in politics or be reviled as the patron saint of child molesters and sexually confused bullies. By any means necessary the Congressional Black Caucus will be brought to heel.  

Dr. Randy Short
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