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Remove AG Barr from the Epstein Death Investigation.

Jeffrey Epstein's Death Jeopardizes Justice and Fuels Conspiracy Theories.  The public has lost faith In the Justice Department to conduct fair and balanced justice. Barr Has a number of serious conflicts of interest yet remains in charge of the investigation. According to time magazine,  Jeffrey Epstein, the financier charged with sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy, died in an apparent suicide at a federal jail in Manhattan Friday night, a spokesperson for the jail confirmed. Officials said that Epstein, 66, was found dead in his cell at around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, Lee Plourde of the Metropolitan Correctional Center said in a statement. Once best known for his wealth and his apparent friendships with powerful men — including President Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton and Les Wexner, head of Victoria Secret’s parent company — Epstein was arrested on July 6 on federal sex trafficking charges. He pleaded not guilty and was facing up to 45 years in prison. Epstein was accused of paying girls as young as 14 for sex, and then using them to draw in other victims. A medical examiner has performed an autopsy on Epstein’s body but the results have yet to be released. “The ME’s determination is pending further information at this time,” New York’s chief medical examiner said in a statement Sunday. To read the entire article visit this link: Demand a fair and impartial investigation, as our President and Barr both had A previous relationship with Epstein, an investigator Should be appointed by neutral party.   Please join us as we demand justice!

Maryanne Chisholm
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Petition to Congressman John Lewis, Karen Bass, Maxine Waters


 Congressman John Lewis (D-GA 5th Cong. Dist.) Must Repudiate the Gay Equality Act H.R. 5 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act) or Resign from Office   Congressman John Lewis' unbiblical, ahistorical, and unscientific decision to promote the diametrically-opposed issues of the Black people being a protected class with the legislative measures taken to remedy concerns of the largely affluent and white Homosexual Rights Movement is a disgrace to America, to African Americans, to Christianity and to women and minors. Lewis' obdurate, turpitudinous, irrational, injudicious, and irreverent decision to make the moral equivalence of persons sexual preference/addiction to those whose skin color is immutably rooted in their DNA  demonstrates a not so subtle contempt for Black Americans, the Constitution, the Christian faith, the canon of Civil Rights Law, and the health, welfare, and safety of women and those not of majority. Furthermore, Lewis' co-sponsorship of H.R. 5 manifest the deep defect in his character, judgment, and sanity--wherein a beloved Civil Rights icon and ordained  Baptist Minister would sully his good name and the true purpose of a movement that he suffered grievous bodily harm is psychiatrically intriguing and both shockingly inappropriate and immoral. For 32 years, Black voters have faithfully voted for John Lewis returning him to Congress 17 times, and this was based on his often overrated valor as a Civil Rights worker in the 1960s. Atlantans favored John over the late Julian Bond whom Lewis had scandalized with allegations of drug abuse in 1986. However, in retrospect, John Lewis' decision to become a prodigal slave to Cultural Marxism has made him a living scandal who has strayed from the orthodoxy of biblical Christianity which designates homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and abortion as abominations. As a member of Congress, Lewis has availed himself to blaspheme the Holy Scriptures in Leviticus 18 and 19, and he  has championed the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, and, now, pedophilia euphemistically called Minor-Attracted Persons (MAP) which come under the rubric of gender expression/gender identity in the Gay Equality Act of 2019-2020 (aka the Lewis-Pelosi Pedophile Amnesty Act).    What is at stake is the destruction of American family life and the American Christian tradition should John Lewis' and Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 5 be ratified into law in 2019. The enacting so-called Equality Act would result in the gross loss of Constitutional Rights for the 97 percent of American citizens which includes the loss of the right of freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom from undue search and seizure. Furthermore, H.R. 5 destroys all accepted conventions of existing gender/sexuality protocols between men and women and minors and adults. The origin of this so-called Equality Act is rooted in anomie and extremist, anti-family, atheistic, radical post-modernist, Kinseyan, feministic, insatiable homosexual theories lacking any scientific foundation or documented evidence of having any redeeming value. These dangerous and anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-female, anti-child, and anti-Christian ideas would most assuredly foment social chaos and putrify the social fabric of American life as we know it.  Therefore, the Gay Equality Act will place millions of vulnerable children, women, and insecure families at risk of untold increases in sexual and psychological abuse and trauma unnecessarily. Given the fragile state of many American families and the already difficult developmental challenges of our youth,  H.R. 5  sponsored by Rev. John Lewis is a moral ethical bridge too far in the direction of moral declension and societal decay. We demand for the sake of our children and those unborn whom deserve a better America that John Lewis all other Congressional Black Caucus members repudiate the Gay Equality Act or face an enraged and energized Black American voting population that has been awakened by this and other atrocious laws and political malpractice of the so-called "Conscience of the Congress" that long ago sold them out for a mess of lobbyist pottage. John Lewis, we demand that you be a part of saving America, and, herewith, denounce the Gay Equality Act or encounter a collective effort to end your political career. Your years of running unopposed have ended.  The choice is yours whether you wish to be remembered for the yeoman work you did in the 1960s and in politics or be reviled as the patron saint of child molesters and sexually confused bullies. By any means necessary the Congressional Black Caucus will be brought to heel.  

Dr. Randy Short
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Petition to Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, James E. Clyburn, Henry McMaster, South Carolina Department of Corrections, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Michelle Obama, Obama, North Carolina State House, North Carolina Governor, Richard Burr

Kill or convict Ernie the low key pedo

Ernest "Ernie" Edward Johnson III is a self proclaimed "low-key pedo." Ernie wants to have sexual relations with an 8-12 year old girl-with her "consent." Ernie is 29 years old, & dating barely legal, Jessica Perry, who is carrying Ernie's second baby, a little boy, & encourages Ernie to "accept" being a pedophile. There are text messages between the two going around on social media. Ernie asks her if she ever tried to f*** any of her step dads, & says he's watching step family porn. Jessica then tells him no, however she was raped by one. He says that makes him feel bad, but he gets off hearing about her stories. He asks if she would be okay with him getting a child sex doll, and she says she just doesn't like dolls, but as long as he keeps it put up & there's no "creepy bs," she is ok with it. He even goes as far as telling her to delete their messages incase someone uses her phone, because everyone would hate him if they knew he was low key a pedo. His entire family defends him, with their reason being that they've known Mr. Ernest for years, & never got that vibe from him. The mother of his first child made a police report and gave them the phone for evidence. Nothing has been done, and no one has followed up with her. She is keeping her son away from this monster and his family for great reason. Make a conviction, before a member of society takes matters into their own hands and acts as the judge and jury. He will meet his match and get sent straight to his maker for trying to mess with the wrong person's child one day. DON'T wait for it to reach that point, if it hasn't already. 

Britney Bihh
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